Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Purple Pansies



purple pansy faces
look up smiling from the path
a sunny childhood

spring and summer days
those pansies shouted welcome
biking in from school

in a foreign place
the gardener, now an old man

the biting winds blow
up the empty pathway where
no pansies remain

if spring comes again
new pansies will be planted
the gardener's wife hopes...

even in winter
you will always be, to me,
the king of pansies


  1. Really good haiku! And very many of them. Is there wistfulness there for the times the gardener--now retired and far away--was the king of pansies?

  2. Hi Margaret

    thanks M, I'll drop you a note...

    Happy days

  3. Ahh! Haiku and flowers. Always a delightful combination.

    I've rediscovered my love and appreciation of pansies this year again, too. Each blossom is a delicate, unique little glimpse of perfection.

    I hope your ankle is healing quickly, so you can get back to taking your fabulous walks again soon.

  4. Lovely haiku.

    Is your dad the king of pansies?

  5. hello delwyn, i loved the haiku and of course the pansy pictures are very prettiful as well!

    i connected most deeply to the haiku
    "in a foreign place
    the gardener, now an old man

    my body is slowly releasing the accumulated tensions of a year of teaching. the gardening is on hold until the rains leave. when i wake up all achy and foggy i feel old. but i know i'm not! like/unlike the gardener, i'm recuperating!
    have a peaceful day, steven

  6. Beautiful...hope all is well for the gardener.

  7. Pansies are so perky and cheerful, aren't they?

  8. Beautiful images...both written and pictured:)

  9. Hi

    So lovely!!

    A series of haikus creates a charming story and I feel lots of love from this story. At the same time, I feel full of light in your haikus. yin-yangedly light sometimes makes sunshine and sometimes shade. Life's essentials
    shine in the series!

    Thank you for sharing all these.
    And I enjoyed Ohara Koson too.
    I love his monkey and sparrow!!
    They are so cute!

  10. Well the boot isn't slowing you down on lovely posts.
    Beautiful poetry Delwyn.

    Thanks so much for the award. It is proudly posted on my blog.

  11. The soft colors of the flowers are so amazing and vivid! I love the haiku, too. Great post, Delwyn!!

  12. Lovely haiku, sweet post. Pansies have such charming faces. And Grace is right that the boot isn't slowing down the flow of posts. But what's with injuries to the lower extremities? You're in a boot; my friend Jen just got a hard cast yesterday for a broken foot.

  13. Hi Meri

    I do have a few posts up my sleeve so we can still go walking for a short while yet...

    The orthopaedic surgeon said the boot was an alternative to the cast. I guess it depends on the fracture - mine is the end of the leg bone, and just a small chip off, so perhaps the boot on 24 hrs a day can keep it still enough. I have to confess there are times when I rip it off and apply a cold compress because the swelling, even after a week, gets very hot and achy.
    What did your friend Jen do?

    Happy days

  14. Hi Marion

    pansies are so innocent and old fashioned - or that's how I see them as they come from my childhood. I planted these ones recently in a pot on my verandah...

    thanks for the chat
    Happy days

  15. Hi grace

    oh I'm glad you found the award...do as you wish with it...

    Nice to see you again
    Happy days

  16. Hi there Sapphire

    Its nice to have you visit. Thanks for your lovely comments on the haiku

    Which is Koson Ohara's surname?

    I am wondering as you have put the Ohara first then that is it...
    These artists get confusing with the ways they changed their names after their teachers and stages of life,
    or as Basho after a banana palm!

    I find the little sparrow sweet too...sparrows go with pansies, simple, sweet and from my childhood days... our lawn was always covered in sparrows...

    Happy days

  17. Hi Oliag

    It's nice to have you stop by, thanks

    Happy days

  18. Hi Willow

    I agree

    pansies have a sense of brash innocence, and naivety...that's probably all my projection...

    Happy days

  19. Wanda

    how is your beautiful setting today?
    full of wildlife?

    The gardener has been given the all clear to return home in a few days...
    He seems to be able to do all things for himself now...

    thanks for your concern

    Happy days

  20. Hi Steven

    Funny how the body can get very bossy and lay down the rules sometimes...you must need and deserve that BIG rest before tackling the chores.

    The gardener has made a good recovery from a minor stroke ( the same day I fractured my ankle) and will be returning home soon.

    enjoy the resting season...
    and I appreciate your thoughtful and interesting comments Steven...

    Happy days

  21. Hi Dan

    Yes he is, he's now almost ready to come home after a minor stroke last week.

    Happy days

  22. Hi Angela

    These pansies are out on my verandah and I have been watching them open and wondering why they are so charming and full of meaning and symbolism...

    Nearly one week down- four to go....
    I feel like I have turned a corner this am, after a bad night, the bone and swelling are not aching as much - hallelujah...

    Happy days

  23. Good Morning

    Ohara(小原)is his surname.
    His given name(real one) is Matao.

    He changed his name three times.
    Ohara Koson(小原古邨)and then
    Ohara Shouson and Ohara Houson
    (祥邨・豊邨). Very confusing but
    as you've stated, he has been known to people as Koson. You are right!!

  24. Thanks for that Sapphire

    I would have thought Koson was the surname so it's good to know the correct name.

    Happy Days

  25. So charming! I am going to draw this:)
    Thanks Delwyn:)


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