Friday, October 30, 2009




in Australia
we have two kinds of cockies
those that scuttle around
the kitchen floor
after dark
and those beautiful creatures
that claim the skies
as their home

The Yellow Tailed
Black Cockatoo family
sat on the edge of the ocean
in the National park
this morning


Mrs Cocky
has a white upper bill
and a bright yellow cheek patch


Cutie Cocky
her daughter
sits nearby
in a Banksia tree


enjoying the seeds
of the Banksia nuts

Cutie reaches out for a nut

snipping off a branch in her way
with her secateur like bill


she grasps a banksia nut
in her claws
and severs it from the tree


what a clever Cocky I am

she raises the nut
to her mouth
like a luscious corn cob

Click the photo
to see the seeds in her bill


and proceeds to extract the seeds


she then tosses the nut down below
to where I am standing


in an adjacent tree
her father sits

Can you spot the gender differences?

My Cocky has a pink rimmed eye
a softer yellow cheek marking
and a grey upper bill

He is also
considerably bigger


He too is munching
on Banksia nuts seeds

Mrs Cocky all this time
has been crooning a plaintive song
unlike her usual loud distinctive call

which other days makes me stop
on my walks
and search the skies
for the graceful slow flapping sweep
of these large birds
over the wallum and forest


and she leaves her high
look out perch


to join her daughter
on a branch
at the edge of the ocean


which is where
we will leave the Cocky family
the Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos
the harbingers of rain


Monday, October 26, 2009

Windy Walk

A Windy Walk
along the ocean's edge...

The wind gusted
and rain fell
last night


and today it is blowing
out at Hell's Gates
almost strong enough
to fly...


like the Black Cockatoos
swirling and circling


over the wallum
that edges the coastal strip


It doesn't appear
as if the rain reached this side
of the headland


where the grasses are rusted brown


and the hillside colours
muted and homogeneous


 along the side of the path
the tussocky grasses fold
in the gusts


the white-capped waves swell
and bounce
onto the rocky shoreline

the casuarinas on the beach
sway their hula skirts
with enthusiasm


and a solitary seagull
on the wet sand
doesn't mind
at all...


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Brisk But Beautiful


Brisk but Beautiful

Put on your coat
and hat
and gloves
Grab your scarf
It is brisk...

we are going to
the Botanical Gardens


parking in here under the
new shoot green
tree canopy

the rununculous


are bright and cheery
just what we need
on such a chilly morning


the pansies are huge


as are the resident ducks


my eye
is drawn to the green
dome of this spring sky

We warm ourselves
over coffees
in the Gardens tea house


and later
I head off for a walk
to the University
in Ilam


Cherry blossom drift
almost a prettier sight
than the cherry tree


new leaf growth
on deciduous trees


and conifers


a sign of
and rebirth


that seem too perfect

almost like a lotus


I am particularly fond
of the rugged
old man


and its ability
to transform
a dusty city fence
into a thing of beauty

bluebells ring out


 and fat thrushes hop


over fairy tale lawns


and here we are
along the stream
that becomes the Avon River,
on its way down
from the Southern Alps


the learned hallowed
Halls of  Knowledge

are rainbow fringed


in azaleas


Look, azalea
rainbows encircle the green
an insect heaven


 We'll warm up in the coffee shop
at the corner of my street
with my sister and niece

hot chocolates


a tiny sample
of rich caramel cake


and the requisite
soy flat white

with jaffas!

Happy Days