Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Soiree

A Soiree

I stopped the car
to say hello to Ruffles
and Mr Smooth Top
who were dining on the nature strip
with a Corella


the corella was a little shy
and retreated to a tree

Corellas are mid size cockatoos
with a blue eye ring
and pink colouration
between the eyes and beak

Like the pink galah
he is a social bird
who enjoys noisy flocks

Wikimedia commons

The corella has a pale crest
unlike the Suphur Crested Cockatoo
seen above

Wikimedia commons

who is very flamboyant

A neighbour saw me
talking with the birds
and came across to chat
and invited me to come over
for a drink before sunset
to a little soiree
a special soiree - 

a birdie sort of soiree


Now listen here
and I will tell you of the
other guests...


My brother Cheeky Corella


and sister Cora Corella
enjoying the wild bird seed
in the sunset glow


and down there on the beach
waiting very patiently


is the Giant Egret
called Eggy


who is a little skittish

but will return
in time for nibbles


and then we have
the white faced heron
or as he is also known
the Blue Crane


from high on his perch
the heron is watching
with keen interest
the dispensing of nibbles


don't forget me
I'll come down
if you neglect me...

and he catches a lump of meat
on the wing


the cabana roof
has been freshly painted
and while we sit
in the setting sun
sipping our wines
the heron scuffled
and shuffled above
losing his grip
 on the slippery


and here come
the cheeky butcher birds
who will eat
out of your hand


with some of their youngsters
still a pale brown in colour


so welcome all
to our little soiree


and what would a sunset soiree be
without a crow...
Welcome to you too
Mr Torresian



  1. Fabulous Delwyn!
    And I've never seen a Butcher Bird. Why the grusome name?

  2. delwyn the variety of birds is astonishing and i know that there are so many more in your neck of the woods. the morning chorus must be astonishing (and noisy!!). have a lovely day. steven

  3. Hi Titus

    the butcher bird gets his name from the way that he stores animals, rodents, rabbits, frogs, lizards...by impaling them on branches or thorns or lodging them in a tree fork, establishing a little larder...a little gruesome yes...

    Happy days

  4. Hi Steven...

    well they don't all join the sunrise chorale...the crows take the lead parts there...then there are the songs of the kookaburras and the whipbirds coming from across the river...with the local magpies...

    Happy days

  5. Hi Delwyn. I am very envious of your bird photography! Beautiful blue Corella eyes...

    Been catching up on all your most diverse posts, from whale-less love pebbled beaches, to bromeliads and geishas! Hope you enjoyed your time away, too :)

  6. I am so happy to see you back Delwyn! You have so many fancy looking birds to enjoy and greet you! A sunset soiree is a lovely way to end the day...influences me to maybe have a sunrise soiree this morning!

    Luv and Smiles,

  7. Welcome back, Delwyn!

    Birds in such a variety!! I'm so amazed!! And really glad to find Eggy! The white egret is very beautiful! The blue crane or heron?? Oh he must be a HERON, I hope! Thank you for sharing!
    I enjoyed this post very much!!

  8. Just fabulous, Delwyn! I am beyond jealous of all the gorgeous birds you get to see in your surroundings! Great photos!

  9. What beautiful birds, Delwyn. You're so fortunate to live in a virtual fantasyland of animals, birds, flora and fauna! Blessings!

  10. That's a fine feathered gathering there!

  11. I love birds! That showy yellow headed one is great!

  12. Hi Delwyn,

    What great pictures! Tricia and I love birds and birdwatching.A large part of our trip to South Africa was spent birdwatching. What a great variety of birds you have visiting you. I guess we'll have to plan a trip to your corner of the globe to see the birds and beautiful scenery that your photos have shown us.

    I haven't heard from Meri (my Sister) since she left for her great Egyptian adventure, hope she is doing well and has lots to share with all of us on her return.

  13. Birds are so amazing - though ordinary because there are so many kinds and they live everywhere - they are so ... other! So exotic, and yes flamboyant and many other words as well. I love birds. Thanks for this.

  14. Wow! The Corelli's have taken over the place. All they need is someone to serenade them.

  15. Gorgeous, Delwyn! How fortunate you are to have so many amazing creatures in your yard! I love the blue eyes in the Corella. Wow, I don't think I'd ever want to leave my home if I lived where you are! Beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing these treasures with us :D And don't you just love the word "soiree" sounds tre chic...LOL

    Happy Day, Delwyn :D

  16. Good to have you back Delwyn. Another lovely post.

    Hope you enjoyed your trip.

  17. I loved the photo of the white faced heron on the roof of the cabana so close the the person. I was surprised it came so close. Do the birds tend to gather around sunset anyway, or is it because of a feeder?

  18. The Correllas are paying their annual visit and they are so dirty! I mean, covered in mud! They're sitting around the courtyard table with their Cocky friends waiting for their breakfast! They give us so much pleasure.

    The Egret is beautiful.

  19. Hi Delywn welcome back. I hope you had a nice break.

    I love the sounds the cockatoos make in the evening and mornings. although very noisy there is just nothing else like it anywhere.

  20. Hello everyone, thanks for visiting today...

    Hi Liss
    It is an embedded part of the Australian scene...

    Hello Alaine
    This fellow on the street was also very red dusty like he'd been through the dust storms...

    Hi Jennifer
    The heron came down to the ground for food too...Birds of all varieties do come to the river's edge to roost for the night but these ones have become accustomed to the nightly soiree...

    Hi Martin
    thanks...It was a good family visit

    Hi Chiccy
    One day you'll have to pop over for a soiree and see them for yourself...

    Hi Rosaria
    they are quite vocal themselves...

    Hello Reya
    ordinary yet extraordinary aren't they - common place but exotic when you stop and look...

    Hi Norman
    You would love all the bird life in AU - and I've only seen a smidgen of it...I too look forward to Meri's return.

    Hi there Betsy
    the sulphur crested cocky is a showman...

    Hi GW
    a feathery soiree!

    Hi Marion
    I am in great company - floral and feathery...

    Hi Jann
    Au has such a diverse range of flora and fauna...and this little area is blessed with many varieties...

    Hi Sapphire, thank you
    The heron can be called either name...

    Hello Wanda my friend
    a sunrise soiree, with or without wine?

    Hello Karen
    Thanks - it was a family catch up with the parents and three daughters from 3 countries...

    Happy days everyone

  21. What fun - a bird party!

    Welcome back, Delwyn. I hope your trip was great.

  22. Welcome back. How was your trip across the Tasman Sea? I've been thinking about you and your parents while you were away.

  23. What a sweet soiree - but where were the silly galahs?

    What a wonderful place to call home - the variety of earthly splendours just outside your door continues to astound me.

    Glad you are back Delwyn. I missed my walk with you, sweet friend.

  24. What I just love about this is how much I envision those birds truly engaging with you! Just look at how you captured bird personalities! Such a delight to both look at and read :)

  25. Hi Vicky
    they are so full of character it is easy to attribute anthropomorphism....

    Hi Bonnie
    thanks for that warm welcome back. The galah gang turned down the soirée offer...too much happening at the gum tree hootenanny...

    Hi Polly
    thank you...it was a good family get together and celebration...

    Hi Dan
    I am very touched by your words. My Dad has gained weight and while frail he is mobile and quite with it 90 % of the time. We had a lovely 59th wedding anniversary dinner and day for the parents. As you know it is one day at a time...

    Happy days

  26. Oh Delwyn, I hope you had a lovely trip. I've enjoyed this post very much.
    It's making me think again I hope to see Australia someday.
    thank you for sharing.


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