Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lilly Pilly Walk


Lilly Pilly Walking
along the river...

The grevillea are now finishing
their flowering
and taking their place
are the Lilly Pillies

One of the most popular plants
in Australia today

the evergreen rainforest plants
have glossy green leaves
often with flushes of colourful new growth
from pink to reddish brown
in colour

The Lilly Pillies flower
in spring or early summer

fluffy white flowers mainly
but the ones I have seen
are red - Powderpuff
Lilly Pilly Wilsonii

and a soft pink variety

The flowers are followed by berries
in red, purple or white

I stopped along the river
to look closely at the pink species

which was being looked at very closely
by another species altogether...

(these bee shots are worthy of enlarging - click!)

hundreds of bees
were enjoying the fresh pollen

of this pretty flowering shrub
which is sometimes called
an Australian Cherry tree

the Lilly Pilly



  1. Hi Delwyn, I've just tagged you with the Kreativ Blogger award. Lovely perceptives here. Do pick up the award from my blog. Cheers

  2. Hello Gaia

    and welcome to the comments pages and thanks for your comments.
    Thank you also for the Kreativ award. I will be over shortly.

    Happy days

  3. Love that misty shell pink color and the pink berries, as well!

  4. Good Day Delwyn...
    The Lilly Pillies look like the little pompoms young cheerleaders use, but also like little creatures hanging on for dear life at the tips of the branches...
    You have so many flowering trees and beautiful plants to enjoy there Delwyn! It will be nice to view them through the cold months ahead here!

    Smiles always,

  5. Makes me want to become a cheerleader :-). Amazing shots.

    Greetings from London.

  6. The Lilly Pilly is beautiful. The flowers are like puffballs perched on a bush. It's hard to imagine that summer is starting there... such fun!

  7. I love the glorious pom-poms of those Lilly Pillies.

    I'm giggling at Mr. Cuban's comment!

  8. I love your PHOTO's! The Lilly Pilly is most beautiful. Congrats on being tagged by GAIA for your KREATIVE blog. It will bring you even more followers like myself.check me out sometime @

  9. Those are so cool. What a beautiful place you live in. I found a place here in Texas that sells the grevillea so I'm looking forward to try one of those.

  10. Lilly Pillies! How cool! beautiful flowers! love your photos!

  11. Lovely to see the bees doing bee things.

  12. Those lillie pillies are so beautiful! Never seen anything like those before!

  13. Another plant you have introduced to me! They are so bright with color and the texture is...well..cheering to say the least!

  14. I've never seen the Lilly Pilly. Such beauty brought to us through the power of the blog. Your site most beautiful. Thank you for joining mine.

  15. They remind me of the truffula trees from The Lorax.

  16. A stroll through Fantasy Land, Delwyn! These pink powder puffs remind me of a blossom I posted in the spring; we were calling it a flame tree, but it wasn't quite that. Could it have been a lilly pilly? Hard to imagine! I just love the full palette of red and pinks here. Beautiful! xxox

  17. Delwyn, these are exquisite!! You captured them so beautifully. Once again I wish I both smell them and feel them for myself, to fully experience them. They in fact look almost edible :)

    Thanks for sharing the pretties with the fun name... Lilly Pilly, gotta love it!

  18. Hi Delwyn

    These shots are great but the 'Bee' photographs are something else!

    Thank you for another lovely sequence.

  19. Beautiful. New to me. Both the red and the pink varieties are gorgeous.

  20. Your lilly-pilly is an unusual plant. The pale pink ones are my favorite. Obviously they have tasty pollen for the bees. Thanks for sharing your exotic flora.

  21. Your posts never cease to amaze me! What a magical place Australia is. The wonderful names truly befit the exotic and unique plants and animals you show us. I love saying them out loud.

    It's lovely to see the bees, too.

  22. Hello Angela
    Lilly pilly is one of those euphonious words you want to keep saying...a bit like THOTH - Tee hoo tee, that has been in my mind since I wrote that post...

    Happy days

  23. oh delwyn - you are so blessed with an abundance of beauty and the eyes and heart to really see it!!!! thankyou so much for sharing this. i am very excited as i write because we will have an australian living with us for two weeks. he is the other half of the principal exchange my wife undertook in the summer. for two weeks i get to hear ozzy talk and eat tim tams and chocolate covered orange sweeties!!!! yayyyyy!!! i'm hoping he'll be a sport and let me blog with him and about him!!!! see you. steven

  24. Delwyn: These Lilly Pillys are so unusual. So much so they almost look artificial to me - like those old funky lamps with tendrils that glow at the ends!!

    Nature is simply boundless with its designs, colours and innovations.

    So enjoyed seeing these.

  25. Hello

    Midlife JH
    Splendid Little stars
    Mr C

    thank you all for dropping by and sharing the lovely lilly pillies and of course their companions the bees...
    Maybe I will have to nickname the tree the 'cheerleaders pom poms....'

    Happy days to you all

  26. Hello Always a Mom

    welcome to my corner of SE Queensland. Thank you for your kind remarks and I will drop by later today...

    Happy days

  27. Hi Delwyn,
    Can you say "Lilly Pilly Pollen" three times fast? What great flowers - they look good enough to eat, like balls of cotton candy. Apparently the bees think so, too! Loved your Lilly Pilly walk. I saw white berries just like yours on a hike on the UP of MI. Surely they had nothing to do with Lilly Pillys?

  28. Hello Barb

    that's a good test...LPP,LPP,LPP...

    there are many varieties of Lilly pilly I wonder if you would find one suitable for your altitude...maybe too cold as they are rain forest types of trees..

    Happy days

  29. Hi Steven

    you have a real life piece of Aussie fauna there? wow, treat it kindly and with may be an endangered species...certainly sounds to have odd eating habits...
    are they jaffas...choc orange flavour?

    ...that would be fun to post on this species and his diurnal and nocturnal activites...

    Happy days

  30. Hi Bonnie

    they do look a bit like those weird lamps- fibre optic that's what they were...we have one in the garage storage cupboard...daughter # 1 added it to her retro collection of dinner ware that I seem to have inherited...

    Happy days

  31. I love this bloom...the bees were getting tickled luxuriously as they worked, Dahling!

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  32. Hi Delwyn,
    I love the notes from your children! So sweet !! I want to thank you for your comment on my blog about the whole 2012 stuff. And you are right, of course, I do remember the millenium fearathon and living in fear is not good for anyone. The only part I cannot believe (lol) is you being "considerably" older than me ...'cause I aint no spring chicken!! But you know 40 is the knew 30 or so they say.

  33. oops forgot to add...I love your bookshelf hope you don't mind I had to have one too! But different books of course...LOL

  34. Hi Mom

    Well although I don't feel it I am way way beyond 40, way beyond 50, but not yet 60....

    I have been thinking it is high time I updated the book shelf...

    Happy days

  35. Hi Cloudia...

    do you have these trees in Hawaii...
    I have noticed many similar trees and shrubs...

    Happy days

  36. Hi Delwin,
    oh never seen these before! Beautiful! Soo fluffy!


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