Sunday, July 26, 2009

River Moods


The Moods of my River...

I have lived here
on this river
for over
twenty five years

And in that time it has aged
like me...

The tree
directly behind the pelican
is the cormorant tree
which is shown
on the very left
of the top image

Each day I watch the river:
the flowing water
the birds coming and going
the sun playing on the trees
and the painted sky beyond

and notice her moods
and vagaries

She slumbers
and wakes

she reflects
in her own time

she offers a home
to the cormorants,
their roosting tree
has not changed
in all those years

she is receptive
and willing
to take us along

she slows
and idles
for the old fishermen

she can appear
at times

and joyful
at others

dazzlingly bright
in her fine golden gown

and subdued

quiet and thoughtful
peacefully still

at sunset

in the moonlight

and hazy
with the moon

I have watched the sunlight catch
the white breasts
of the roosting cormorants
as they bow in prayer
seen the Brahminy kites
and their descendants
build their nests
in the tallest gums
for a quarter of a century
and watched them scoop fish
from the river with their talons
seen a hammer head shark
nose up onto the beach
pelicans glide
ducks pair and bob
sting rays flounce
herons and ibis dive
and glide over the water's surface
and mullet leap for joy

I have heard
the crows
shatter the morning still
the kookaburras laugh gleefully
and whip birds call,
amongst the many birds
whose singing creates
the river birdsong

but most of all
I have loved
to watch the
ripples glide in and out
upon the tides
at their own pace
in their own unhurried way
as they have for eons before
and will for years to come...

Oh Blessed River
Oh Happy days



  1. It's better if I declare that my opening sentence in response to your posts will be usually:

    Inspiring, poetic, thoughtful, deep and passionate.

    That will save me from sounding like a bad record that keeps repeating itself.

    And do you know what I enjoyed the most about your post? That you called the river 'she'. In Spanish it's masculine, but to water (in Spanish, feminine) has always been and will forever be female.

    Many thanks and remember, from now on just append that opening sentence to most of your posts :-).

    Greetings from London.

  2. Hello Mr C

    I hope that you have enjoyed your family break in Spain...

    I think you too have been swept away by the river's moods...showering the post with lovely words like sparkles on the river....

    She is very touched ...

    Happy days

  3. hi delwyn, this post flowed like the river. actually i wrote flowered and corrected it but i'm reinserting it becuase it fits.
    as i looked at the various images of the river (and i love the rainy ones most of all!!) i got to thinking about how much i have longed to live by water. all my experiences of spending time near water have been when i am on holiday, or visiting somebody else. i have wondered if i did live for any length of time next to water, that i would take it for granted. you express such a deep love for the river, its inhabitants, its surface and deeper value that i see hope that such a relationship can exist!!! now to convince my towny wife that it's a good idea!! have a lovely evening delwyn. steven

  4. Beautiful description of your beloved river Delwyn...seems she has become an old friend providing you with endless hours of companionship...the emphasis you gave by using the term "quarter of a century" made your tribute even more repectful!

    I loved your "dazzlingly bright
    in her fine golden gown" photo!


  5. What a beautiful ode to nature!

  6. Beautiful the place and your expression of love for it that you've shared here. A gorgeous way to start my day, gazing at your river.

  7. Delwyn:

    I am silenced by the beauty of your ode to the river you love.
    Okay, I can never be silenced for long! :)

    To me it speaks of how you have grown together - reflecting and mirroring each other . . . And all the adjectives you apply to this dear companion through years of your life, could also be applied to you (you do say " . . . like me . . ."). You must keep this for your children.

    Simply exquisite.


  8. Delwyn, like A Cuban in London, I do repeat myself endlessly when I read and admire your posts. Perhaps you should write an average post and show us some grotty pictures for a change. As always, simply inspirational!

  9. “Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge and lean over to watch the river slipping slowly away beneath you, you will suddenly know everything there is to be known.” (Winnie the Pooh ~ A.A. Milne).

    I have lived beside the Hudson and the Susquehanna and have touched the mighty Mississippi. I may not know all that is be known, but I have learned a lot from them...

    Alas, I do not have a river here, but I do have many creeks and they still have stories to tell...

    Another lovely post, Delwyn. Thank you!

  10. How fortunate you are to live on the banks of a river. It's one of my dreams! Thank you for sharing your beautiful river with us so generously. Blessings!

  11. I think everyone's comments above have said it all - really love the photography.

  12. Hello Steven

    No you can never tire of it, because in some ways it is always different and changing...the brids flying, the trees grow and fall, and last summer a burn off came very close, the breezes flutter and buffet and the boaters and paddlers come and go, but in another way it is timeless and remains the always offers that resigned peaceful ambience, reminds me to slow down and watch life...

    Happy days

  13. Hello Wanda

    after writing this post I told Beloved where to scatter my ashes...I had always thought I wanted to be scattered over the ocean in the National Park, but no...

    Happy days

  14. Hello Tulsa,
    How are you?

    Thanks little friend

    Happy days

  15. Hi there Lynne

    thanks you, and it is nice to have you drop in.

    Happy days

  16. Hello Bonnie

    I hope you are feeling better today...

    What you say could be so...I went back and read the captions as projections of my inner world... nothing is safe from a therapist's eyes...but in this case I think I can say I own all of those moods at times...

    Thanks Bonnie

    Happy days

  17. Hi Friko

    I sometimes think that I have set the bar high for myself...but I love to make these posts...they are no effort for me...instead I get a little thrill as I find the words tumble out to marry with the image...

    Happy days

  18. Hello Cyndy

    thanks for the A.A.Milne quote - it is just perfect...

    Yes all water has a story...and as you and Bonnie suggest some of it is about ourselves...

    Happy days

  19. Hello there Marion

    I am indeed very fortunate, blessed in fact...I can't imagine living anywhere else now...It is so peaceful and calming...

    Happy days

  20. Good morning Gleaner

    thanks for calling by and have a great Monday...I'm off to the gym now...

    Happy days

  21. Beautiful poem, Delwyn. Observing nature is always the best subject matter because it is a metaphor for the heart. I ordered A Net of Fireflies: can't wait for it to come! xxox

  22. Delwyn, LOVE this post. Love how you captured so many different moods of the river. You're very inspiring.

    Hope you have a great week ahead.

  23. Wow Delwyn what an uplifting river you have in all of her moods.

    Love Renee xoxo

  24. Hello Margaret

    Exactly, as Bonnie pointed out the river is also a reflection of my moods...

    I am glad you can still purchase the Net of Fireflies. You will love the beautiful textural quality of the paper, and the lovely presentation...Mine came in a box too.

    Happy days

  25. Hello Sherry

    Welcome to these pages. It is nice to meet you. I'm glad you can share my river...

    Happy days

  26. Hello Renee

    The river is a great comfort and joy.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Happy days


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