Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Divine Day


A little while back...

The day began
with a walk out to Hell's Gates
and back through the Tanglewood

The Wedding Bush

Ricinocarpos pinifolius

This sweetly singing bird
in the centre of the tree
is a Brown Cuckoo-Dove.
He has a long tail
and is a lustrous coppery brown colour.
He feeds on forest fruits
and calls "cuckoo-whork"

A flat climbing cactus plant
adheres to the trunk of a tree
with coin like leaves

sending out wiry roots
to cling on with...

After our morning ritual
"two large flat whites please..."
at the beachside cafe

we walk back to First Point
along the edge of the rocks

enjoying the sunshine,
the glistening sea,
watching the tourists at play...

and notice a boat
anchored in Laguna Bay

we will have to ask
or Dan
to give us a correct name
for this boat...

I watch through the limbs
of the Pandanus tree

there is a man on the deck
looking back at me...

a lucky man
to be anchored in Noosa

while the seas are calm
and the winter warm...

On our way up the steps
at First Point
My walking mate
says to me:

What a divine day...

and I have to agree

It is a simply divine day

Thank you universe...



  1. Oh Delwyn,

    I loved the 2 flat white's on your walk. Simply divine it is indeed!

    I had a gorgeous walk on Sunday with my other half in Paekakariki and we had Soy Late (me), Chai tea late (him) and we watched the sparkling sea and glistening sand and sighed....

  2. Hello Yvonne

    I am glad that you are enjoying the NZ winter, it wouldn't be too much cooler than Melbourne is it?

    Another soy latte buddy - my elixier too...

    Happy days

  3. Enjoyed your lovely peaceful walk and talk with my morning hazelnut coffee Delwyn...Thanks for the company!
    Again you introduced me to a new plant...the flat climbing cactus.
    Smiles from across the miles,

  4. hi delwyn, i'm really intrigued by the idea of a cactus relying on a tree for support! i wonder how that works out for the tree?
    oh, and i think that the boat and the man in the boat are dan projecting his dream of sailing onto the real world!!!!

    what a beautiful boat and a gorgeous day.

    have another gorgeous day today delwyn!!! steven

  5. Ah, sun, sea, a lone boat, a beautiful tree to frame it all, and a companion to boot (where did that expression come from "to boot"??) - how blessed you are to live where you have immediate access to all that.

    I enjoy a morning walk with you Delwyn - and will be back for more.

  6. You see, it's like I said: sailing IS fun. I'll bet that guy feels happy and in command of his comfortable, shipshape little craft.

    The boat is a schooner, so named for its 2 masts, with a foremast shorter than the aft. It's got a lovely bowsprit, too.

  7. Hello Dan

    Thanks for the details - a schooner, such a romantically named vessel.

    He had a most beautiful anchorage for a couple of days. We don't get many boats anchoring as there is usually swell and our bar is too shallow to allow crossings which is good in that is has kept the town from becoming a harbour.

    Happy days

  8. Hello Bonnie

    'to boot' interesting saying I agree, especially as I am cast in mine right now...

    Yes please come along - I take many walks, and only 7 days to go in the boot now...

    Happy days

  9. Hi Steven

    I don't know if it is parasitic or just taking advantage of the tree for a lean... I will do some googling. That word is going to become synonymous with research soon...if not already...

    You think so...Dan's projected ideal...hmmmmmmmmmm

    Happy days

  10. Good morning wanda

    hazelnut coffee - caffeine plus a taste of hazelnut is it? I love nocciola gelati (sp) chocolate and hazelnut...yummmmmmmmmmm

    I ate my way around Italy from gelati store to gelati store...
    Well there was a limit of one a day!

    Happy days

  11. The water is dazzling! Come on, Delwyn, but on your full body wet suit and foot floater! (believe me, I am just kidding!) I love how you have this sensibilty as to what is the most poignant subject to pursue. This day is definitely water! and I love the way you frame a bay picture with a partial segment of a tree. You truly are very creative.


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