Monday, October 26, 2009

Windy Walk

A Windy Walk
along the ocean's edge...

The wind gusted
and rain fell
last night


and today it is blowing
out at Hell's Gates
almost strong enough
to fly...


like the Black Cockatoos
swirling and circling


over the wallum
that edges the coastal strip


It doesn't appear
as if the rain reached this side
of the headland


where the grasses are rusted brown


and the hillside colours
muted and homogeneous


 along the side of the path
the tussocky grasses fold
in the gusts


the white-capped waves swell
and bounce
onto the rocky shoreline

the casuarinas on the beach
sway their hula skirts
with enthusiasm


and a solitary seagull
on the wet sand
doesn't mind
at all...



  1. Just a hello from the GC. Beautiful pictures and lovely, enhancing words as well. Very pleasing.

  2. Love the second to last - the hulas skirts swaying in the breeze.

    Wished I were there.

  3. hi delwyn - nice and blustery!!!! i love the wind whipped cockatoos . . . . . it was like that here yesterday - leaves and birds and skinny fifty two year old cyclists getting blown every which way! have a lovely day. steven

  4. Your photos make me aware of the
    distinct changes in habitat types in a small area, the dry almost desert looking rocky hillside and the wet sandy beach of the shoreline with it's palm like trees swaying in the breeze. They present two different atmospheres!


    and Banksias merge with wet and dry heathlands composed of colourful shrubs, grasses and sedges. Because minor changes in slope and soil moisture can lead to it is common to see several distinct habitats in a short distance with seemingly little change in the terrain.

  5. The second from last photo is beautiful Delwyn. I could feel the movement and hear the ocean.

    The ocean and the wind together are so powerful and I am always reminded of my insignificance in their unrelenting presence.

  6. Wow! You photographed wind!

    Thanks Delwyn, muted colours and movement made this post a peach.

  7. Might be fun on a windy day to switch your camera over to video mode and capture the motion and sound of the wind...

    I love blustery days, too!

  8. Nothing like a good storm! I love the ocean all white-cappy and churned. Thanks for taking us along!

  9. Strange, Delwyn, how winter wants to linger here and there. Is this still in NZ? Is everything all right there? We (those of us in the northern hemisphere) are heading into a whole lot of bleak and stormy winter-scape soon. I love the graceful hula dancer and the one lone gull! Being outside in nature is key, isn't it? LOVE xxox

  10. Wind and rain are so exciting to me, even just in photos.

    I love the photo with all the birds in it, and the one with the casuarinas (I had to look back at the post to spell that right. I've never heard of this kind of tree before -it looks like a cross between a willow and a palm.)

    Thank you for sharing your weather so poetically!

  11. Thank you Delwyn, My best wishes for your complete recovery.

  12. It always amazes me that birds can stay airborne in high winds. The images look so "foreign" to a North American, really lovely. Thanks for taking me away for a moment!

  13. OOOHHHHH.... to see black cockatoos flying in the sky!!!!
    The only place I've ever seen one is at a zoo in Hawaii.'
    If you ever get a chance to get a closer shot of one I'd love to see!

  14. I love the "hula skirt" image. Beautiful photos of the beach in the wild wind.

  15. Oh what a blustery day, I love it! I wish we would get some blustery days here too, I think you need another one of those lovely hot chocolates. It's always a pleasure to walk with you Delwyn.

  16. Great pictures Delwyn. A nice contrast.

  17. Hi Lisa

    If you go to this post of Sunshine Beach you will see the closest I have made it to the cockatoo...
    they are rather shy birds...

  18. Thanks everyone for the visit and commenrs

    this is my usual coastal track in Noosa National Park

    the casuarina is a native oak tree with needles and cones

    I haven't tried the movie function yet mainly because it is not restricted to 30 sec and I might roll on too long...


    you are right. The National Park has a number of eco systems adjacent to each other...from dry wallum, wet wallum, eucalyptus forest, rainforest and coastal dune lands....

    Happy days

  19. You've really captured the weather, season, and feel of the day. Love the lone seagull!

  20. Delwyn,

    I love windy and stormy days! Your photos and words bring your windy day walk to life for the rest of us. Thank you!

  21. Your work is like an ongoing, visual Japanese poem to me. Just makes my heart smile when I visit your site, Delwyn. Don't know what else to say.

  22. Your weather and seasonal colors look like ours even though we are at opposite sides of the globe – transition time? I love your images of windswept trees. They do look like hula dancers!

    The botanical garden in the post below was lovely too.

  23. A great day in the wind and by the surf. I swear I could smell the ocean from here!

  24. What a beautiful testimony to the power of the wind and the rain. Nature, as always, is awesome.

    As are your photos.

  25. You manage to make everything from dried grasses, to the most exotic flowers, to wind come alive with your stunning photos.

    I like what Jeannette said. Your blog is truly like some glorious epic Japanese poem.

    My hear is smiling, too.

    I wish you happy days, my friend.


  26. I could do without the scuttlers, but the Cockies in the trees are beautiful. Love that last shot with the ocean in the background.

  27. Hello Delwyn,
    Europe pales in comparison to the fauna in Australia.
    But lately we've had a black panther on the loose in our Luxembourg forests. Not indigineous though!

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