Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Misty Morn


The high seas came back
and the air
was heavy with sea mist

the night's heavy rain
lay all around
and the morning sun
sneaked through

Old Man's Beard glistened
on the track side

sprouting fresh new whiskers

and the mist hung low

Turkey found a sunny spot
and undeterred by walkers
with cameras

he stretched his tail feathers
and lifted his wings

and pranced
and preened

to dry his wings

and flounce his beautiful tail

It was not long after this
that I rolled my ankle
on a very small
and innocent looking tree root

Can you see my left ankle
in my well worn walking shoes

is looking like
half a tennis ball

So after icing the ankle
we drove to the cafe
not much can stop me
from my morning flat white fix

The baristas in town
are quite artistic
creating love hearts
and beautiful flowers
in the foam of a flat white,

but I have never seen one like this before

Do you think the barista
has been looking at
Picasso's Blue Nude


Post Script:

I went to see the physio
who suggested I visit my Doc
for a referral for an x ray
on the ankle

This morning,
(I wrote the above story yesterday)
the x ray reveals
a fracture of the tip of the malleolus

Tomorrow I see the orthopaedic surgeon
to evaluate the ankle
to see if surgery is necessary
to join the piece back on...

and tomorrow I will also get
a moonboot and crutches

My first thought
at the discovery of the extent
of this injury was:

what will I do with myself -
no gym
no walking
perhaps for a few months!

My second thought was
new camera with telescopic lens...



  1. OUCH!!!!
    First thought was : Lovely, lovely pics.
    Second thought: Poor ankle
    Third thought: Coffee? Who has time for coffee? I wish.
    Fourth thought: New camera? OOOHHH!!!!!xx♥

  2. What a bummer! That applies not only to your ankle but also to the coffee...

    You have some beautiful walks your way.

  3. :-(, sorry about your ankle. That firs shot of the mist and the path was magnificent. I hope your ankles heals up soon. I love your tours. Many, many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  4. hey delwyn, i laughed at the last part - telescopic lens!!! yes!!! what a shame about your ankle though. i did that years ago and found that if i walked backwards i could get around. sure people look at you like you're out of your tree but whose life is it anyway?!! okay so maybe you've got a pinch more dignity than me with that sort of thing. i'm really looking forward to the "suggestions for delwyn" that i bet will come flooding in as to what you should do instead of your walks . . . . .have a peaceful day and heal up quickly. steven

  5. Doh! I am praying for you!!!
    and yes, telescopic lens!
    o_O and you have found another amazing bum!

  6. That ankle looks painful, but since it allowed me to see your lovely bush shots it was well worth it!

  7. Oh, Delwyn! So sorry to hear about (and see) your ankle! Can imagine how disheartening this must be. No walks? Bad for you, terrible for all of us who follow you. Perhaps it will give you an opportunity to read and explore more art and poetry--and then you can share with us! I have no doubt you will find something productive to do with your unexpected sabbatical! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  8. Oh, I hate this for you, Delwyn! You're my second blog friend that's in a boot!! My other friend had a stress fracture. Please take good care of that ankle and get well soon. I'll keep you in my prayers.

    The photos today were awesome, especially that first one. It was like the face of God shining through the forest. Hugs and Blessings! (And you get that telescopic lens SOON!) LOL!

  9. Delwyn dearest, darn those tree roots. Always jump out at the worst times.
    It will be an adventure though to see what emerges from this down time. Sometimes it brings things to light that would have stayed hidden if we hadn't slowed down long enough to find them.

  10. Oh no, Delwyn! This is awful! Is it painful? Or more a nuisance because it's hard to get around? Have you thought of renting a wheelchair? Some areas you've shown us seem navigable on wheels. At least you're going into winter and not summer like us. I like the telescopic lens camera idea because you will have an instinct at what to find. When I first saw the latte, I giggled to myself at the image, and then I saw the Picasso print! Very funny. You know, in Ireland every time they do that, it's a shamrock. Never fails. I like your mist shots. maybe you could play with sunrises and sunsets every day. light on the water. Marion has a great list of summer reading. maybe start there. My sincere sympathy and love, Margaret

  11. Oh sincere sympathy...I know the pain well...Last spring I was recuperating from breaking my ankle in 3 places at Christmas...6 mos. of cast, walking boot, crutches and even a wheel chair for a time almost made me "bonkers"...but I made it... ended up with even more appreciation of the walks I take!

    Hope you heal reaallly quick!

  12. Ouch! And I'm with Margaret -- I giggled at the image and crowed with recognition at the Picasso. Why does your second thought not surprise me? (That turkey, by the way, was quite accommodating.)

  13. With your worldwide fans, I wish you a full recovery.

    Having to do without exercise can be really challenging for those of us who use exercise to lift our spirits. (I'm nursing a painful right shoulder that has kept me off my bicycle, kayak, and sailboat.)

    May you find new joys and wonders as you nurse your ankle back to health.

  14. Dear Delwyn,just take it easy,this is your body giving you a sign may be to slow down a bit.Thats not so horrific I gues in your case,you are in exellent condition,you live healthy and in a good natural suroundings,you will heal quick cause you are a little fighter.This is the time to put everything in to some kind of perspective,no?You can paint and draw olso,write lovely stuff,you are creative enough to think all kinds of good ways to pass the recovery time,and if you can spend money on telescopic lens,the better exuse you could not have,just do it girl,your talent of telling us most beautyful stories with your eyes must be incurriged as much as possible.And you can still bike with one leg,I did it,and its cool.Whish you all the pations,strenght,wisdom of knowing your body that well to be able to be your own, best specialist,be in now and today,leave tomorrow for what it is,tomorrow, and heal and shine and be well.Loads of good love and hugs from your humble friend.
    Ciao bella,love your new profile photo as your newest reportage! :O)

  15. Oh dear Delwyn! I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle! Ouch!

    As always, I enjoyed walking with you in your post today (until your injury, that is), and I was surprised to see that you also have turkeys! We in the States tend to think we are the only ones to have them, you see.

    Take good care of yourself. I'm glad to see that nothing will deter you from having a good cup of coffee!


  16. Hi Angela

    I have posted a few turkeys before - must have been before we met...
    Ours usually don't hold their tails up like these photos whereas the US ones I've seen are real strutters!

    Happy Days

  17. Hi Aleks

    thank you for your lovely comments and suggestions. I will be slowing down...but don't have that many demanding activities in my life at present...But am sure I will find diversions... I have already pulled my poetry collection out and been compiling a book of my fav poems...

    Happy Days

  18. Hi Dan
    Thanks for yout thoughts.

    Some of my first concerns were fitness and I will keep doing upper body work and yoga as possible, and of course lots of tree poses.

    I am sure I will find new joys and wonders...

    Happy Days

  19. Hello Delwyn, Beautiful shots once again. So sorry about your ankle; one of my dreads, to be out of action. Hope you don't need surgery.

  20. hi Alaine

    I often have worried about it too...I will let you know as things develop just how I manage...

    thanks for your concern.

    Happy Days

  21. Dear Everyone

    Thanks for your messages of concern. I appreciate your caring.

    The good news is that I don't need surgery. The other news is that I will be wearing this moonboot for 5 weeks, 24 hrs a day (except to shower) that will be fun....

    Once the pain subsides I will attempt to walk normally - am already trying to swing both legs evenly to avoid back and hip issues developing...

    I walked out on the driveway and said to my friend that I think I'll be able to totter around on the even paths at the entry to the park so I can still get out in the fresh air and forest that I love...

    But it will give me time also to pursue other interests that I have shelved lately.

    I have my legs up on a fitball with keyboard on my lap and although slow I am managing ok.
    I want to answer each of your comments as usual but may take a little longer today...

    the good news is...I have a little back log of walk and nature stories to share...and I have many many not fear, I will be here...

    I am now going to to order some Mary Oliver poetry books...

    so there will still be happy days....

  22. That is a little better picture you just painted, Delwyn, and I wish you a speedy recovery. Remember my favorite quote: One day at a time. Don't overdo. I like your idea of delving into all those things you've been putting off . . . You take care, Margaret

  23. Ooh Delwyn...big kiss to make you feel better X
    xxx Mona

  24. Fantastic shots. The nature and turkey images are very nice.

  25. Hi Mona

    thanks my friend


    hello to you ...

    good idea did you think?

    Tulsa and Scintilla
    a bummer - such a good aussie colloquialism - my first words on rolling the ankle after ouch were "damn and bugger" realizing immediately that I wasn't going to be walking for a long while...

    glad to be able to get the forest pictures broadcast regardless....

    Mr C
    I hope to be out there finding walks to transmit as soon as possible ...I liked the first shot too but the best, not shown, was when I was driving around the sea edge to the park, but traffic didn't allow me to pull over...

    That turkey was desperate for the sun, he let me get so close...

    I don't actually do all that much are grown, work I gave away, except for a 1/2 day here and there, don't tell anyone that though, so slowing down is not going to be that different...but will reveal some new activities to fill in the vacuum...

    well I am lucky then with 5 weeks in the boot - 24hrs a day though, and I will appreciate the walks even more...the first walk in the park will be so good...

    thanks for the kind words. I call those rays of sun through mist or cloud God's fingers....

    thanks for your reassuring words and I will just do that...look out come more stories...

  26. Oh, I'm so sorry about your accident. We take so much for granted until just a simple little twist on a root can ruin the day, week, maybe months.
    But, I like your attitude, oh yes, new camera, telescope, & oh so much more time for the computer!
    I hope your recovery will go smoothly and quickly!
    As for the flat white... I think the image is more Rubens like than Picasso. Rubens liked full figured women in his paintings!


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