Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wallum * part 2


Wallum Walking

The Banksia
is one of the predominant
Wallum shrubs

They come in all shapes and sizes

when you have been looking
at the dried Banksia nuts for a while
you start to see faces
and animals
looking back at you...

a crocodile Banksia

a rat Banksia...

and a camel banksia

Coastal Banksia

Remember the grass tree
we have spoken about before,
with the politically incorrect name of 'Black Boy'

this is how it got it's name...

the bush fire swept through

burning the fern
to a stump

and spreading the seeds afar...

In the bare branches of a casaurina
the Noisy Friars perch

The Noisy Friar has a distinctive bump
on his long black beak
and for that reason
is sometimes called Knobbynose

almost hidden in this tree
he is thinking of his next meal...

The Noisy Friar loves to eat
nectar, insects and fruit

My friend says that he also likes to nibble
the tarnished ends of the casuarina's
feathery needles

Hibbertia Linearis
starts out rose and ends up gold

The Wallum is full of treasures,
Let's return soon...



  1. Hi.

    What a surprising plant the Banksia is! Is it tall? I like the camel Bankasia!! Its form is charming. Is it also an ancient plant? Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Hello Sapphire
    How are you?

    There are over 170 varieties of this native plant which date back 40 million years - so yes they are ancient but not as ancient as the protea at 300 mYrs.

    These ones are coastal or Wallum banksias, Banksia serrata which grow to only about 3m. Ohter species can grow to 30m.

    They are heavy nectar producers hence popular with the birds, insects, bats and possums.

    They are named after Joseph Banks on Captain Cooks 1770 trip down under.

    Happy Days

  3. You've posted photos of plants I have never seen glad to be following you.

  4. Love these pictures, so unusual, so spectacular.

  5. Hello Delwyn! I just spent a lovely time catching up here... going on some spectaular walks and viewing some beautiful artwork...Your part of the world is part of the world hasn't seen any sun in so long I feel like I'm getting mildewed!

  6. The exotic wonders of your part of the world seem endless. It's always such a joy to visit your blog and see what new things you have to show us!

  7. what lovely photos of such intriguing plants,

  8. Hi Juliet

    It's good to be able to show you this part of the world.

    Happy Days

  9. Hi Angela

    and do you know that every day when I go out walking I am in the same mind set as you - I wonder what new things I will see - and I am never disappointed.

    Happy Days

  10. Hi Oliag

    It's nice to have you back. I have missed our chats

    Happy Days

  11. Hello Rosaria

    How's the garden going?

    Happy Days

  12. Good morning Wanda

    I just showed my husband your pics and we looked you up on the map. He has driven around your area looking for mopars - he's a collector...

    Your pictures are captivating - just so idyllic...

    I am glad that we can share these very different scenes of our hometowns

    Happy days

  13. Hi Delwyn! Thanks for visiting and leaving a kind comment. I've truly enjoyed visiting your part of the world --- beautiful! I'll be back!

  14. Hello Annette

    welcome to my pages - It's nice to have you here and I would love to see you again.

    Happy Days

  15. I have never seen these before.
    Loving the details and I really love their textures.
    I wonder why not you also do some paintings and record them on a sketch book to show us!
    I love seeing collages:):);)

  16. Yoon see

    If I could I would, I often lament the fact that I cannot draw, I have made many collages in the past - seems to require less talent but still satisfying creatively...
    So unfortunately Photos will have to be my prime medium...

    Happy Days


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