Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Clear Skies and Surprises


The skies are clear
so let's walk...

on the coastal boardwalk
the Tea Tree is alive with the colour
and the screeching of the Rainbow Lorikeets

the high seas have gone
and with them the school of surfers

leaving the gentle waves
for the stand-up paddle boarders
to roll into Main Beach

and First Point

up we go
to the National Park gates

did you see the Rice Flower
at the edge of the track...

and this wild flower...
the Lomandra or Club Rush

Let's take a rest at Hell's Gate
and watch today's big surprise
the Blue Crane
or White Faced Heron

who doesn't want me too close

and decides to walk along the edge
where he knows I will not follow...

and down onto the rock face

but has a change of heart
and comes back up again

all the while keeping his distance

and watching me warily...

See how this side of the headland
is turning into Wallum country

with stunted growth,
wind blown, misshapen Banksias
and open heathland

and just look at that sky above ...

on our way back
we'll see the Lamb's Tail Wattles

clinging to the coastal bank
and ready now to flower

the Painted Splurge
Euphorbia Cyanthophora,
with contasting colour
and beautiful leaf

wild Tufted Irises,

and gaze out to the Blue Pacific
as we enjoy the day's clear skies
and surprises...

Oh Happy days



  1. love seeing what a tea tree looks like. :-)

    thanks for the walk, it's cloudy and windy and rainy here, so it was just what i needed.

  2. Hi Julie,
    It's been nice to have you walking with me again. I have a story about the Tea tree waiting to post...
    Keep warm

    Happy days

  3. hey nice pictures you got here!
    they are so relaxing!
    and the pictures at your side bar.. they are so classic.. feels like being in a chinese temple here.. =)

  4. Hello Kenwooi

    welcome to my pages. I am happy that you find my blog relaxing. Thank you for your appreciative comments.

    It looks like you have been doing some relaxing at the beach too...

    Happy days

  5. I loved that second photo. It was mind-blowing. Blues skies indeed, same as we're having here in Blighty :-)!

    Greetings from London.

  6. Hi Mr C

    I am glad you are getting one of your blue skies from the summers quota!!

    We have had huge rains this year - it needs to stop...but at least it is still warm and you can walk with an umbrella. I manage to get my walk a day so I am happy ...

    Happy Days

  7. hi delwyn,
    what a beautiful walk . . . i got to take it as i ate breakfast before heading in to school. i love the name for the plant - "painted splurge". i knew someone like that once!!!


  8. Hi Steven,
    well I hope it nade a good start to the day.
    What level of school do you teach?

    I thought your splurge line very witty....

    Happy days

  9. Good day to you Delwyn!

    Ahhhh-mazing! The photos are fabulous and I love your guided tour. Your way of posting makes everything slow down, and I found myself not reading, but listening. Thank you.

    Happy days to you, as well!

  10. What a beautiful walk!

    We have herons here, too, a slightly different variety. I love watching them fly over the Potomac River. They're so close to the water that it looks like their wings will dip in, but somehow they never do. They are truly graceful creatures.

    What a crazy sky! Love those clouds.

    Is the tea tree the one and same tree from which tea tree oil is extracted?

    Thanks for the beautiful walk.

  11. The blue skies and the clouds are so refreshing!!! Hey, that one cloud looks like a heron flying in the sky!

  12. We also have herons in the Pacific Northwest - great blue herons and lesser herons are two I know of. Yours are gorgeous and the photos are great so I sent a link to my brother and sister-in-law because they love to bird watch and take photos (well, more accurately, my brother takes the photos. . . guess it runs in the family).

  13. O happy days indeed! Doing some catching up and enjoying going for walks with you:)

  14. Reply: It's at Redang Island! =)

  15. Thanks for the great post, Delwyn. You are lucky living by the ocean. It must be a bit intimidating to know that you have dozens of thousands of kilometres of water there.

  16. Hi there Cyndy,

    Thanks for your email. I will reply later in the day.
    I'm glad you like this post - the style of writing just evolved - I suppose because I love simplicity and try to be succinct.
    I'm glad that you came along.
    I go for many walks and would love your company so please check in for leave times!

    Happy Days

  17. Hi Riya
    the heron are low flyers aren't they...and so graceful...

    Funny you should ask about the Tea tree as I have written a post which now in the waiting to post queue, on that very topic. so keep watching...

    I'm glad you joined the walk

    Happy days

  18. Hi Tulsa,
    those clouds were amazing after lots of rainy days. And I can see a heron - sort of...

    Happy Days

  19. Hi Meri,

    I have not seen them out at Hell's Gates before -often on the river when paddling but not in the Nat Pk. And the next time I went out he was there in the Wallum again.

    I hope your brother enjoys the pics. I think he does visit here sometimes.

    Happy Days

  20. Oliag,

    How are you stranger...

    I'm glad you have been back for another walk...

    Happy days

  21. Hi Rus;an.

    On the contrary it feels very safe down here. We do get boatloads of people fleeing political persecution in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan making their way to Au via Indonesia, and the illegal fishermen but otherwise we feel rather secure in our isolation. Did you know NZ is supposed to be the safest haven in the world in nuclear warfare fallout. But I guess that depends on the original site of destruction...

    The drawback with living way down here in the Sth Pacific is the distance to travel anywhere. 8hrs to Japan, 10 hrs to Hawaii...

    Happy days

  22. Hi, Delwyn.

    What a lovely walk! Blue sky, blue sea, variety of plants, and Blue Crane!!! I enjoyed every photo!!

    Do you know the wonderful clouds (the first one) is called "Dragon Lord Clouds" in Japan? It is a lucky sign!!!

    Thank you very much for sharing them.

  23. hi delwyn, i get to teach grade six which means 11 and 12 year olds. it's absolutely wickedgood fun and the hardest work but all-in-all a great way to use this life. steven

  24. Sapphire,

    I am glad you enjoyed this blue walk...I love the cloud name
    "Dragon Lord Clouds" and will have to remember that.

    Happy Days

  25. Hi Steven
    I taught many moons ago - year 4 and year 6 too. That was in NZ.

    More recently I taught adults at a counselling college - and that is a very different kettle of fish...

    Happy days


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