Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Golden Penda


All around town
yellow flowers are blooming
on these trees

The Golden Penda
Xanthostemon Chrysanthus

is from the Myrtle family

While walking down the other side of 'that' hill
I saw this newly planted tree...

and only three days later
it looked like this...

the balled closed buds
had errupted into yellow pom poms

the time has come...

let's take a close up look
at this vibrant shrub

each segment a sunburst of colour

In 1988 the Golden Penda
was adopted as the theme flower
for the World Expo
that was staged in Brisbane

It was an appropriate choice of floral emblem
as our nation's colours
are the green and gold of the Golden Wattle,
of the forests and the sunburnt country

Great seas of gold
were created at the exhibition
and the shrub was marketed as Expo Gold...

Golden Penda is a native to the coastal forests
of NE Queensland
and related to the Eucalypts and Bottlebrushes

The birds love the Golden Penda nectar

and I love its happy effervescent colour



  1. I have recently stumbled upon your blog, and hope you do not mind I stay for awhile. Your posts are beautiful and instantly offer a moment of meditation. Although the Golden Penda did get my heart rate up--golden fireworks! Lovely.

  2. Welcome Cyndy,

    I get a thrill each and every time I meet a new face. Thank you for your kind words and please stay as long as you like, and visit again whenever the whim takes you.
    I had a quick sneak look at your home corner and am intrigued so tomorrow (bed calls) I will come and visit for a coffee and chat...

    Happy Days

  3. Delwyn, I love these and they totally evoke memories of the years we spent in Brisbane when I was small. Just so splendid and outrageously cheerful. I am homesick for Queensland now.
    Thank you so much.

    Bright Blessings x

  4. With every post, and every one of your beautiful photographs, I am more convinced you live in paradise!

  5. Hi Angela,

    I think the answer to that is YES I do... It is a paradise...

    Happy Days

  6. Hi Samantha,

    Good to see you again,

    Well keep posted because there are so many shrubs and trees flowering now. I never realised how busy Autumn was with blossoming trees.

    Happy Days

  7. Nice photographs Delwyn and I am not having the problems that I was having getting into the comments section of your blogspot. So whatever alterations you have made, at the present time at least, they seem to be working.

  8. Hi Alden

    Oh that is great. It's good to see your smiley face this way too...
    I will leave the comments box as a pop out then.

    Happy days

  9. Ah, related to the Eucalypts and Bottlebrushes. Thsi Golden Penda is an unforgettable beauty.

  10. Hi Rosaria,

    I hope that you have had a good gardening day.

    Our town is full of Autumn flowers at present...

    Happy days

  11. I have never seen this before, the details of the blossoms are so fine, thin and dense.
    Just like some sea reefs to me:)

  12. Hi Yoon See

    The flower almost has a plastic look to it and the spikes do look like a sea urchin...

    Happy days


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