Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Blustery Day


It's a blustery day
out there today...

The outgoing tide
rushes along
in choppy waves

the cormorant gum tree
is completely empty
only an occasional bird cry
rises over the wind

the golden canes
thrash and lash
at the wooden siding
of the kitchen wall

my washing is dancing
and leaping on the lines
strung between
the verandah posts
reaching out
to the bougainvillea
trying to get snagged
on her thorns

Now and then the sun
finds a slash
in the racing clouds
and glances through

the kitchen herbs
green in a row
hug in the shelter
of the wall

My baby tomato plants
now flowering,
toss their heads
at the wind
in defiance

the Turkish coffee pot
is bubbling with glee,
the aroma my opiate,
the soy milk is warmed
and waiting to joins it's elixir

And I am in my nest - warm
and warmed
by Mary Oliver...

Oh Happy days



  1. Hello Delwyn,

    How is your foot/leg healing??

    Not blustery here ...has been a gorgeous cool up in the mountains winters day ...was probably about minus 5 C last night and possibly 15 or so today....

    My tomatoes of course don't survive winter!

    love to you,

    Sarah Lulu

  2. Hi there Sarah of the mountains,

    To tell you the truth I wrote this yesterday (But don't tell anyone) It was a beautiful day here too - top of 21, and I did get out on a bit of a wild goose chase for a brief time.

    The foot is Ok, getting a bit stiff from lack of use I fear, but not too sore, and the best thing is that come Thursday I will be 3/5ths there...Hallelujah...

    Are you still unpacking?

    Keep warm in your new little castle...

    Happy days

  3. I'm here reading your post with my morning coffee, a sunny day ahead, and a plan to read "Letters from Eden" by Julie Zickefoose myself, while sitting outside.

  4. Hi Wanda

    I hope you enjoy a lovely Sunday - Mine is now over - It is 10pm and time for bed.

    Is that a novel?

    Happy days

  5. I love your deck even on a blustery day! It's a great place to air dry your laundry! Your tomato plant & herbs look so pretty & green. Won't be long now before you have some red showing on the tomato plant. :-) Lizzy

  6. You've captured your day perfectly in images and words.

  7. hi delwyn, it was a cool and blustery night here last night and the wind got into my head so i stayed up reading and listening to it. i closed the window just enough so that it made that delicious whooshing howling sound that we get in winter!!!
    this morning - well yes the kitchen is filled with the smell of coffee that will soon be put to work to awaken the rest of my senses.
    it looks like you've set up your nest well today!!!
    have a peaceful mary oliver filled day. steven

  8. Your cool and blustery day is so refreshing to read about as I sit here sweating in our annual mid-summer humidity and heat wave!! Love the photos today. Your herbs and tomatoe plant look fabulously healthy and green. Fling a little of that bluster my way!! Sending you Blessings and Healing vibes!

  9. This is a poetic post. Reading Mary Oliver seems to have had its effect on your posts. A pleasure to read.
    Be well.

  10. beautiful words, painting a lovley picture. how intriguing that my use of the word "wee" sounds so familiar to you! enjoy your read x

  11. You wrote so artfully about your surroundings. I am a huge coffee fan - "elixir" is the perfect word.

  12. Good morning Lizzy

    Australians hang their washing out to dry unless they live in apartments. Saves a lot of electricity and $ as the dryer is the highest consumer of all household appliances. But it is not for that reason - we just always have looked to the sun and wind to dry washing- same in NZ.

    Happy days

  13. Hi Mark

    thanks for calling by and saying sweet things...

    Happy days

  14. Good day to you Steven...

    I could hear the ocean roaring last night and this morning when I opened the large sliding doors to walk outside and say hello to the morning it was still roaring away. It must be a wind from the east that is bringing the sound of the sea right to me.

    I am off to the gym this am. and will have my daily caffeine fix at the cafe there after doing my penance.

    Did you read that research about caffeine warding off memory loss in old age...even acting as a preventative for Alzheimers...keep drinking my friend...I am and without any guilt now...

    yesterday was a lovely M.O. day...

    Happy days

  15. Hi Marion

    I hope that you have been able to keep cool. Do you have a pool?
    We have some rare days where it reaches 42 or so, that's 116F, and the best thing to do is sit in the pool all day! then into the aircon.

    Aircon has only become popular here in the last 10 years and many homes still do not have it. I am lucky we put it in when we renovated.

    I gave the herbs some slow release fertilizer which they have loved as you can see...

    Happy days

  16. Hi Dan

    well she did inspire me yesterday and I may post some of the results one day...

    thanks for dropping by

    Happy days

  17. Hello there wee Ruthie...

    I find it fun to paint a picture about nothing much at all but that which,really, is the stuff that life is made of...

    thanks for the visit from afar...

    Happy days

  18. Hello sailor Jennifer...

    thank you for visiting and commenting - you must have been drawn here by the aroma...

    You know that coffee shops/emporiums often pump the aroma of coffee out into the streets and plazas to draw the customers in...that aroma is like an aphrodisiac...

    happy coffee days

  19. The author of the book I mentioned is a field biologist and illustrator...who writes about her
    daily walks and observations of nature here in southern Ohio.

  20. Thanks Wanda

    I googled her - and her work looks interesting - she also has a blog...

    happy days

  21. Happy Day indeed! (And who wouldn't want to be snagged on that bougainvillea?) Enjoy Oliver!

  22. Hi Barb

    It was a happy Oliver day...

    Happy days to you

  23. Well, it sounds like winter there! a mild one, perhaps, but winter just the same! Was that the bougainvillea, the red leaves, or was that the poinsettia? Everything is so striking there. What a vivid description of what it's like. fascinating, Delwyn. Thanks.

  24. Hi Margaret

    are you up very late?

    Yes it is mild but it still feels like winter to us as it is all relative to what we are accustomed to....

    Yes the red flower is the 'boug' as they are endearingly called here.
    I did have a poinsettia a few posts back - think your Xmas potted plants - sometimes many hundreds are made into Xmas trees - like the incredible one at Kahala Mall in HNL.

    I enjoy bringing you a snippet of my world...

    Happy days Margaret

  25. Carl Marx said that "Religion is the opiate of the people" For you Delwyn its coffee.... "the aroma my opiate" that made me smile :-)

  26. Hi Alden

    Tis true...the aroma is nearly as good as the draught...

    Happy days


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