Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Between the Trees


On the weekend Beloved and I
decided to walk to Hell's Gates
instead of taking 'those' steps as usual,
after all,
we had done the steps the day before
and too much of a good thing
can't be good for you...

To reach the National Park
we walk the boardwalk for ten minutes
It is Monday - and a national holiday
Queen's Birthday
that's QEII we are honouring
not Freddy Mercury and the boys
although many Australians
would prefer it that way
but let's not get into a republican debate here...

So I have sent the scout on ahead...

and he's disappearing into the distance
and right out of sight
because I have discovered
that with every few steps I take,
between the trees
there appear wonderful snippets
of Laguna Bay
and the beach below

It is an absolutely stupendous day
there's a slight SE wind
but barely a whisper
the air is so clear
that you can see way
into the hinterland

Being 3pm on a winter's afternoon
the sun is already far around to the NW,
we can feel it on our left shoulders
as we walk into the east

you'll need to take your jumper off
before we have gone too far

the sun is glistening
on the blue waters
of the bay

and picking out the rocks
below us

people are playing
and swimming
on the beaches,
walking on the sands



The full moon has dragged the tide way out
like a blanket slipping from the bed,
exposing green weed covered rocks
that normally remain hidden
at Tea Tree Bay

the walkers take advantage
of the park bench
at the Fairy Pools
to rest

and watch the little white yacht
far in the distance,
wondering how long it will be
before the whales
make their way north to calve
in Hervey Bay

it's time now
to muster up the energy
for the return trip -
to face into the sinking sun
on the homeward run...

Oh blessed day



  1. I, too, celebrated that Bank Holiday with you and your images. Many thanks. You catch the shadows so well. And once again, I love that transition from full beam to sunset. Magical.

    Greetings from London.

  2. Hello Mr C,
    on this chilly winter night in the sub-tropics....

    Yes it is Magical and I could take that same walk every day (and did for a whole year once) and always feel the magic power and see something magically different in it.
    I was there yesterday and will be back tomorrow, heading through the eucalpt forest to the Wallum heathland around the other side of the headland.

    Happy Days

  3. oh delwyn, i could use a day and a walk like that but my turn's coming! our summer holidays start in a couple of weeks. i loved the pictures with shards of sunlight bursting through, not to mention the sneak peaks of people at play!! so lovely.

  4. Hi Steven

    Do you have a long break for 3months or are you year round school?

    What plans do you have?

    Happy Days

  5. Goodness, the pictures of the laguna are stunning. Exactly the sort of thing I need today!

  6. I always appreciate your walk sequences...just a natural stroll of images.

  7. Aaaahhh. The sun rays glistening on the ocean are gorgeous. I really want to go to Australia....
    ...and especially today! In Kansai it has been raining all day long. The rainy season (tsuyu) is officially here!

  8. What a beautiful walk! I'm so glad you shoot into the sun - some people avoid these kinds of shots, but the light coming through, for instance, the spiky plant is SO gorgeous.

    Nice to be reminded that the sun is low on the horizon at 3 pm in winter. We are on the other side of that spectrum, of course.

    Long live the Queen - and QUEEN, too. Funny reference.

    Happy holiday.

  9. Thank you for taking us on this beautiful walk. I hope you had a lovely holiday, celebrating the Queen of your choice, or course.

  10. Your walk was absolutely breath taking...such refreshing scenes of
    cool bright light and ocean blues...glad to be following you on your walk and blog!

  11. You took us in and out of shadows, following the sun. Lovely.

  12. I could feel the tension leaking out of my muscles as I settled in the luxury of your post. Ahh -- like melting butter!

  13. hi delwyn, summer holidays in ontario begin june 26 and end september 2. summer plans? hmmm well my wife is visiting australia for two weeks on exchange with a principal/headmaster who has a school "two hours north of sydney". he's coming here for two weeks in october. i'll be bicycling to montreal - a 1000 km roundtrip wich should take a couple of weeks. swimming in "the golden fish" world headquarters swimming and sunbathing facility. cooking really nice food as compared to the good food i cook each night! hmmm what else? well stacks of books will be read, gardens will be gardened, restaurants will be visited, school days will be planned for and laziness will be accepted, oh and blogs will be written!!! and read!!! see you, steven

  14. Hi there Polly

    glad to have given you a little walk tonic..

    Happy Days

  15. Hi Mark,

    thanks for coming along and unwinding with me...

    Happy Days

  16. Hi Tulsa,

    I just received an email from Poppy who said the same thing - she said her hair can't stand it!!!!

    (She had very thick wavy - curly hair like mine - particularly fond of humidity- soaks it up and turns to frizzzzzzzzz...

    Please come to Au one day...

    Happy Days

  17. Reya

    that was a good exercise in shooting into the sun and shows it can be done effectively if you find the right branch or tree or spikey plant...and then hide the worst glare...

    Happy Days

  18. Hi there Angela
    the truth is no-one gives a thought to the Queen except perhaps those receiving Au honours which are given out on this day. For everyone else it is just another long weekend...

    Happy Days

  19. Hello Wanda
    nice to see you again.

    The sun was still quite warm that afternoon - about 23*, but today as I get ready for my morning walk at 8am it is about 12* and very chilly for us!! But I will warm up once around in the National Park walking with the sun...I hope to find more exciting and interesting things to snap today...

    Happy Days

  20. Hi Rosarai,

    I love to find those little glimpses between the trees and in an out of the sun...I'm glad you enjoyed it too..

    Happy Days

  21. Meri
    it was exactly that feel with the sun on your back...lovely...

    Happy Days

  22. Hi Steven,

    So it is along break.

    Fancy your wife coming down here. Tell her she will need warm clothes for that part of NSW.What town is it that she's visiting?

    I envy you the cycling. I need to get a new bike as our council have gone crazy with bike paths thinking we were all going to give away our petrol guzzlers in favour of the old tredly - that hasn't happened of course and the serious riders all ride on the roads as usual. We also have designated cycle tracks on the major roads!

    Sounds like your summer break is going to be a perfect balance of activities - you enjoy cooking too???

    What is the golden fish swimming centre?

    I will look forward to hearing of your summer escapades!

    Happy Days

  23. Beautiful place. It looks so calm and serene.

  24. Hello there Rajesh

    It is!

    We are in a small town with a very idyllic setting..

    I am lucky


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