Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Come walk with me...


Come and walk with me
in my case
it will be hobble
so lets go slowly...

we'll pass the kitchen...

and head into this sunroom

passing the comfy chaise lounge
where my walk friend sits
when she visits...

pass the Zygocactus
which dropped its buds
and flowered no more
once home from the nursery

and head over
into this corner

which has become
my nest
while I recuperate...
and the best thing is

that when I settle in my nest
this is what I see...

Red bromeliad, basil in a pot
tomato plants flourishing
in the gentle morning sun

and the river beyond...

the calm peaceful river,
and a duck...

and I can just make out
a little girl next door
on the jetty

feeding the ducks...

the fisherman has been
trying his luck
for an hour or so

before another fisherman
enters his patch

I check the nest
of the Brahminy kites
in the gum opposite,
but there is no-one at home

and the white trunked
cormorant tree
is bare,
the cormorants left
before I was up
for their day of fishing...

the next noisy tinnie

then without a sound
a kayak
slips quietly by...



  1. It looks like heaven to me! You should sell your photos to the Tourism Board!

    I'd love to try a poem about the dish of shells sometime! May I?

  2. Oh, you live by a river! How beautiful and how well-lit and sunny your kitchen is. Marvellous. Thanks for the hobble-tour :-).

    Greetings from London.

  3. OMG - I didn't realize you lived right on the river!!

    I also had to backtrack a few posts the other day - so sorry about your injury. Glad you have such a lovely spot to recuperate.

  4. One word : NOICE!!!!!!!xx♥

  5. Wow! Lovely shots.
    Kayaking is cool!

    Sorry to miss the line, noted that the award for me. Thanks Delwyn.

    I need to appologize if i drop by late. I am busy lately.
    Doing work and blogging at the same time, time saving for me.
    Even eating my meal while typing! Ha..Ha..

  6. Ohhh so beautiful in the river like that would be amazing.

    God bless your healing ...

  7. Hello RR

    It feels like heaven here too...

    Of course you may - that will be fun...

    Happy days

  8. Hi Mr C

    yes, right on the river...The island was reclaimed from the mangrove swamps but our stretch is on the original river so we are very fortunate.
    The kitchen and sunroom face due east so are flooded in sun which is so warming in the winter and in summer the sun rises very early about 4.30am so is higher by the time we get up.

    Thanks for visiting

    Happy days

  9. Hi violet

    Oh yes in a boot for 5 weeks!

    Yep, right on the river bank...with all the wonderful birdlife opposite.

    Happy days

  10. Hi Nat

    I don't know what the idiomatic response to Noice is - maybe TA...or thanks mate...

    Happy days

  11. Yoon see

    you can drop by whenever you want - it's always a pleasure to see you and hear your friendly voice...

    thank you my little friend

    Happy days

  12. Hi Sarah,

    when we built this house, about 25 years ago, people said we were crazy to be so far out of town - meaning the beach...but it is only a 10 min walk to Hastings St. And now it feels right in the heart of the town except that when we drive on to this island the world seems to stop still and you enter a haven of green peace and tranquility.

    The river is amazing in that it changes all day long - the tides - the bird life- the sun's angles, the people using the river, the light...the colours...

    thanks for the good wishes

    Happy days

  13. Oh such a beautiful place in which you live! I love the kitchen & sunroom and of course the view! How fantastic to have such a view and enjoy the changing light during the day.

    I hope your healing process is going well. How long will you need to "hobble" about your home? A friend here had been suffering from a heel problem & the podiatrist x-rayed & found a fractured heel. Now she is in a boot for about 3 weeks.

    Love from Texas... Lizzy

  14. my goodness delwyn, you are living in the house of my dreams! and by a river that too! gorgeous!!!

  15. Hello, dear Delwyn! Your surroundings are heavenly! What a lovely view you have while you hobble around, or sit and rest and heal.


  16. You do have a haven to escape to and and beautiful changing views to enjoy while recuperating...I can appreciate being out and away and having the peace that nature gives...Take care Delwyn and heal quickly...

  17. hello delwyn, no wonder you sign "happy days". there you are with your beloved boy, on an island with a river flowing by your stunner of a home! so very blessed are you!!!!
    the cycad that you showed early in the post - looks vaguely like a christmas cactus and if i'm wrong - well you know i know nothing about plants other than if i love their shape and colour a little or a lot - if it is the same, then mine flowers at (wait for it) christmas!!! every year. it loves when it turns slightly colder in the house on a regular basis and that sparks it to bring beautiful little reddish pink flowers into the world for a couple of weeks and then poof!!! away they go into dried flower land. have a peaceful day. steven

  18. Delwyn, thanks for the visit to your home. Lovely! I would take a case of moonbootitis just to recuperate there! I love "my" chair! (Too many exclamation points?)

    I used to live on a river. I loved it. You could tell the weather by its color and smell. I also liked that it was always moving, slowly, and I would often think of what it must have been like when it was just inhabited by the Native Americans--and the crabs, herons and all of their friends. Never the same, always change...

  19. What an idyllic spot you have there. I'm having some serious counter top envy!

    We live on a river, too, but have thick woods between the house and the river. It was still a wonderful place to raise the kids...tadpoles, fish, turtles, boats and innertubes.

  20. such serenity, Delwyn.

    i envy you =)

  21. OMG, Delwyn, you live in my idea of heaven---right on a river! And such a beautiful house. Thank you for sharing your amazing home with us.

    I had a chuckle about your comment on my stone fish in my birdbath. I never even knew there was a real stone fish!! (Mine came from Pier One Imports, I think. LOL!) I've learned so much from my friends around the world!!

    Believe it or not, my camera is a Kodak Easyshare C613. It was quite inexpensive (under $100, but I added a memory card that holds 600 photos) and I've had it a couple of years. I highly recommend it. It blows me away how close up it gets on my dragonfly photos---such a cheap little camera! I tried a few others with more bells and whistles, but by the time I'd figure out how to take the picture, the dragonfly (my favorite subject) would be long gone. This is my 2nd Kodak and I look forward to antoher one next year. This one only has 3X Zoom and I want one with more zoom. So when I wear this one out, I'll definitely get more zoom for my $$$. Happy shopping!!! (Be sure to try the camera out in the store before you buy it---it'll save you a trip back if you don't like it!)

  22. Such a peaceful place, one that surely promotes speedy healing. Let's hope.

  23. OMG, Delwyn, your house is just beautiful!! Yes, that's where I would recuperate, right on that deck overlooking the river, get some reading done, take some shots; it's just paradise. I love your wooden floors and stylish, flowing furniture. Is the water swift? Or could you kayak it leisurely? Thanks for inviting us in.

  24. Wow! You live in paradise!

    Just popped over from Marion's blog and must say, you take gorgeous pictures, too!!

  25. May the beauty and serenity that surrounds you on the outside fully permeate the inside of you. Take care, Delwyn.

  26. Hi Dan

    Thankyou for those nice wishes Dan
    It certainly helps... I count my blessings every time i glance outdoors...

    Happy days

  27. Hello Kelly

    welcome to my pages and corner of the world, Things are a little slow here at present but you are welcome to visit at any time - in fact I am loving company at this time..

    Happy days

  28. Hi Margaret

    The river is tidal so sleepily drifts in an out during the day...It is perfect for kayaks or in my case the standup paddle board which has come up as a link post today. If you look there you will see the circuit I paddle around the riverways.

    The house is 25 years old. We designed and built it when the kids were young then bought the block next door and built the big 2 storey family home where we spent the next 20 odd years before buying this house back and renovating the big one for sale, planning to tear this one down and rebuild BUT we found we loved a little home after the large one and most of the kids had flown the nest, so did a little renovation and have stayed on. One day we may rebuild but we love it as it is...and don't need anything grander.

    The furniture is another story- one of our developments we called South Pacific- a 100 apartment resort on a tropical theme -around many pools, on a five acres lot ...we had all the furniture made for the complex, sourced fabrics and art in Hawaii...and had a lot of fun. These pretzel chairs are modeled on the Hawaiian variety of cane armchairs. Our home actually is filled with remnants of display furniture and fabrics! It creates a very casual tropical feel.

    Happy days

  29. Oh Meri I hope so

    I had a bad night - I think I might be paying for being too adventurous yesterday - I went and sat down on the river to take photos...

    Happy days

  30. Hi Marion

    well your camera certainly does you credit...I spent some time in the camera shop yesterday. I have a fuji fine pix which is a great little happy snapper but I want more zoom so am considering the next level of fixed lens cameras. I'm not ready for the SLR yet...

    The canon powershot SX 10 IS has a fixed lens with 20x zoom which is pretty good. It will cost about $700 compared to the first SLR at $1300... Your prices may be 20-30% less, or more at those great camera outlets you have.

    I will run all this past my computer and camera savy son#1 for his advice - thank heavens for children...this son is out IT man!

    Happy days

  31. Hello little Moonshin

    how are things your way?

    Happy days

  32. Ho Willow

    the bench (counter as you say) is kashmir white granite - a rather lovely mellow grey tone for a sunny spot.

    Yes our kids had a ball living here too - they forget about the sting rays and odd I do when paddling...

    A white pointer shark (think hungry) was released from the shark nets which are set across the certain areas to deter the sharks from entering the swimming beach areas, and tagged, then it was noted that it swam around into another swimming area and up the Noosa river - not my river but that
    doesn't meant that they don't...

    It's best not to know some things...

    Happy days

  33. Cyndy
    come and sit on the chaise any time and have a chat...I have all the time in the world...

    I wouldn't wish the moonbootitis on my worst enemy...after last might!...

    I often have those sorts of thought too. The aboriginals would have lived all around here in this abundant area.

    Happy days

  34. Steven

    100% right and I am always feeling gratitude...

    now the zygocactus - you got me all confused calling it a cycad....I think I saw it named Christmas cactus somewhere. I have a post in the bank (your term) with photos of my friend's lovely plant so when I post it you can confirm if it is indeed the same as yours...

    Happy days

  35. Hi Wanda

    I am noticing the little subtleties...for example it had started cloudy today and some of the cormorants are still here - do they think it is still early when the sun doesn't appear?
    Now it's sunny I will go and look to see if they have left...

    Happy days

  36. Hi Angela

    It couldn't be much better could it?

    My nest is perfect for writing Haiku...

    Happy days

  37. Priya - hi there

    I have been wondering about you and your break - I hope it was restful and enjoyable too...I will come and visit...
    Happy days

  38. Hi Lizzy

    One week down!!!!!
    Four to go....

    If only the swelling and ache would subside I will be dancing in my boot - well in spirit...

    I am lucky it is winter as the boot gets so hot and swelling feels like it is burning. I have to rip it off in the night and apply cold compresses...

    I am going out for my morning coffee today - it is a big event!
    and also told Beloved I would get into the office for a couple of hours all going well...but they will have to 1/2 carry me up the stairs...

    Happy days

  39. You got a piece of paradise. It feels calm and serene.

  40. Hello Rosaria

    It's nice to see you and yes very tranquil...

    Happy Days

  41. What a beautiful spot you've got - right on the water! Water is so calming and I'd rather have still and peaceful and the singing of birds, than running and noisy.

    Take care...

  42. Hi Alaine

    I do love the sound of the ocean too but some people find it too exhausting...

    Happy Days

  43. Hello Delwyn, I was thinking more of the loud sound of a river; I couldn't live beside one. Although, a friend once lived beside a train line and it didn't worry her after a while.

  44. Alaine

    yes i knew you meant the river, my mind jumped to the ocean remembering a friend's desire to move from the constant roar...

    Happy days

  45. Hi Delwyn

    Perhaps I am too late to leave my comment, though I can't help it.
    So lovely!! You are living with a gorgeous river-scape! It looks like a Neverland! I'm going to read your recent posts one by one.

  46. Hi Sapphire

    It's never too late to comment. I have the comments delivered to my email so I always find them. Do you have that setting?

    I do live in paradiseland...

    Happy days


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