Monday, June 22, 2009

Parkedge Walk


Walking to Parkedge Road...

Today you will need
your hat, water bottle
plus a smidgen of stamina

we are going to walk
over the headland
through to Parkedge Road
and down to Sunshine Beach.
It will take about an hour each way...

Westringia tenuicaulis
sometimes called coastal rosemary

we begin by passing through
the rainforest
and eucalyptus forest

see the pretty
Crinkle leaf parsley bush
on the forest floor

In the Tea Tree zone
the Spangled Drongo
caught our attention.
The Drongo calls metallic notes
as he bobs his head and flicks his fish tail.
He has a sharp red eye
which allows him to catch flying insects

On many of the shrubs and trees
I noticed these collections of leaves

hanging like bunches of grapes
so I took a closer look and found...

a spider spins a funnel shaped web
into which fall leaves and forest litter
and presumably insects

In the centre of this web basket
is a small spider,

whether it is the owner
or the supper
it is not clear...

Another species of flowering wattle

We have left the National Park
and arrived in Sunshine Beach
marked by the huge Norfolk Island Pines

on the way
passing by a different species of Cycad
to those we've seen before

the leaves are stiff
and firm to the touch,
resembling plywood

concave and
shaped like paddles

come and enjoy a 'flat white'
and I'll introduce you to
this little fellow
at one of the beachside cafes...

then once rested
we can make our way
back up the hill
to Parkedge Road
and return through the wallum
and the forests
to our starting point
on the North of the headland ...

but before we come home
we have one stop to make

and that is at the Bottleshop.

Alcohol is not sold at the supermarket
in Australia,
so we must call by the Bottleshop
for refreshments,
and in the trees outside
a daily cacophony is occurring as
hundreds upon hundreds
of Rainbow Lorikeets
come in at dusk
and screech and argue
til the sun goes down.

The lorikeets make such a din that you can not talk over them
Surprisingly apartment owners have successfully petitioned
our very 'green' council
for the partial removal of some of the birds' favourite haunts.

4.30pm cacophonies, when the birds come home to roost,
may be endured with sufferance,
but 4.30am ones, when the birds ready for the day,
tend to become very tiresome
for holiday makers
intent on sleeping in...



  1. Another of the walks that I have grown to look forward to. From the spider that collects leaves those hard cycad leaves. Thanks for bringing us all along.

  2. Nice to see you Mark

    well your car really...

    thanks for coming on the walk. I hope it wasn't too far for you....but that coffee gave us a boost for the return walk...

    Happy Days

  3. Oh Delwyn love the spider web shots SO much.

  4. Hi Sarah

    Sometimes the bush and the sun just conspire to offer up a treat like this...and a walker with an eager camera comes along...

    Happy Packing up -

    Happy Days

  5. hi delwyn, the cycad was very cool! as i scrolled down it was almost as if it unfolded. maybe it's early in the day but i did that a bunch of times just for the sensation. i love the name "bottleshop"! ha!! steven

  6. Hi Steven

    that is a good scrolling trick - it really looks like it is unfurling...

    Australians are very pragmatic - unlike in other places where if you are a gardener you call yourself a horticulturist, or have a 'horticultural installation' business - I saw that once on a truck...

    here if you sell grog - you have a Bottleshop - what could be simpler and make more sense than that?

    and if you do gardens you are named 'Jim's Mowing'

    Happy Days

  7. what a magical place...
    thanks for the walk and wow, you're right, I'm a little winded after all that...

    and that spider web....amazing !

  8. Hello beth

    It's good to see you here,

    well it's a good thing we stopped by the bottleshop - I'm having a cold corona and lime -what about you...

    Happy Days

  9. You've don it again, Delwyn! Found a route with totally different flora and fauna. You could have practically an entire white herb garden: parsley, rosemary, and wattle (well, this isn't an herb). I think you could win a contest with those last two web shots with the refracted light spewing red at the mouth of the web. Spectacular! And another prize would be the tree full of rainbow lorikeet shot--amazing. On another note and for your back pocket, in the US it varies from state to state if a supermarket may carry alcohol. California markets have it 24/7, but here in New Jersey, it's only in liquor stores (bottle shops--great name, btw) and not on Sundays. I'm not sure what that tells us . . .

  10. OMG, Delwyn, you are surrounded with such beauty and rich lushness! I want to BE there!!!

    Those spider web photos are fabulous, as are the flowers. I must put a trip to your part of the world on my lifetime goal list. Thanks so much for sharing. You're so good with that camera, girl. You truly have the gift of 'seeing'.

  11. Sorry, did you mention just a 'smidgen of stamina'? That was surely a joke, wasn't it? I am exhausted and the only thing I did was read. Enjoyed it, though. I loved the leaves detail, spiders are so wise. Many thanks. I love this tour of your surroundings so much.

    Greetings from London.

  12. What a diverse and wonderful world you so kindly reveal to us, Delwyn. The bird names (if not noises) are so charming.

    I'm glad there is a place for snacks and drinks on the way!

  13. Hi Bee
    thanks for coming along

    I love the name 'Spangled Drongo' We have a derisive saying here that goes, "you silly drongo" and I wonder if it came from the bird and why...

    We usually have the coffee at the end of walks but when you walk all the way to Sunshine Beach it is perfect to rest in the middle.

    Happy days

  14. Hi Mr C

    I can see we'll have to get your fitness level up...I am leaving in 1/2 an hour - so I expect to see you at the park gates jogging on the spot and rearing to go...

    Thanks for coming on the walk today...

    Happy days

  15. Hello Marion

    I am surrounded by diversity and greenery...when the rain stops eventually and things dry it may look rather different...

    Marion thanks for your supportive comments..

    Happy Days

  16. Hi Margaret

    It was a bit herby!
    I'm glad you enjoyed the walk today.

    That is interesting about the state to state liquor laws.

    thanks for the continued encouraging comments...

    Happy Days

  17. Oh my, I got tired today, so much to see, so far to walk. Thank God you broke it down for us, giving us plenty to observe.

  18. That spider web is huge! and that little yellow guy is so cute! I didn't know about no alcohol being sold in Japan if the supermarket has a license they can sell alcohol.
    Aah, I love your walks with or without the drinks!

  19. Delwyn, dear, there are awards for you at my blog.

  20. Hello Lizzy

    it's nice to see your smiley face,

    thank you my dear for your kind thoughts...

    Happy Days

  21. Hello Tulsa

    Well actually the web was about 2 feet wide strung between 2 saplings so yes I suppose biggish...

    I'm glad you like to walk because I love your ever cheerful company...

    Happy Days

  22. Hi Rosaria

    a good thing then that we took the flatter of the 3 options. The one I took by mistake, showing Beloved around the Wallum, was up and down sandy hills at the base of the Look out Hill- good for the heart!!

    Happy Days

  23. I like to gaze at the pretty Crinkle leaf parsley bush.....1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10...He..He..

    The spider web shots indeed look so marvellous, intricate and absract to me. I feel the lash & urge driven me to shout out loud......the minimal bright light, candy red, pearl white and black just given hope to us.
    It's like in search of God's in the dark!

    The reds like the representation of trinity so powerful post to me:)

    " We are creative human " just discovering a different world bit by bit! Yes, yes, yes...

  24. Hello Yoon see

    I like your interpretation of the trinity in the spider web

    These images do show us the majesty and magic of the universe....

    and we can discover more of our own nature through being out in nature...well put yoon see

    Happy days

  25. Yeah Delwyn,

    Happy day to you too:)


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