Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Walk


Walking Noosa Hill on Sunday
We've done this walk before
but there are always new things to see
Do you have your walking shoes on
Remember we have to tackle those steps first
Are you ready?


Fan palm


Orange Trumpet Plant - Venusta



Friendly gecko

Elk horn

Allamanda - Cherry Jubilee

Ground cover

Monstera Deliciosa

And on the way home
a pod of surfers awaiting a set



  1. Hi there Sarah on a Sunday

    Are you feeling the cold?

    Tonight seems a bit warmer here...but the morning may have a bite...

    Happy days

  2. hi delwyn, i love the little windows through the monsteria deliciosa and the tibuchina made me think of origami for some reason. the tiny little folds so perfectly overlayed, each with its own little dewdrop. it always amazes me that plants know to make flowers . . . . it's real magic!! so beautiful. have a lovely day. steven

  3. My Delwyn, you really do live in paradise. And this is what you find in your winters!!?

    What an amazing planet we inhabit -all the beauty and variety . . . thanks for giving us a walking tour of your part of the world today.

    Like Steven I particularly loved the shot of the monsteria dencrosa.

  4. Hello Steven,

    The tibouchina's petals are quite symmetrical looking, as if they have been folded out...

    the monstera just needed to be snapped through its port holes...

    I have just been watching David Attenborough and the yearly blooming of the algae up on the Alaskan coast which feeds the herring, which feed the sea lions and the humpback whales swimming from Hawaii with their new calves after 4 months of no food at all and I am utterly and absolutely in awe of nature...

    Happy days

  5. Hello Bonnie

    I will admit that these shots were taken a month or so ago and I wrote the post and banked it for a rainy day which was lucky because remember I have a fractured ankle at present... But having said that I think all of the plants will still be found flowering now and if not others will be...

    I am glad that you have joined us today for the walk...

    Happy days

  6. gorgeous photos, particularly the monstera deliciosa

  7. I just finished Sunday breakfast and you've already finished a walk!:)
    Are the holes on the Monstera Deliciosa natural or was that breakfast for a bug or two? I guess I could google it myself...

    The computer my photos are on is down for maintenance...hopefully tomorrow I can post...

    Enjoyed the walk off to google Monstera Deliciosa! :)

  8. Hi Delwyn,

    I particularly love Tibouchina. Simple and humble feeling! Does it come from China! He...He..
    These orange trumpet plant has caught my attention, so bold and it grows lushly!

    I also love the White Ground cover. So white and pure....
    It's like a wedding flower to me. Cool!

    The creative abstract holes through your lens is so satisfying to me. I love this way of peeping thru things sometimes...

    I love the last piece, where the white waves caught my attention on movement.
    Thanks and good night my friend:)

  9. We all live in paradise, but few seem to see it as clearly as you do, Delwyn. Thank you for noticing the beautiful world you live in and sharing it so far and wide.

  10. I used to work at Municipal Greenhouses that have a Tropical room. In there was a magnificent Staghorn Fern. I have always loved them. You never fail to find us great things to look at1 Thanks Delwyn.

  11. A beautiful walk, Delwyn. I love the Angel Trumpets best. We awoke to a rare event of no humidity this morning in spite of no rain yesterday and it felt like heaven...we even had a nice breeze. I went outside with a new book and sat in the sun for a while. It truly is a mood lifter! Blessings!!

  12. Hi there Wanda

    Well my walk was via the computer Wanda- two more weeks in the boot to go ...

    I wrote the post a few weeks ago and stored it. I get too many stories and pics so seem to have a backlog which is great when calamity befalls moonbootitis...

    Yes I have noticed a slow down on the Wanda will be good when you are in action again... I keep looking...

    And you found out about Monstera yourself...great portholes...

    Happy days

  13. Hi Juliet

    a delicious monster - it has edible fruit...

    Happy days

  14. Hello Yoon see
    How was your very busy Sunday?

    You probably know that ground cover weedy plant - it is rampant in the subtropics...

    and you will know the Monstera. Have you eaten it?

    Happy days

  15. Good morning Dan

    How is that shoulder of yours?
    I have more physio today, how about you?

    It is a great pleasure Dan...I am just glad you enjoy it as much as me...

    Happy days

  16. Hi Lorac

    many people put the staghorns and elkhorns in their trees at home and I have also noticed how they establish themselves high up in the forest - perhaps deposited by birds.
    I am so pleased that you enjoy these subtropical treasures Lorac.

    Happy days

  17. Hello Marion

    How lovely for you to have a break in the heat and to be able to sit in the sun without getting frazzled...and frizzled...

    Happy days

  18. Amazing, Delwyn! Every color of the spectrum! How do you do it?! Luv, marg

  19. Hi Margaret

    I am just the silent witness to this glorious display that forever presents itself to me...All I have to do is click a button...

    I have to stop first
    and that takes learning...

    Happy days

  20. Now, I like this photo "Monstera Deliciosa" why? because it reminds me of a tent that I am going to buy. The tent has a removable cover so that on still, clear nights when it isn't raining you can lie in your sleeping bag and look out through big windows in the roof at the stars - how cool is that!! -

  21. You know what? I giggled when I sa the name Tibouchina. It reads like a nickname someone would use in Spanish. And a pretty flower it is too. Many thanks for this fantastic walk. And I bought a new pair of trekking shoes for my forthcoming holiday in Spain! Hooray! I got to wear them todya for the first time with you.

    Greetings from London.

  22. Hi Mr C

    I do hope you break those boots in...there are wonderful little blister and pressure point patches that you can buy from the pharmacy that look like rubbery skin and work well to stop might want to put some in your First aid kit.

    Happy walking...

  23. Hi Alden

    what a brilliant idea - I would love to camp in that...and you can nickname you tent the monstera del....

    Happy days


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