Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wren Walk


A Wren Walk in the Wallum

My Wallum walking friend and I
decide to take some wallum loops
today for a change
and walk through the Eucalpytus forest
before returning to the Wallum

As we enter
the wallum bird corner
a little tweeting alerts us

A Superb Blue Wren
flashes through
the low woody growth
and then another
and another...

The female wren is all brown
and would stay still long enough
for me to
capture her

She is tiny
a mere 14cm in total
6cm of which is tail
so only about 3" long

wikimedia commons

The male Superb Blue Wren
was too elusive for me
so I have borrowed
these superb images
to match the bird

wikimedia commons

The wrens aren't wonderful fliers
they keep to the woodland scrub
nesting near the ground
living in family groups

wikimedia commons

Their diet is mainly insects
and they have a sweet little trill
Listen here for:

song 1 males

song 2 family group

song 3 feeding young

After our excitement
at sighting the little wrens
which are considered rare
we walk on
under the wallum skies

noticing the clouds above
speeding across the blue

while the clouds
show it is windy way above
down below
in the Wallum
in windless still we walk
our footfalls silent
in the silver sand

Banksia wallum skies

we are about to exit the wallum
at Sunshine Beach

by these lilies

in a beachside garden...

Oh windy
and wonderful of days...



  1. What a wonderful color the little Blue Wren is and the clouds in your last picture are amazing.
    I always enjoy your delightful walks.
    Sunny :)

  2. Hello. I stopped by your blog today for the first time. I like all your asian images and haikus on your side bar and your photos are beautiful.

  3. Hi Sunny

    a few days later, walking in the Tanglewood alone, and in silence, a whole family of the wrens came and perched near where I was walking...unfortunately by the time I had the camera poised other walkers appeared and the birds disappeared...but one day I will obtain my own photos of this superb Superb Blue Wren...

    Happy days

  4. Hello Donna ...

    and welcome to Queensland, it is a pleasure to meet you...

    Thank you for your kind remarks. I look forward to talking with you further...

    Happy days

  5. That was special with the songs included.

  6. Hi Alaine

    It is such a sweet little sound...
    for such a beautiful bird...

    Happy days

  7. The Blue Wren male really lives up to his name, that is blue! The female reminds me of our Carolina Wrens with her jaunty upright tail and size...they are so similar except these wrens seek out nesting sites close to structures or gardens even in flower pots. They are my favorite little bird.

    The clouds in the last photo look like a wind blown snow drift to me!
    Nothing better than beautiful little singing birds and clouds on a windy day!

    Smiles always Delwyn,

  8. Hi Wanda

    I love the prefix Superb to his name. There are others called the Splendid Blue Wren too...

    I can't say whether the clouds looks like a snow drift because I have never seen one... I have seen snow however...but not often...

    Happy days Wanda

  9. Hi Delwyn,

    I've been meaning to ask if you koala bears about or if they live elsewhere?

  10. Thank you for taking me on that tranquil walk and letting me enjoy those beautiful birds! The clouds are amazing...I could sit for hours watching them float by with their ever changing canvas.
    Happy weekend!

  11. Eucalyptus forests smell so sweet. I used to live almost inside one.

    The wrens are beautiful and delicately strong.

  12. As always, a spectacular walk. Thank you! I love the word "wren" - fun to write, fun to say. And the idea of a SUPERB wren - well - wow! It is rather superb.

    Loved the birdsong, too. Thank you for that, and for the treetops and feathery clouds. We had similar clouds here this morning, like angel wings all wispy and light.

    You live in such a beautiful place!

  13. Another wonderful entry in the growing Delwyncylopedia of antipodean wonders and delights. I loved being able to listen to the bird songs; they illustrated the photographs most marvelously. Thank you for taking us along. (With apologies for being mostly absent from the comment section of late: the kindergarten has swept me up in its fullness and euphoria.

  14. I love the wrens. We have carolina wrens here. they are so spunky. A pair nested on my kitched windowsill last year and I got to see the babies fledge.

  15. Delwyn
    Thanks for the beautiful walk and the beautiful bird songs!
    Hope to visit your blog more
    Tracy :)

  16. hello delwyn - i loved listening to the songs of the wren. i thought about running them through the speakers outside and seeing what might happen. but thought the better of it when the clouds opened up as soon as cracked open the back door!!!! it's a beautiful bird in a beautiful place!!!! thankyou so much for this lovely post (and also for pointing me towards the beautiful work of sue symons at bath abbey in your comment on my blog). steven

  17. Hi Delwyn~ Those clouds look like a skier's snow! I've been thinking of the riot of colors you have everywhere: fowl, beast, or plant. The blue wren is magnificent! We have wrens, but both male and female are on the brown, dowdy side. And I never dreamed of seeing a blue-tongued dragon lizard! I remember Christmas in Hawaii: a wash of brilliant reds, oranges, and pinks along the roads and across the fields... You're just a more colorful lot than we are, that's all! xxox

  18. Hi Margaret

    the last image does look like a drift of snow...

    Yes the subtropics and the tropics do allow for more colour in both flora and fauna. Our climate is very similar to Hawaii so we share many of the same plants although our sun is harsher and we don't get the consistent rain that Hawaii does most years, so it doesn't appear as lush...

    We can be a bit gaudy...or vibrant..

    Happy days

  19. Hi Steven

    I hoped you like the Bath Abbey art...I thought it beautiful - such a meditation in progress...

    and glad the superb wren trilled to you...

    Happy days Steven

  20. Good morning Tracey Golightly Garcia

    and welcome to Noosa and Australia...

    I do hope you return..

    Happy days

  21. Hi Ellen

    are they similar in appearance...these ones are extremely timid, always on the move ...and hard to photograph...

    Happy days

  22. Hi Dan

    I'm glad you took the time to listen to the bird song because it is so sweet. Now you can imagine me when I walk in the Wallum coming across this sweet sound, and stopping and standing quietly watching the low bush for flitting signs of the wrens...
    In the Tanglewood I came across a large family group, some were superb blues, others variegated with added red patches on wings and on their much artistry in nature...

    Happy days

  23. Hi Reya

    yes it was superb...

    there are also

    Splendid Blue Wrens...and

    Lovely Fairy Wrens...and

    Red Backed fairy Wrens...

    such wonderful names...

    Happy days

  24. Hi KB of the mountains

    Even in the dry the gum trees give off their lovely scent... and as you walk on the leaves it drifts up to you...

    Happy days

  25. Hello Alicia

    It is a superb walk and to think that I had not ventured into this side of the headland until a year ago...I had always stuck to the coastal side because it is really magnificent, but the Wallum has great beauty and diversity too...,

    and I think also I now see with new eyes...

    Happy days

  26. Hi GW

    The koala population has shrunk greatly over the last 30 years in this area, due to disease and pop growth taking over their food supply trees.

    We used to see them regularly on our walks often up close but now it is quite rare.

    I posted my last sighting on 9 Sept in a post called 'After the Rain...'
    did you see that post. He was a splendid character...

    Happy days

  27. Beautiful, enchanting Queensland. I'm always thrilled when I take a walk with you.

    Thanks, Delwin.

  28. Delwyn: That last photo was the most interesting strand of clouds. They seemed to be coming up from the land or water below.

    That markings of the male wren are lovely and the blue so intense. Hard to pin down those males for a photo!

  29. What a wonderful Wallum walk (we have to stop this, Delwyn!). I'm wondering what the snaky looking plant is in the second photo? The clouds look like plumes - so beautiful.

  30. Hi Rosaria

    Well thanks is very nice to have your company...

    Happy days

  31. Hi Bonnie

    I was on a rise looking west so they were racing across from the SW over the land...sea ward...
    I am determined to photograph the wrens - one day...

    Happy days

  32. Hi Barb

    it is a very odd looking grass tree flower stem...remember the upright flowering one from last wallum walk that the bees were enjoying... called Xanthorrhea. I have shown you quite a few of these but none so snakey...

    Happy days

  33. Such a stunning color of blue that wren is. I liked how you shared the sounds as well. Great post about your walk.

  34. Hi Rosey

    and I saw more a day or so ago that were blue and red...oh happy days...

    thanks for coming along Rosey, I am pleased to be your guide...

    Happy days

  35. the superb blue wren is such a stunning bird, well done on seeing and photographing it!

  36. What a beautiful walk. The male blue wren is an amazing color. Maybe you'll get a chance to photograph one yourself one day.

  37. I enjoyed this walk very much. Her in Arizona we have countless cactus wrens. They make their nests in saguaro cacti. Some years past I've been lucky enough to have a cactus wren in our saguaro in our backyard. These past few years though we've had more woodpeckers making their nest in our yard. It's sort of a pecking order; survival of the fittest and all of that.

  38. Janie, I hope so

    did you see I found another variety with red wings and red back ones too...fairy wrens they are called...

    Happy days

  39. Hi PL

    I will google the cactus wren to compare it to these.
    I was noticing the ducks, turtle dove and peewee together on my deck to see which took precedence...the turtle dove as expected is soft and gentle...timid, the pee wee very bossy and intimidating...
    the ducks stood their ground...

    Happy days

  40. Hi Juliet

    at least I got the the challenge lies ahead to get the male...

    Happy days

  41. I love reading your wallum blogs! beautiful insights and photos.


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