Thursday, October 8, 2009

You Silly Galah


Pink Galahs

You Silly Galah
is a slang colloquialism
in Australia
which means
You fool

perhaps the phrase arose
the galah's gaudy dress
the silly way he struts


 The Pink Galah
Rose Breasted Cockatoo
is the most common
and widespread
of the Australian cockatoos

The word galah
comes from the Aboriginal word gilaa


 distinctive pink and grey plumage
 bold loud behaviour
characterise this cockatoo


When I drove into my street
this morning
returning from my walk
I spotted this pair of Pink Galahs
 on the nature strip


We have Ruffles
who is a rather disheveled
and weather beaten looking female


and Mr Smooth Top
her consort
something of a 'toy boy'


the galahs
were nibbling in the grass
for seeds or roots


had a reddish brown eye


 whereas Mr Smooth
had a darker browny black iris

Galahs are very social
and often flock together
in the evenings
roosting en mass


Ruffles decides
to cross the road

knowing that
the grass
is always greener

Mr Smooth
follows suit


I was right,
says Ruffles

delicious greenery


 and what are you looking at...


 I'm looking at Ruffles' beak
it appears mis-shapen

Galahs have a high pitched cry
'chill chill'
I heard the pair communicate
in barely audible

  soft muffled tones


time for a shake
rattle and roll


a bad feather hair day results


 Galahs make loving life-long pets
they are affectionate
very talkative
become very attached to their owners
maybe to another pet
cat or dog in the family

 and may even outlive you...

In the wild they can live 30 years
but in captivity their longevity
can extend to 80 years

Galahs can develop
the communication
and problem solving skills
of a two year old child

they are not so silly



  1. Delwyn, great photos of two beautiful birds. I understand that they are considered pests by the farmers, if so they are gorgeous pests. Keep the photos and stories coming, they always are a joy.

  2. What a fun story to accompany your images-- informative too.

  3. Hello Norman

    how are you... recovered after the African expedition?

    They can be a nuisance eating grain crops on farmland I have read...

    thanks you for the encouragement Norman...

    Happy days

  4. Thanks Donna

    I enjoy writing down what the images say to me...I post the images and them write to the pictures...

    Happy days

  5. I love them even though they are a bit naughty. :D

  6. Hello Delwyn

    What a lovely story with lovely birds!! I like it very much!
    The photo in which Ruffles crosses the street is GREAT! She walks like a human woman!!
    Blue Wrens are very lovely too.
    I like their deep blue.
    Thank you for sharing! I enjoy reading about the wild life and nature in Australia!!

  7. I always stop when ever I can to have a look at them.
    They seem to be around a bit lately..lovely written story Delwyn..(like always)
    xxx Mona

  8. Hello Delwyn

    At first Ruffles did look like she had had a rough eyes and all, but after getting to know her...I realized she is just a free spirit...just doing her thing, ruffling her feathers when she pleases and being queen of the nature strip, at least for a while!

    Luv and Smiles,

  9. hi delwyn - what a great pair!!! mr. smooth looks a bit young for her and maybe a bit too smooth but i'm sure she's seen it all anyway!! eighty years lifespan!!! cripes!!! she'll teach him a thing or two about life. have a lovely day by the river. steven

  10. Hello Natalie

    How are things going for you...

    They are full of character aren't they...

    Happy days

  11. Hi there Sapphire

    Her walk is a real strut isn't it...

    The little blue wren is very special. I heard their sweet twittering today but did not see them in the bush...they are elusive...

    Thanks for coming over...Is it getting cooler for you now...

    Happy days

  12. Hello Wanda

    You are a funny are right though...yes she's a mature woman with a mind of her own....the prima donna of the nature strip...with a penchant for younger men...

    Happy days

  13. Hello Steven,
    I agree with you...Ruffles is 30 if she's a day and Mr Smooth is just a preening teenager with a wild new fad hairdo......she has a thing for younger men...

    Perhaps she sings sweetly...I heard her cooing seductively..

    Happy days

  14. Mona, my old mate...

    How are you my dear...

    I wonder if they are looking for seed and tender roots in the gardens and lawns...being so dry everywhere...

    thanks Mona

    Happy days

  15. I love the pictures Delwyn, but I almost love the story you crafted to accompany them more.

    What a happy way to start the day!

  16. Delwyn: You silly galah - this was a delightful post! I was smiling throughout.

    Now about projection, you silly galah are you feeling a little battered and disshevled and getting in the mood for a boy toy of your own? A Mister Smooooooth?

    Your captures of Ruffles lifting her foot to walk are cute!!! And the close-ups of the different eyes. Great work.

    I wish I had known more about the companionship and long life of cockatoos a long time ago. I would love to have one - but would not do so now, as the bird would outlife me and that would not be fair. And then how fair is it to scoop them out of their natural habitat?

    Think I shall adopt that expression, 'I'm such a silly galah!"

  17. I'm such a silly galah - look at all those spelling mistakes. I was so excited by your post I was typing too fast!!

  18. Numero Dos:

    I love the way you conveyed the personalities of Mr. Smooth and Ruffles. This post called to mind a wonderful film titled "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill" (which is set in nearby San Franscisco). If you haven't seen it yet, you're in for a real treat.

  19. What wonderful birds! I love a bird with an attitude.

    It's true, isn't it, that when we take the time to really look around us, we see that even the birds each have their own look and personality. Each is an individual.

    I enjoy taking these little nature outings with you! With our long winter fast approaching, I'm looking forward to catching glimpses of your spring and summer.

  20. Beautiful Galahs! Wow. And, I love the ruffled feather look. We don't have birds any where near that flashy here.

    Your commentary for them made me chuckle.

  21. What a lot of personality they have - almost as if they enjoyed posing for the pictures!

  22. Delwyn, you live in a virtual fantasy land of flora, fauna and animals! They remind me a little of our pigeons and doves except for that bright pink plumage. Thanks for sharing your colorful world with us yet again. Blessings!

  23. What a marvelous bird! Fun to learn some Australian slang too. Enjoyed the photos too.

  24. They are wonderful! How lovely to live in such a place that harbors such incredible creatures. Thanks for sharing a part of this little couple's day.

  25. Hi Delwyn! Unbelievably beautiful silly galahs! Here is my idea for you: open a little craft shop (maybe on-line?) Make galahs out of cloth and mesh (like a doll), wooden eggs painted like plover eggs, Easter baskts made out of grape or honeysuckle vine: I'll be your first customer! You could dry some of the unusual flowers you have and recreate the exotic birds and animals... What a shop you'd have! xxox

  26. What a gala Galah story! I can see some of myself in Ruffles - spiky "do," a bit mis-shapen, and a slightly muffled tone...

  27. Hi Barb

    have you got a toy boy too...

    Happy days Barb

  28. Hi Margaret

    your idea sounds great...but I think it might be best remaining as just that...unless of course someone else with the creative flair picked up the idea...

    Happy days

  29. Hi Nancy

    when I create these posts every day I think that same thought...I don't ever think I will run out of topics to post fact I have a dozen or so in the bank that I can't fit in between fresh stories...

    Happy days

  30. Hi Sarah

    I'm glad you enjoyed the silly galah in all respects..
    thanks for dropping in for a little bit of Australia...

    Happy days

  31. Hello Marion

    these birds are full of character you can see why they are loved as pets...
    I'm glad to be able to share with you Marion...

    Happy days

  32. Hi GW

    yes I was right up close, and almost in their faces when they looked and asked me what I was looking at...

    Happy days

  33. Hi KB

    yes and had Mr Smooth not scratched and shaken like that I never would have seen the beautiful pink underneath the white head feathers...

    We seem to have a number of garish and ostentatious birds here in Au...take Dame Edna for example...

    Happy days

  34. Hi Angela

    well Ruffles and Mr Smooth had plenty of that...

    It will be great to have your company Angela. We are well into spring now with days 26* and up and the school holidays being enjoyed by hundreds of beach going families...
    We have the four term year and this final term will take the schools through to the big hols at Christmas between 6 weeks for state schools to 8 weeks for private schools and even longer for the higher grades who finish after exams a little earlier. Then everyone enjoys the summer heat and flocks to the beaches...

    Happy days

  35. Hi Dan

    that's me ...and you too...

    I will look up your suggestion, thank you Dan

    Happy days

  36. Hey Bonnie

    I've got one!!!

    I'm glad I stopped and spent the time with the galahs because I now too know of the differences...

    I thought her red eye might have been damaged as she does have an irregular ring around one eye...been in a battle I think,..perhaps over her toy boy...

    but then I came home and read up about her and found the red eye particular to the ladies....

    So she gave Mr Smooth 'the red eye...' and snared him...

    you are no silly galah Bonnie...but it is ok to be one sometimes...and have silly is a gentle endearing sort of slang, not abusive in nature...

    Happy days

  37. Thanks Barry

    I think I relate to the silly galahs at times and can write as one of them...

    Happy days

  38. Hi Delwyn,

    Beautiful, smart and funny is a great combination!

  39. Beautiful birds. I love that bad hair day! Interesting to learn more about them.

  40. This is what I remember most about my visit to Australia - all the amazing birds. And you manage to capture them in all their silliness!

    Love the bad hair day. And something about the one where Ruffles crosses the street made me laugh. I think it might be that foot sticking out - these birds seem to have such short legs and big feet!

  41. Delwyn... the Galahs are great! I suppose one must be careful in deciding to have one as a pet because of their longevity especially if they become so attached to their human family & to the other pets. They really are beautiful!

  42. Hi Violet

    I love that photo too...I think I'll pin it on my wall...

    it's nice to have you over Violet

    Happy days

  43. Hi Lizzy

    It must be a great loss of a surrogate partner for the bird if the owner should die or leave it...
    I read they can take new partners but after being with a family they would be at a loss...

    Happy days

  44. Jennifer - thank you, I appreciate your comments..
    Happy days

    I'll now call bad hair days cockatoo or galah hair days...
    Happy days

  45. Aren't they clever! So pretty too. Her with her boy toy! LOl Thanks Delwyn, these are new birds to me. Very interesting.

  46. Oooh, I think their colors are quite lovely. Thanks for sharing the info on this creature. :)

  47. Wow, - yesterday I took some lovely photos of 2 galahs that visited me and thought about posting in my blog, however they are no way as good as your collection.

    The galahs must have been out visiting all of us for photo opportunities and promotions in blog land.

  48. Hi Lorac

    I'm glad that I have been able to bring you the pink galah..

    Happy days

  49. Hi Amy

    and did you see the lovely pink under the white head feathers...

    Happy days

  50. Hi Gleaner

    do you think the word has got around and they all want to be famous, and get posted.....they are certainly made for bird Hollywood...

    Happy days

  51. Wow they do live a long time. Such pretty birds and smart too!
    Sunny :)


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