Friday, June 26, 2009

Grey Day


A Grey Day...

and no ...
before you think
I am crazy

I am not out hobbling
through the park
in my moonboot
this is one of a few posts
I have in a backlog of walking stories.

When I left this morning
for a walk in the park
it was grey
rain was in the air

and it was a cool 16*C
that's 64*F

for me

the South Easterly wind
chilled my cheeks
and flapped at the bottoms
of my gym pants

the twining guinea flower
Hibbertia scandens
clinging to the sandy bank
in a climbing pose

the seed pod
biding time

about to open...

and offer red fruit
with an unpleasant odour -
I'll vouch for that...

turkey forages for seeds and berries
in the grey sand
along the track banks

The undersides of the banksia
are a soft fuzzy grey

The lichen splashed rocks...

are shades of grey...

another woolly glycine
a minute flower
smaller than a pea

a dead tree
has turned a
frosty grey

Granite Bay
sounds very grey
and heavy

is a grey rocky sweep
where you often hear
the rumble of the rolling rocks

the gum trees
wear their
coats of greys

and the raindrops
paint the stepping stones
in tones of grey

at the headland
the wind blusters
and showers me
with spits of rain

the grey sea
merges with the grey sky,
out on the horizon
a patch of sunlight

when I walked
into the park this morning
the orchestra was warming up,

the screeching Rainbow Lorikeets
swirled overhead
looking to alight on flowering tea trees
and the kookaburras exploded in gleeful
raucous laughter...

the knobby nose
called to his mate

in the adjacent tree

and she responded
with her cheerful cry

the birds gave no indication
that it was a grey day

a little girl
in pretty pink
loved to show off
her colourful raincoat

all along the way
the ocean at my shoulder
provided the rhythmic beat

the occasional plops of rain
on the forest leaves
offered the percussion...

a pod of wet suit clad surfers
had gathered at Tea Tree
looking like grey seals

and they weren't complaining

and even though the day
appeared so grey
I certainly
harboured no grey feelings

especially when I arrived back home
and looked out over my river
to see the ducks
collected in an unusual huddle
in the now steady rain...

giving credence to that saying:

It's a fine day for ducks.

And it has also been
a fine walking morning for me...

Oh Happy Days



  1. I think grey is one of the most beautiful of colours. And your shots do it justice.

  2. Grey is the new black - it's true!!

    Grey, yes, but lovely.

  3. Hi
    This post is a piece of poetry.
    I love it!!
    I was so glad to know there are various tones of grey.
    Your grey sounds like music!
    I'd think every color has its own music.
    Thank you, Delwyn.

  4. Hi RR

    some shades of grey are very soft and soothing - like he warm track pants I now have on! And then the woollen hoodie jumper I am wearing is also grey but a deeper earthy grey...such peaceful shades of grey

    Happy Days

  5. Hi Alaine

    well today it is but according to a fashion article I was reading in the Dr's surgery yesterday black is the new black!

    Happy days

  6. Hi sapphire

    I hope you are getting a break from the rains...

    I'm glad that the grey post appealed to you. Yes colour waves are like sound waves that way...they have a vibration and resonance with us...

    Happy Days

  7. hi delwyn, i love rainy days and i especially love lichen and there they both were in todays beautiful post. i agree with the writer who suggested this is like poetry. it so very is!!! i do wonder what rain does for ducks because they do seem to really like it. i wonder whether they gather to share their bliss?! steven

  8. Hi Steven
    I'm happy that you enjoyed the just fell onto the page that way...

    A kind of duck party in the rain...or maybe I have a duck ashram over there in the tea trees...

    Happy days

  9. Hi Delwyn, I was so sorry to hear about your fracture. I wish I could come and help!
    Exquisite post! Sometimes I feel the need to hide in a grey day. Blend in with the surroundings and just be a part of them. As you say, not necessarily a grey mood just that soft feeling that washes over you.
    Heal well and get better soon!

  10. Such a lovely post...and you do live in a most beautiful place! My favorite picture is of the little girl in pink.

  11. I was happy to receive your nice note, Delwyn, and the news that you are doing somewhat better.
    I don't know how you could have saved this one! It's so good! You were so playful with your greys! The orchestra conductor tuning up?(^-^). The silvery lichen on the rocks was beautiful.
    It would have been a nice day to stay curled up in bed~ Take care.

  12. I do so love to go for walks with you...even rainy grey ones...still beautiful and I'm still traveling halfway around the world...

    Just read of your ankle injury and hope all is well...I had the same type injury a few years ago and I know how difficult it can be hobbling about...enjoy your books and hopefully new long range lens!

  13. Delwyn who would have known that grey could be so beautiful.

    By the way talking about beautiful, your profile picture is gorgeous.


  14. Oh, Delwyn, I was longing for a gray, wet day (here where the temperature is over 100 degrees and we're in a drought) when I found your refreshing post. Thank you for these amazing pictures, once again.

    I hope you're taking good care of yourself. Feel better soon! Blessings & Hugs!

  15. Hi there Marion

    it's good that I could offer you a moment's respite then.

    I'm glad you came visiting. I am going to look forward to my visitors I can tell that already.
    Yesterday wasn't too long a day. I had a couple of 'actual' visitors, did a little reading, reviewed camera options... today is grey again...I might see if I can drive ok...then go to the camera shop...
    pick up some videos...

    Happy days

  16. Nothing at all grey about your post Delwyn...very colorful account of the greys in your life...

  17. We are so priviledged to be taken on these walks with you, meeting so many beautiful plants and flowers. Our highs are in the 60's, keeping mosquitoes and flies and other insects from bothering us. But, we need to have sweaters around most of the time.

  18. Hi Renee
    Its nice to hear your cheerful voice...I need a bit of cheering...

    How are you today?

    thanks for the lovely comment...

    Happy days

  19. Hi Lorac

    thanks for the kind thoughts.

    Thats a good point - grey can be mellow and calming and relaxing - a change from vibrancy but it doesn't have to be depressing...there is a lot of grey in nature...

    thanks for stopping by

    Happy days

  20. Hi Dan

    yes although she wasn't very smiley she was very keen to pose for me - there are not that many days you need a raincoat was probably a novelty for her.

    Thanks for coming today

    Happy days

  21. Hi Margaret

    I have an urge to walk every day and I can tell that I am going to have a challenge there with that need. I get stiff and sore sitting too long and am not supposed to put any weight on the leg. I have been doing some stretches and yoga - limited of course... I think a massage next week might be manageable...

    thanks for the chat

    Happy days

  22. Hello Oliag old friend

    we haven't chatted for a while...

    Thanks for stopping by to chat - I am looking forward to these cyber fill in the day...

    Happy days

  23. Hi Rosaria

    well that is quite cool - we are low 20s now which is about 75+* and I think that is cool enough for winter.

    I'm glad you have enjoyed this walk as there will be a lull for a while...but I'll find new topics I am sure...

    Happy days

  24. Hi Wanda

    it's funny how people talk about grey days and feeling low. My husband hates them - but we have had an unusual amount of rain this year and he is in the building industry so I suppose he sees it from a different angle.

    I appreciate the slow calm that drops with the grey day and enjoy them as a respite from our hot summers but don't know if I could live in a perpetually grey climate...

    Its good to see you ...

    Happy days

  25. Your grey day is so beautiful and full of color. I love the abstraction of the first image and the lichen especially. I recognize several friends in common from your blog roll. So nice to connect with you!

  26. Welcome Sarah

    It is nice to have you here...and enjoy a chat...
    I look forward to more connections

    Happy days

  27. Love grey, so fine and mystery!


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