Friday, July 3, 2009



I can't lie around
and reading
all day long
It's time to do some creating


This Honest Scrap award,
which I recently gave to Dan,
originally came accompanied
with a request to
10 honest things about yourself
to the blogging community


As you know
I was born in New Zealand
and travelled across the Tasman Sea
to Queensland over 31 years ago

At that time we had one son.
Later another son was born,
followed soon after by a daughter
and then after an interminable wait
we were blessed with another daughter
but this time
a gift, an adopted treasure
from Korea

We have been blessed four times over


You probably also know
that I love walking
but for 5 weeks I am housebound
with a broken ankle
I am itching for a walk
but am endeavouring
to face this challenge
as an opportunity
to do some mental and
spiritual housekeeping
and explore activities
that I have previously placed
in the to do later basket...


I prefer flora to fauna


I have been a teacher
working in New Zealand
with primary school children initially
and once in Australia
as an assistant in Remedial Reading school
I have a diploma in Swedish massage,
one of the many courses I took
whilst the children were growing up.

I created and facilitated
with a friend, for many years,
women's self discovery - personal growth
classes and workshops
and together we wrote
a number of books and manuals
for this purpose.

I felt called to learn
more about one to one counselling
and undertook a three year course of study
and established a private practice
serving this community


I love icecream
especially caramel macadamia nut


Every day
I find many things
that fill me with an awe of nature


My name is Welsh.
My parents though
are descendants of English
and Scottish immigrants to New Zealand


I am a simple person
with simple needs,
in love with the natural world
and the wonder of words
and imagery.


I have one coffee a day
at morning tea time,
and look forward to it immensely.
It is termed a flat white:
mine is made with soy milk
and it is halfway between a latte
and a cappuccino
but stronger
made with good Italian coffee...
I can smell it now...


I was apprehensive about
joining the blogging world
In the beginning encouraged by Alden
and then unstintingly by Dan
I began posting
and soon fell into a pattern
of writing and taking photographs
establishing my walking theme.

I love snapping the pictures
and then creating the little vignettes
but also love the interaction
that this process has generated
with people from near and far,
the sharing of ideas and knowledge
and warmth and empathy.

Thank you to my blogging friends
new and old
and I would like to tell you,
that I always appreciate
your contributions and sharing
but especially at this time
when I am limited in my wanderings
and meandering...

I wish you all
Happy Days



  1. A beautiful post, Delwyn. I do hope you don't think I'm stealing an idea when I put up a post within the week with John William Waterhouse's 'Gather ye Rosebuds' - it's already done, waiting to be published! Do you believe it!?

  2. P.S. Happy Days to you too and hope that your ankle is on the improve.

  3. Hi Alaine

    No of course not - it is a beautiful painting isn't it?

    Way back I did a post entitled gather ye Rosebuds with the Herrick poem and featuring my father and his sister...

    In blogging I have noticed the 100th monkey syndrome the same as as in the real world...It just happens...

    Happy Days

  4. Hi Delwyn...I simply love coming here...I relate to almost anything you post...I have been very busy outside, so busy I missed commenting on yesterday's post...your home is exquisite and so peaceful...suits you well...nice to learn more of what a charming and unique person you are...and now an "immobilized one to boot!"

  5. hey delwyn, there's a sense of peaceful and purposeful acceptance about your being "slowed-up" for a while. i imagine there's a purpose to it happening and i see that addressing household and spiritual work could be the beneficiary.
    through the school year much of both of those important facets of my own life are pushed to one side by the moonboot of work and stress. i treasure the summer for its allowing me to really enjoy the flora, to really clean my family home, and to really focus on my spiritual work.
    the painting which i see is entitled "gather ye rosebuds" is really lovely. it's new to me. i might write a blog around it someday myself!! have a peaceful day. steven

  6. What a nice 'feel good' post.I bet you are going troppo without your walks.... :(
    Have a good weekend.xx♥

  7. Thank you for your thoughtful, inspirational writing and photos - and artwork - I miss your art :(

    With the time difference, your post is usually just up and is the first I come to when I finish work and it often slows me down, as the day is just beginning.

  8. It was great to learn a little bit more about you. Hope you can go on a walk soon!

  9. Hello Wanda

    I envy you out in the garden...but at least I can see out into the bush and river and watch the birds coming in after a day's fishing...
    and my walking buddy called by again today for lunch and chat...

    thank you for your lovely comments too...

    Happy days

  10. Hi Steven

    There are always seasons aren't there...and each make us look forward to the others in different ways...

    Do you know the Robert Herrick poem the painting refers to?

    Happy summer days Steven

  11. Hi Natalie

    I think blogging is my craft!

    I don't have any spare time and today wondered what I have been doing all day because I haven't got around to lying down (I do have the foot up while on the computer) and reading .... I think I'll go to bed early and read. I had such a good sleep last night -resorted to painkillers...
    The ankle has been better today- thank goodness..

    Happy days Nat

  12. Hi Violet

    I'll drop you a note...
    Happy days

  13. Hi jelica

    these theme-meme things do make us disclose more of our lives and we learn about each other than regular posts which I suppose creates stronger bonds.

    1 week down
    4 to go...

    happy days

  14. Good day, Delwyn! So glad to hear that you are getting some sleep despite the addition to your foot. Happy that week #1 is done, but I imagine we are all going to see you truly itching to move in about 2 more weeks! Good to see you approach to this as a reason for the season!

    I enjoyed your honesty post, although I always get a sense of virtue whenever I visit. Mixed with a bit of whimsy and calm. It's a lovely way to start the day. A living poem. Thank you.

    The meme did reveal some answers to questions that I've had with lovely twists. Your name, for instance, designed with your images, was great!

    I would not say that you are crafty. I would say that you make blogging a craft...

  15. Thank you for your lovely comment Delwyn...I was leaving replies to comments while you were visiting my blog...I was immobilized for almost 3 mos. with a broken ankle...the cast came up above my knee, which was held in a bent position...I was certainly bugged most of that spring...missed my walks I relate well!
    Take care!

  16. Hello, dear Delwyn!

    It's so lovely to learn more about you and your interesting life. Your life seems so exotic compared to mine, up here in the Great Lakes area of the US.

    You really raise blogging to a higher level with your posts. Your words and images are unfailingly a pleasure to peruse. I always look forward to visiting you!

    Only a few more weeks of the boot! I'm sending you healing thoughts,

  17. Hi, Delwyn—

    Tho' I've been following your blog from the beginning, I didn't know you were trained in massage.

    I read your post right after returning from a massage to help with a painful right shoulder (hurting since moving a piano a month ago).

    I am so very glad to have encouraged you to blog; visiting you here daily has become a treasured part of each day.

    The Herrick poem is this one, right?

    To Virgins, to Make Much of Time

    Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
    Old time is still a-flying
    And this same flower that smiles today
    Tomorrow will be dying.

    The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun,
    The higher he's a-getting,
    The sooner will his race be run,
    And nearer he's to setting.

    That age is best which is the first,
    When youth and blood are warmer;
    But being spent, the worse, and worst
    Times still succeed the former.

    Then be not coy, but use your time,
    And, while ye may, go marry;
    For, having lost but once your prime,
    You may forever tarry.

    P.S. May your spiritual housekeeping be fruitful! I send you metta each day.

  18. Good to know more about you. Did you ever explain your love of Japanese culture and literature?

  19. Hi Rosaria

    I think I can remember writing about this to you one other time...but in a nutshell, exposure to the arts, culture, aesthetics, geography, a daughter living in Japan, walking there - a fascination and love has grown.

    Happy days

  20. Hi Dan

    that's the one, I found it when I was a teenager - I think we studied in school literature class, and still have it memorised - stuck fast in the brain...

    do you remember way back I did a post on this topic? with a pic of my dad and his sister...

    Thank you for these generous comments and healing wishes - your visiting I enjoy very much...
    as I do your daily prompts and inspirations.

    Happy days

  21. Hi Angela

    I have found that everyone's life sounds more interesting than our some respects...but I suppose that pulling up roots and moving countries has added an adventurous dimension to ours as has having a baby from afar.

    and mine certainly is a little warmer!

    thank you for the cheering remarks about my posts and kind wishes too

    Happy days

  22. Hi Wanda

    How hideous that must have been Wanda.
    Holey moley- over the knee - this boot gets so hot and the foot throbs with the swelling that I get to the point where I rip it off and plunge the foot in a bucket of cold water - being in a cast must have felt like a leg prison...wearing this at night is not fun, but I just think of it growing back together again...

    Its a breezy sat morning - a bit cool - I plan to get to the office for a couple of hours catching up - there must be a considerable backlog there...then I can come home and read today...

    enjoy the outdoors
    Happy days

  23. Hello Cyndy

    I love having you visit and thanks for all the thoughtful and kind comments.

    I am deciding on the new camera at present and once I am armed with that and the foot has eased a little I will spend time driving around to photograph interesting places and scenes - sort of a vehicular walk!

    You can't keep a committed blogger down... actually I think it has grown beyond that to a great enjoyment with photography too but I must say that I enjoy the creative side of blending the two...story telling with pictures...

    Have a lovely weekend and

    Happy days

  24. Hi Delwyn, foot up! Thank you for sharing your ten honest things--it shows to me a whole of giving and a lot of taking care of yourself at the same time. A nice balancing act. I wish you were my therapist! The feeling I get from you is caring and teaching-by-showng how life might be lived. One thing you said to me I am really working on: I have choices about the way I behave, think, and react. That's exactly where my problem lies! I let other influence the way I behave, think, and react, and thus I am the walking wounded all the time. How did you change your thinking? Was it externally at first (meals, home decorating)? Meditating? not responding verbally? Just send me the bill! Best, Margaret

  25. Hi Margaret

    I will write to you...

    Happy days

  26. Wow! I get to know you more and more Delwyn.
    You are such a positive and creative person, I just love to associate with you....
    Love your artworks and write-out-very Delwyn:)

  27. Yoon see

    and I am glad to know you too...
    we can learn from each other and share...

    Happy Days


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