Thursday, October 22, 2009

Christchurch Flower Walk


and so
we continue around the block
on our flower walk...

enjoying the pinks

of camellia

and a funky
'cabbage' flower

the blues


and whites

and the magnificent

an architectural wonder

blue petals
to reveal
pollen tips

native gems

and exotic lilac

climbing clematis


of dazzling
little firebursts....

and now
we are back at home
convinced that Christchurch
is indeed
the city of flowers



  1. A hazy moon and
    blossoms on the plum.

    The first photo: Is it an apple blossom, a plum?

  2. The cabbage flower is one of my favorites; a local garden has them...I want to grow them.

    I wish you could post the smell of the lilac! :D

  3. I think I could smell that lilac when I scrolled down!

  4. My spirit is lifted by your lovely post. Absolutely beautiful flowers.
    Sunny :)

  5. For some reason I couldn't leave a message on yesterday's post - the bookshelf was covering the link, I think.
    Absolutely beautiful photos!

  6. Lovely walk, oh the flowers! I love New Zealand, how lucky you are to have grown up there. And to live in such a beautiful place now too.
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. A profusion of pinks. How they must transform the day.

    The little firebursts are just that, firebursts. Beautiful to look at.

    Thanks for the blooming tour.

  8. Thank you Delwyn. We are having a lovely autumn, but oh, how I miss the freshness of flowers! Beautiful.

  9. Hi Dan
    I think it may be a prunus tree which is like a non fruiting plum tree.I remember there being many of those when I lived there.
    Happy days

    Hi Amy
    isn't it funky - just like a cabbage...
    Happy days

    Hi Nancy
    I am trying to remember if that lilac smelled strongly and can't say that I recall it...
    Happy days

    Hi there Sunny
    I'm glad to give yo a little buzz...
    Happy days

    Hello Gleaner
    maybe the page didn't load properly. I have noticed that the mini portrait pics aren't loading on all the comments on the main page either. I thought Blogger may have an issue...
    Happy days

    Hi Lou, thanks for dropping in
    happy days

    Hello Lori ann
    I have had two wonderful home countries and enjoyed both but now could not live anywhere but here in Qld...
    Happy days

    Hi Anil
    I am not sure what their real name is so I called them firebursts because that is what they appeared to be to me...
    Happy days to you

    Hi Titus
    Like you I enjoyed these cool climate flowers for a change but am glad to be back in the warm...
    Happy days

  10. Hi Delwyn, Beautiful, beautiful flowers - some I could recognise but mostly they are new to me. What a wonderful walk.

  11. hi delwyn - as i scrolled past the lilac the scent of lilac filled my nose - and i see that nancy (above) had a similar experience. now that's worthy of thinking about. the blues are my favourite coloured flowers but goodness delwyn - they're all astonishing!!!!! such wealth for the eyes and the heart!!!! thankyou. steven

  12. Beautiful photos of Christchurch flowers others my sense of smell came into play with the lilac...I have a Korean Lilac by my front steps...I will have to wait for spring to enjoy that scent for real!

    Luv and Smiles,

  13. The magnolias are regal. What a display screaming Spring!!! Truly a riot of colour - I would not know where to linger . . .

    Thanks Delwyn.

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  15. Delwyn
    Thanks for the gorgeous pictures! With the cold weather arriving in Greenville, the late summer flowers dying and leaves are changing colors(slowly)--it's nice to see beautiful bright colors. I never thought much about Australia and all the splendid nature it has to offer until I started reading your blog.
    Thanks for sharing your part of the world with your readers!!!!

    Tracy :)

  16. Lovely, Delywn. Your camellia picture jogged my memory that that was my 2nd grade teacher's first name - not a common name these days.

  17. I literally gasped when I saw the pics of the magnolia. Stunning.

    Magnolia is the state flower of Louisiana. It's illegal to pick them, and they're scent is so strong and so sweet - is it like that in NZ? The ones in Louisiana are always white - yours are even more gorgeous.

    There was a magnolia tree at the house where my oldest daughter was born, so they have a special place in my heart.

  18. We went to a botanical garden in NZ,but our pics were never as fabulous as yours. Such beauty!

  19. It seems a lo-o-ong way off till the lilacs bloom again... my favourite scented flower.

    I fell in love with Christchurch when I visited there and put it high on my list of places to move to.

  20. Another wonderful stroll...thanks for being such a good guide.

  21. Beautiful, Delwyn :) If only I could figure out a way to burn some calories myself while on these gorgeous excursions with you....LOL

    Have a Happy Day!

  22. Good morning chiccy
    try squatting and reading!
    Happy days

    Hi BBM
    how nice to have your company

    Hello there Violet
    I remember you loved CHCH and thought of you whilst in the Gardens
    Happy days

    Hi Rosey
    thanks and I'm glad you saw the gardens for yourself. What season was it?
    Happy days

    Hi Polly
    Aren't they just so exotic looking... I didn't notice a perfume with these ones. The ones here in my street in AU are all white too and flat saucer shapes.
    Happy days

    Hi GW
    I've never heard of Camellia used as a name...there is Price Charming's Camilla!
    Happy days

    Hi Tracy
    These photos are taken in New Zealand not Au - but I am glad you are enjoying the Au flora too
    Happy days

    Hi Bonnie
    I just wish it hard been spring warmth to match!
    Happy days

    Hi Wanda
    I didn't notice any perfume as I shot the photos...funny...I wonder if they grow here...I think I have seen a trailing variety...
    Happy days

    Hi Steven
    Blue flower man with the cold careful the head doesn't turn blue in the cold weather...
    Happy days

    Hi there Elcmae
    I thought you might know these as the Christchurch NZ climate is more like yours. Jolly cold! But there are new ones to me too...
    Happy days

    thanks for coming over today everyone...

  23. For someone living so far away from you, some of those flowers look very familiar. The "Blues" look like our wild Sky Pilots. We have climbing Clematis. And your "firebursts" look just like our wild Pin Cherries!

    I never thought of blogging as a way to remember the beauty of the spring and summer. But, reading your blog has done that for me. Thanks!

  24. The lilac is New Hampshire's state flower, and it's smell so inviting. Are other of these beautiful flowers fragrant?

  25. Hi Delwyn! I got on your list as a follower!
    I also have a flower walk here on the East Coast of the US.
    It is Fall here, but today we had a real summer day! I took lot of pics of faboulus Dhalias. Soon I will post them in :"Nature's Beauties". You are very inspirational and your blogging is superb! Enjoy life and your talent! Blue Bird :-)

  26. Hello BlueBird
    I am so glad you managed to finally get the follower thing to work for you. I will look forward to your flowers. Thank you for those kind supportive comments.
    Happy days

    Hi Jennifer #1
    What a gorgeous state flower. I can't remember this one's perfume ...nor any of the others for that matter...strange...
    but I did nab a few sprigs of gardenia from the gym gardens this morning and they have filled the house with their luscious smell...
    Happy days

    Hi KB
    Because these flowers are in NZ they may be more familiar to you, being a cool temperate climate country...I don't know what the firebursts actually are, it was a small leafy shrubby bush/tree with bunches of these lovely bursts...
    Happy days

  27. My favorite picture is of what I believe to be a Rose, the second in the stream of luxurious beauty you have shown us here. The petals are so delicate. Oh, I wish I could brush it against my face, it looks like a soft blanket.

  28. Hi Jenn 2

    It is a camellia not a rose, isn't it incredible...I know that feeling too..
    Happy days


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