Sunday, June 7, 2009

River Walk


Walking along the River...

It's been a while
since I have walked along the Noosa River
Without my dog
my walks have ventured further afield
and into the National Park on the headland

But today I felt like revisiting
my favourite dog walking haunt
walking up river towards Tewantin

and I was very surprised
by all the seasonal changes
in the vegetation

An unopened tulip flower
high in an ancient Tulip tree
Unfortunately the African tulip tree
is on the list of weed-trees in our town
because it spreads easily
by windborne seeds and suckers
and displaces native vegetation

The eucalypts are flowering

some varieties past flowering...

but still pretty
and attractive for the birds...

The giant Alexandra palm
was wearing its beaded hula skirt

and a friendly Ibis
was foraging in the soft wet grass

The white Ibis, Threskiornis Mulucca
is a wading bird that frequents the wetlands,
and is common in Australia by the water,
near open grassland and parks

He has white plumage,
a bare black head,
long downward curving bill
and black legs.

He was relatively unknown near the cities
of Brisbane and Sydney 20 years ago
and it is thought that severe droughts
in the late 1970s
drove the Ibis to the coast
seeking water to breed.

In the wild they eat the native crayfish,
mussels and insects
but in parklands and public picnic areas
they have become partial
to the odd sandwich
and are known to steal your picnic lunch
from your hand...

In addition to the accusations of theft
the Ibis has earned a bad name
because he frequents the rubbish dumps
and scavenges
and smells...

Image Wikipedia

The birds nest high in trees near the water
making low shallow dish like platforms

Now it's time to return home...
passing one of the very few deciduous trees
in our area of coastal SE Queensland

see the bright golden
climbing nasturtium plant
with a colourful aesthetic

dripping with morning dew

who has chosen
an equally beautiful orange hibiscus
to befriend

and drapes over the bush
in a rampant, boisterous manner

near home
a purple creeper in the trees
beside the mangrove edged river
catches my eye

and shines at me

and a simple little unobtrusive flower
completes our walk
for today...



  1. Many years ago ...I walked along that river ...thank you for taking me there again.

  2. Oh! I really want to see an Alexander Palm...what an incredible tree! I new knew such a tree existed. So many new things to be discovered. Thanks for great photos.

  3. Hi Sarah,
    How are you feeling?
    Did you?
    Well I am glad to show you again.

    Happy Days

  4. Hi Mark,

    The Alexandra palm is a native to Au and evidently the cabbage is edible and quite tasty. The Aborigines liked to eat them. They also used the wide end of fallen frond as a scoop/basket.

    Happy days

  5. My daughter is in hospital after a sudden haemorrhage, she is ok, but it has left me feeling very wobbly.

  6. And again a brilliant post my dear Delwyn.Somehow I realy start to thonk that I belong to Au and Aborigines with my soul,I love to know now that there is even edible tree called Alexandra palm,makes me feel much,much better.Thank you for remainding me how plant world is beautiful as you are,happy sunday.Alex

  7. I am thinking,not tonking,blogger thonk you very much! :O)

  8. Hi Aleks,
    see this town is just full of you - first a beach and now a palm tree in your name...and such a beautiful palm tree all ready to hula...
    Feel like dancing??

    Happy days

  9. Yeah girl,lets go hula on the beach,:O)

  10. hi delwyn, wow i love the purple creeper - i'm seeing and learning about so many beautiful trees and flowers and animals here i'm starting to wonder if i need to be living on the other side of the world!! so beautiful. thanks for a great walk!!!

  11. Many thanks for that fantastic tour. I loved that beaded skirt on that palm tree :-).

    Greetings from London.

  12. This is the second river post today! Must be something in the air. Thanks for the lovely walk.

  13. Hi Steven,

    I'm glad you are enjoying the flora and fauna of this continent - maybe a holiday down here would allow you to see some of the wonderful array of beauty.

    Happy days

  14. Hi Mr C

    The Alexandra's skirt was the best I have seen in a while...

    I will watch it as the seeds mature to see the colour changes...

    Happy Days

  15. Hi Willow,

    maybe it's the moon!

    Happy days

  16. I hope Sarah Lulu's daughter is okay. How distressing! (The walk, as usual, made me feel as if I were actually living up to my pledge to get outside more).

  17. I hope you did not miss your dog too much today.

    I know I have enjoyed the secondary benefits of blogging: the exceptional awareness of one's surroundings as one carries a camera around and NOTICE things during one's day. I think you are saying the same thing, too.

  18. Oh, the eucalypts and the nasturtiums were SO pretty!

    Great tip about the tulips, I will remember that in future. It has been incredibly windy here, so last night was no good, and they are fully open today. :(

    Thanks for your kindness yesterday.xx♥

  19. Hi

    The Alexandra's giant beaded skirt is so impressive! Do hibiscuses bloom all year around in the area you live? I like the bright yellow ones. They warm my heart.

    Thank you for taking me out for a lovely walk again!!

  20. Meri,
    Sarah says she is OK and being cared for I will pass on your thoughts to her.

    Now as to that walking...I do love you to come with me on my jaunts - I wish it were in the real, but seeing as we are quite a few thousand miles apart I insist you put on those walking shoes I know you have in the closet and get out there ...

    Happy Days

  21. Jennifer,
    Hello to you this most amazing of Monday mornings

    exactly - well put, the world seems brighter, larger, more filled with interesting colour and shape and sounds...and I am more observant and take more time over simple little things and often find in them a whole new world of intrigue ...

    I didn't think about the doogie much on this walk...but we do miss her - lots.

    Happy Days

  22. Good morning Sapphire,

    I thought you would like the hula skirt...

    Yes the hibiscus seem to be flowering all the time; I have a super bright yellow one on April 8...

    I'm glad you accompanied me Sapphire,

    Happy Days

  23. Hi Nat,

    Are the gums flowering around you or is it too late?

    My tulips are wide open too - only a few days left in them I think...but they have been a treat - same colour as yours too.

    It is an absolutely beautiful winter's day here today- still, warm sunny and 23*.BUT cold nights have been predicted this week so does that mean you are getting pretty chilly down your way?

    Happy days

  24. Hi Delwyn,

    These are all new encounters for me.
    So interesting especially the birds' nesting so high up the tree...
    Wow! I just can't believe my eyes, don't they fall down out off balance?!
    Naughty me...He..He..!

  25. Hello yoon see
    how are you?

    they are big birds to be up in a tree aren't they ...

    Happy days


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