Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Tapper...


When I came home from the physio's
I noticed the duck couple,
Maude and Harold,
on the deck
looking very cute and settled
so I rushed to get my camera,
as fast as you can rush in a moonboot,
and headed for the door...

and who do you think was there...

Cousin of Bluey
You may remember a post of mine
about Grandson of Bluey,
this cousin is another Blue Tongue lizard
with beautiful orange markings

He looked as if he too
would like to come inside

I had him cornered
and he didn't like it,
flattening out to appear bigger

and making a little psssttting noise
before he poked out his tongue at me

giving me the evil eye

from both watchful eyes

he tried another glass panel

nosed into the corner

then confronted me

moving down the verandah
checking for an exit

showing me his
beautiful scaly little legs
and toes

and menacing stare
I had the camera too close
for his liking here
he made a tentative strike
toward the lens

Later when my son came by
I dragged him into my study
to show him the photos
of cousin of Bluey,
as the whole family are fond of Bluey
his descendants and extended family,
and while he glanced at the images
I looked out onto the atrium deck
from my chair to exclaim,

look there he is
sunning himself right now...

Cousin Of Bluey



  1. I want one too on my verandah..then he could be a far away relative!

    great pictures Delwyn is this taken with your new Camera ?

    xxx Mona + Dingo

  2. Sorry I'm old-fashioned, but I prefer Harold and Maude from the movie...their way less scarey-looking. Great photos Delwyn!

  3. Dear Mona and Dingo

    welcome back to the comments boxes - you've been away too long...

    He could be a distant relation!

    No, I'm still waiting on the new camera - on order... I stuck my little camera right under Blue Tongue's nose and that's why he kept poking his tongue out at me...

    Happy days Mona and Dingo (and I know they are)

  4. Gleaner hello there -
    perhaps you can tell me...just who were Harold and Maude?

    Oh these Blueys aren't too bad at all...very gentle lizards really...

    Happy days

  5. hi delwyn, that little guy's amazing. i showed my kids because we never get to see creatures like him. i love the look he gave you and he's a feisty little guy too!!! i wonder what the animal world has heard about your home delwyn? it's pretty obvious they'd like to have a visit..... have a lovely day by the river delwyn. steven

  6. Steven I often have a giggle when I read your you think the word has got place is turning into a squat for homeless animals...
    Did you see his beautiful tongue...cheeky devil...

    Hope all is going well at home without mother hen...

    Happy days

  7. Delwyn...Thanks for the comment, you put a smile on my face!

    Your lizard just put one there too...I've never seen a lizard that resembles a snake so much...he has a beautiful pattern and such a "Blue" tongue. I just have very small salamanders to happen upon here! He's very cute and it does look like he wants in!

    Take care,

  8. Hi again Wanda

    He really is a skink...

    Did you click on the link? there is an amazing extended blue tongue there...

    We have always had the family live under the decks but the dog used to keep them in they too have a free appears as if I am being taken over by wildlife...

    Happy days

  9. Hi Delwyn! thanks for stopping by and the great advice about saving blog pages... will do this after writing to you!
    I agree with Wanda about the 'snake-like' qualities of Cousin Of Bluey!
    We have a lot of rabbits that graze on all our clover (from not treating our lawn)...
    Years ago, my daughter, Amanda 'saved' a young rabbit who seemed to have lost his family. She named him Ralph... and so ... all rabbits that visit us now are descendants of 'Ralph.'
    it makes for an instant smile ;o)
    Nice to meet you ~ Maria

  10. Check out that blue tongue!! You can see in that one photo that this fellow really did not want the camera in his me? I'd have been running for the hills when I saw that!! lol!!!

  11. So glad you got a capture of that amazing blue tongue!

    So Delwyn, I want to know what was going on inside your house that had all those critters so interested that they made their way onto your deck and just had to look in????

    I don't know anything about lizards, but were you not afraid that he would attack when cornered? Do they have teeth. Perhaps you felt somewhat protected by your moonboot.

    Cheers! Bonnie

  12. Good Day, Delwyn, even though you have sent me the shivers! Normally I wouldn't mind a lizard, but those close ups of his head. Eww! He looks like a snake. I am a total sissy (yes, with long 's' sounds) when it comes to snakes. Shudder!! Must say the blue tongue threw me, though! Actually made me laugh! Just like he was saying, "Don't take me too ssssserioussssly!"

  13. What a great blue tongue! Amazing colors that nature produces in odd places.

  14. My goodness, word seems to be out amongst your local fauna that they can have their photos taken and be featured worldwide on you blog, and they're all scurrying over for their 15 minutes of fame! What fun. Such gorgeous patterns and colouring on this fellow--to say nothing of his blue tongue.

    As for the ducks...Harold and Maude was a popular movie in the '60s and is now a bit of a cult classic. It's about a much much older woman and a young lad who strike up a tender and funny relationship, to a happy soundtrack by Cat Stevens. You can find clips on You Tube.

  15. You are one brave woman, Delwyn. That thing looks too much like a snake for my taste. And here in the south we don't take pictures of snakes. LOL!

    My husband and I once got a cute pair of little lizard-sized Iguanas and they got HUGE, much bigger than your friend there. We kept them for years and finally had to give them away when my husband worked out of town and we couldn't continue their upkeep. I still miss Iggy and Pearl. They were beautiful creatures. Another great post, Delwyn. You just never know what a day will bring to your door, do you?!

    PS: I got my "Tao Box" in the mail today and it is awesome, just beautiful. I found it used online, but it was still in the wrapper. Thanks for recommending it! Blessings!

  16. You do get such INTERESTING visitors! I was very glad that you managed to capture the blue tongue. It was so very blue.

  17. This is one persitant lizard........and photographer!
    Freetings from NY!

  18. I wonder, too, do wild animals find your home particularly welcoming? It seems you have more than your share of them wanting to visit you. Perhaps it is your curiosity and openness that draws them near.

    I loved the blue tongue.

  19. Wow, dragons at your door! He looks almost snake like. And a BLUE tongue! I must show my son when he gets back. My daughter thought it was adorable. Calling him Bluey makes me think of The Magic Pudding.

  20. Hello Sarah

    Yes skinks are more snake like especially looking down on the head.

    I must fess up and say I have never read the Magic Pudding - but I am a NZer first by birth and maybe it is forgivable

    Happy days

  21. Hello Dan

    the message has got around, all sorts of vagrants are arriving...I have just come in from my Dr's appointment and found Maude and Harold sleeping in the sun dappled corner of the deck.
    One reason I am having more visitors is the absence of a dog.

    He spat out his tongue numerous times - but all too quick for my camera, and my reflexes, so I felt very lucky to score one tongue.

    Happy days Dan

  22. Good morning Elizabeth

    It is very nice to meet you. Welcome to my corner of SE Qld. I hope that we enjoy many future chats.

    He was quite easy to photograph as he had inadvertently bailed himself up in the corner and each time he moved I countered his move...until I could see he was getting restless with all the attention, and let him slink off, only to find him a couple of hours later at another deck by my study.

    Happy days

  23. Hello Bee

    I was determined to see that tongue on film. There is an extraordinary one if you follow the link to my previous post, but I wanted one of my very own...and he obliged many times but I needed to have a good camera set on multiple shots to really get anywhere... However the new camera should be here before too long...Oh Happy days...

    Happy days Bee

  24. Hi Marion

    Oh the Blueys are pretty safe and slow, not at all aggressive...This one was about 15" long so not really a monster to battle with. Much like your iguanas I imagine. I suppose he has little teeth - I didn't see any...

    How lucky to find the Tao compendium. Isn't it beautiful. I draw a card each day while I relax waiting to take my blood pressure reading... It had been a bit high - runs in the family so I am monitoring it daily, and all is well. It's more white coat BP - you know the type that is sky high in the DR's surgery...

    You can never read the Tao too many times, because it is so layered and your mood and experiences shift day to day, so I find it always says something to me...

    happy days Marion

  25. Hi there Lynne

    That's funny - but I think you are right...much the same as with people...especially on those talk shows...

    But here they don't even have to talk or make a fool of themselves...I do enough of that...they can just be themselves...

    Thanks for the info on Maude and Harold. I knew it was familiar and Though I haven't seen the movie I saw glimpses once when Daughter #1 hired the DVD. I will get it out myself now...

    Happy days Lynne

  26. Hello there Mark

    You would have to think that even though animals are colour blind they would have to pick up on the vibration of this blue flash otherwise what is the point - certainly not to entertain bloggers... and the same applies to coloured markings on animals - I wonder what they see...

    Happy days

  27. Hi Cyndy

    I agree - looking down on that triangle head makes you think of other more nasty critters...

    Did you check out the other post - it has an amazing tongue.

    Happy days

  28. Hello Bonnie

    yes, well I was determined...

    They are not naturally aggressive at all, he didn't like being bailed up and outwitted by my counter moves though and got a little frustrated. I pulled back when he made a little lunge at the camera, but that was because I was 2" from his face...

    I wonder if they are attracted to the shining glass, perhaps the reflections...

    The family of Blueys have lived under the verandah and decks for 20 they are always about but not quite so adventurous as this fellow. My daughter stepped on one walking into the garage one day...perhaps they come in for spiders and insects...

    Happy days

  29. Hello Sherry Lee

    Oh he was really cute...such a pretty coat he was wearing...

    Happy days

  30. Hi Maria

    thanks for coming by...I hope we see more of each other...
    That was a pleasure to be of assistance.

    I like your Ralph story...just like the Bluey family...

    Happy days

  31. Dear Delwyn,

    I just showed my youngest son your pictures. He immediately said, "skink!" but was blown away by the blue tongue! We then just checked out your other post. Amazing. Just amazing. Can't wait 'til the others are home from camp to share. (p.s. didn't shudder as much the 2nd time!!)

  32. Delwyn, you must get out "Harold and Maude" it is quite famous and very funny, with an abundance of spirit. The Cat Stevens soundtrack is a bonus. I think you will like it alot.

  33. Dewlyn, what fantastic photos!!! Gosh, he is so cute! My goodness what a blue tongue he has.:)

  34. That's entertainment, having such a lovely lizard around to photograph and observe. That blue tongue is amazing.

  35. Hello Janie

    welcome to Noosa in Qld, it is very nice to have you visit.

    I hope to see more of Bluey now that he is out enjoying the winter sunshine...

    Happy days

  36. Hello there 6p and a blue moon

    thank you for your kind remarks and did you see the really great blue tongue on the link?

    Happy days

  37. Gleaner

    thanks, I will do so next Tues, my regular rental night for the weeks supply...

    Happy days

  38. Delwyn, you and I have the same blood pressure problem. Mine is always slightly elevated at the doctor's office and much lower at home. Last time the nurse had me do some deep breathing and relax for about ten minutes and it went down about 15 points! Which only proves how aggravating stress can be. LOL! I hope yours is okay. Blessings!

  39. Oh, my God, Delwyn, watch out for that little blue-tongued dragon! I guess he wasn't all that afraid because he just moved off a bit to catch the sun. My A Net of Fireflies came! Out of print, but they can still be had. I saw Basho's "a hazy moon!" Here's one by Kijiro: "A Chestnut dropped in. A goldfish rose to drink. Their widening rings of water interlink." Don't you love that image?

  40. Hello Margaret

    Oh I am so pleased you found a copy. Did it come in the box. Mine has double sided paper of a lovely texture, does yours?

    That Haiku is superb...I was just watching the rings Maude and Harold make in the pool...

    It is great to have our chats...

    Happy days


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