Friday, October 23, 2009

A City Walk


Let's walk
through the inner city
of Christchurch

A city of trees
all flowering, budding, leafing
on a cold spring day

One afternoon
in Christchurch
whilst part of our family
went to the Art Gallery
the other part,
that is
those not taking their Nana nap,
walked though the inner city
along the Avon River banks


Christchurch's charm
lies in its leafy river side parks


weeping willows
and English deciduous trees


punting along the Avon River


on a showery afternoon
is still beguiling


for ducks


 and onlookers


old colonial administration buildings
hug the river bank


and give the city
that 'old country' feel
and by that I mean
the homeland
The United Kingdom
from whence
most of the city forbears came


spring flowers
lined the pathways


leafy new season green
washed the skies


and the ducks
pose statuesque
on the bridge parapets


and true to form
it rains


while it is cold
and showery
the remnants of
my deep and forgotten
English and Scottish heritage
are stirred
 in response to these
idyllic green settings
of poetry 

The early city planners
and settlers
would be very proud
of the way that their vision
has matured



  1. Your pictures are breathtaking. What a delightful place to be. I have never seen ducks with colors like that, how amazing.
    I remember punting with my Mom and Dad when I was a young child in England.
    Your posts are always so lovely.
    Sunny :)

  2. Wow, that city seems about perfect. I am so envious of the gentle river...

    Gorgeous photos. Thank you for taking us with you. :)

  3. "But while it is cold and showery
    the remnants of my deep and forgotten
    English and Scottish heritage are stirred in response to these idyllic green settings worthy of poetry."

    I share the same heritage, only my ancestors took root in New York. These Christchurch scenes stir me very deeply also. So lovely.

  4. The greens are so fresh, I can smell the air. oh the ducks looks the clay ones I have at home. Lovely place.

  5. Such a treat. I enjoyed this walk through Christchurch with you Delwyn. It was all poetry to me.
    Your photos are really pretty.

  6. You captured the beauty of Christchurch so well Delwyn. The man punting along the Avon River seemed from another era and I loved the magnificent old trees and grasses that lined the river's bank.
    Those ducks did appear to be statues with their perfect pose and painted feathers!

    Luv and Smiles,

  7. Delwyn: What a beautiful place to call home. Your shots could be postcards from Christchurch.

    The parks seem so peaceful and unpopulated. Were you there in early morning to avoid the crowds or are they always like that?

    I particularly like the grasses growing by the river . . . and the weeping willows.

  8. SO serene, peaceful and refreshing. I always enjoy the splendid moments you share with us.

  9. Thanks for the beautiful posts from Christchurch.Beguiling, indeed! All the flowers and the willows, and mossy old gate with childhood memories attached..

  10. So beautiful. Christchurch seems like a very welcoming place. You've made me want to visit. For a couple of years, my daughter has been periodically suggesting we move to New Zealand because she has an IM pal there.

    My father grew up in England, so I share some of that heritage. I think it's neat that we can all be so far-flung but with some common background.

  11. Stunningly beautiful, and so clean I can smell the freshness. Christchurch is on my bucket list! Thanks for the tour.

  12. What a lovely city, Delwyn. It does look so English, doesn't it?

  13. These look more like paintings than photographs. Perhaps because you've framed them so well? What a beautiful city!

    The ducks were very picturesque, too.

  14. Hello Bee
    If only it were warmer...
    Happy days

    Hi GW
    Yes it could be straight out of the UK, no wonder the settlers loved it...
    Happy days

    Hi there Nancy
    Yes it is fresh and CHCH has one of the cleanest water supplies in the world...all artesian filtered from the Mountains.
    Happy days

    Hi Polly
    What is IM...
    Many Americans visit NZ and it is very affordable with the exchange rate too...
    Happy days

    Hi Karen
    I'm glad you picked up on those same feelings Karen...
    Happy days

    Hello Jennifer #2
    thanks for your company
    Happy days

    Hi Bonnie
    CHCH has a population of only 300,000 and this was a Friday afternoon we were walking! It was cool and the odd sprinkle of rain, but very few people...NZ only has 4 m population all up.
    Happy days

    Hello Wanda
    It is a very serene and English setting with outstanding beauty in trees and foliage.
    Happy days

    Hi Lori ann
    thank you my dear, I'm glad you came too.
    Happy days

    Hello Gaia
    Yes it is very fresh and invigorating there - weren't those ducks gynormous
    Happy days

    Hi Dan
    well there we have more in ancestory and it's associations and heritage in both culture and sensitivities...
    I think we are 'touched' by green...
    Happy days

    Hi Amy
    It's nice to see you in the is a lovely walk
    Happy days

    Hello Sunny
    I'm glad I have drawn out some old memories for you and been able to show you this lovely setting and amazing big ducks!
    Happy days

  15. What a lovely place. I'd like to punt down the Avon.

  16. It is gorgeous and very British, in the very best sense.

    And there is something about a light rain on a Spring day to create its own mood and its own beauty.

  17. IM = Instant Message (i.e, "chat online")

  18. Wonderful tour. I loved the ducks!

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  19. Most proud, I'm sure. I thought while reading and seeing, could be anytime in history. Plus, I'm always a sucker for a weeping willow.

    Enjoyed it

  20. Hi Julie
    ah yes, so tranquil and sensuous...
    Happy days

    Hi Cloudia
    thanks for your company
    Happy days

    Hi Polly

    Hi Ellen
    maybe you will have to drift downunder
    Happy days

    Hi Barry
    A light rain - yes, it adds to that verdant feeling of lush new growth,
    Happy days

  21. Great photos of the lovely grounds. Great duck photos, too!


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