Thursday, July 2, 2009

Slow Walk


Slow walking...

is a little like
slow food

you move at a leisurely pace
you can hear yourself breathe
and you savour
each of the images
that your retinas capture
like still shots
on a roll of film

come with me

and I'll show you
when I'm not in my nest
This is where I'll be...

come this way
down towards
the front entry

to the Buddha
standing patiently

near the tropical flowers

and the sitting buddha

through the vestry

and into my sanctuary
the inner bastion
the sanctum
the holy hub
of my creative endeavours

where surrounded
by my best of friends
my books

and treasured reminders

mementos of the past


of passages past

of family and
and love

my desk
in its orderly disorder
and disarray

to where I sit

to talk to you
and share my stories

and can you see
that from my swivel chair

I can look clear through the house
to my river beyond
where the hazy sun
has coloured the day
with a golden glaze

and the tide slips slowly out...

Oh Happy Days



  1. Absolutely beautiful and very you ...full of joy and peace.

    You will have to tell me who to keep polished floors like that my new house (I'm moving tomorrow ..) has them!

  2. ahaha Did you like my freudian slip?

    I said who ..instead of how to ...

    Perhaps I'm wishing someone else will keep my floors polished!

  3. hi delwyn, books, books, books, beautiful boxes, and buddhas, and pictures and reflections everywhere. even inside your reflections! all the while, the river flows past. steven

  4. Hi Sarah

    I did notice the who not the what!!

    Moving tomorrow - good luck with that...

    As to the floors - firstly I do very little. We never wear shoes indoors so it is a sweep every couple of days and then occasionally a wipe over with one of those wet wipes that you adhere to a special mop - can't think of the name...glide or swish something like that... so I never actually wash it with a bucket of water, soapy water can leave a film, whatever the wipe has in it leaves it nice and clear looking, and smells good too...

    here endeth 'good housekeeping tips' for today..

    Happy days

  5. Hi Steven,


    Happy days

  6. Delwyn---your house is so CLEAN it sparkles! LOL! I loved looking sideways at your book collection reading the titles. I felt a little like a voyeur. I enjoy seeing what other's read!! You've inspired me to do a few shots of my books for fun.

    I love your beautiful Buddhas. We have two Buddhas and three Kwan Yin's. (Must keep that feminine energy ahead of the masculine. Tee-Hee). Thanks for the tour. You must have fabulous Feng Shui energy because your house is so open and airy. My Feng Shui is not so good---cluttered. Blessings and Healing thoughts coming your way!!

  7. Goodnes gracious!!! I soooo want your bookcases! Well, I kind of want your whole house, but I'll settle for a few

    Your walks indoors and outdoors are both so interesting!

  8. Happy days indeed. I loved those two Buddhas a lot. My wife was given a Buddha-candle for Christmas and she doesn't want to light it. It now sits in our lounge. Many thanks for the tour.

    Greetings from London.

  9. You've created the optimal lifestyle, Delwyn! Goddesses, beautiful small things--paper weights, boxes, figures, photos. And your office! Books--The Road Less Travelled happens to be one of my favorites--mandala screensaver on your computer, the exercise ball beneath, and is that a photo of your wedding day? my God, you were both so handsome and sweet and young! Vases of flowers and pots of plants. you've brought the outdoors in--so much light and water and trees! And best for last: those immaculate wood floors! I honestly have too much clutter--many trips to and from the attic and the basement in order to even attenpt to manage it all. Thanks, Delwyn, and take care.

  10. Serene, inviting, clear and clean! Lovely! I have a couple of Buddhas even though they went out of style per say here years ago. I could never get rid of them.

  11. I love the Buddhas in your house. The first thing you see in my house as you enter is a large standing female Buddha, Kwan Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion. There are Buddhas scattered about the house, reminders to be mindful, kind, and free.

    Your house is evidence of your mindfulness, aesthetics, and thoughtfulness.

  12. Greetings, Delwyn! Thanks again for the lovely tour of your house. It's been said before, but one can see why you have such happy days! You pay as much attention to detail to small things in your home as outside (well, those Buddhas don't look like the are too small, but still very interesting).

    I hope your pain was much subsided today. When sleep is interrupted, the day suffers. Keep that foot elevated!

    Be well.

  13. It's so fascinating to see inside someone's personal space! Just as I delight in how different your exterior landscape is to mine, so I do enjoy seeing your airy home with its Asian art.

    I admired your shiny floors, too!

    I had a gorgeous walk today -- not slow, really, but sometimes the dog made us stop and take a pause!

  14. coming over from my place to visit & say "hi" lovely to "meet" you delwyn. thnak you for your sweet words. i have sat awhile & looked at your beautiful blog, love your images & your words.

  15. I am enjoying your Swiffer clean house, Delwyn. Beautiful floors. Makes me want to put on my socks and slide.......... would the Buddha save me, you think? No, probably not.

  16. Hi Marion

    Yes I love to see what others read too and can often tell from their book lists if we are going to relate to each other...

    I never know whether I should be calling my boys buddhas or monks - they look androgynous...what would you call them...

    Thanks for the kind thoughts Marion

    Happy Days

  17. Hi Tulsa

    well that is just a tiny sample...although I did clear out 30 years of novels and kids books in one of my major spring cleans and now have a policy of passing new novels on to the library after I have shared them with friends. Paperbacks age quickly here so thought others should benefit from them instead - Unless it is a special book to me...then I keep it...

    Happy days

  18. Hello Mr C

    I know they were a decorating item a few years back but the full size one is part of the family as hes been with us for 25 years. Hes a certified somethingerarather - antiquity??...from Thailand.

    Happy days

  19. Hi Margaret
    there have been a number of books that have been seminal for me and TRLT was one of them. An earlier one was 'Your errogenous zones' by Wayne Dyer - remember that... I read that when I was in my early 20s and for the first time I fully realised that I had choices about the ways I behaved, thought and reacted...It was quite a shock but also a liberator...

    I married at 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My baby is 19 now and miles away from ready to marry, I think...

    When you look from my study towards the river there is an atrium between this wing and the main living areas that is open to the weather, with a little garden in the corner so with all the glass it appears as if the garden is indoors. The atrium allows the sun and light to pour through the house, creating patterns on the floors from the timber battening overhead.

    Over the years I have been on a perpetual declutter mission. In fact with 4 kids in the home I have always preferred open space
    but more so now. Part of the change is that I find I don't need any of the decorator accoutrements and items and also I hate dusting! I prefer the simple life...

    Flowers are my only luxury...

    Happy days

  20. Hi Lorac

    My standing buddha is nearly full height and has been with us 25 years...the other was a gift from beloved so they are both valuable sentimentally and I couldn't part with them, no matter what fashion dictates.

    Happy days

  21. Hi Dan

    I feel the same way - they constantly remind me to settle and breathe.
    We had some Christian friends who found them offensive and couldn't look at them as they came in. I tried to explain that it is what they represent that is important not any particular dogma or creed... they didn't get it...

    Happy days

  22. Hi Cyndy

    Thanks for your nice remarks - I think I just have a need for clear opens simple spaces - that is why I adore the Japanese aesthetic...

    On the advice of a friend I resorted to some strong painkillers before bed and slept like a baby all night through...wonderful..

    Just thinking how silly that simile is - no baby of mine slept all night long...

    thanks for your kindness

    Happy days

  23. Hi Bee

    I feel the same way and would love to be a fly on the wall in people's homes sometimes...Do you enjoy that TV series called Grand Designs...

    I'm glad someone is getting a walk...
    I did get to the cafe yesterday for a brief outing...

    Happy days

  24. Hello Ruthie
    and welcome to my corner of the world...It is very nice to have you visit...

    Happy days

  25. Delwin,
    I sense a great deal of serenity here; thoughtful serenity. Thanks for the tour. Loved it.

  26. Hi Violet

    The floor is perfect for sliding - we often do as we adopted the shoes off rule many years ago...

    But I won't be able to catch you if you get a speed up...

    Happy days

  27. It was a real privilege to be invited into your home, to stroll through your beautiful open spaces and your study. Thank you.

  28. Hi Rosaria

    thank you for coming and for your comments... I do feel a sense of serenity in this home... it has such a relaxing outlook and the house itself is unobtrusive and calming...

    Happy days

  29. Hello there Jennifer

    I'm glad you is very nice to have visitors while I am taking it slowly...

    Happy Days

  30. Wow! Lovely adobe, very cozy, clean and inviting.
    I love the displays and collections you have. Great family photos. Again, precious moments are well kept in this manner:)
    Happy day to you too!

  31. Hello Yoon see

    I am glad that you have come in for a visit...

    Happy Days


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