Thursday, July 9, 2009

Little Cove Walk


Walking in Little Cove
Pre Moonbootitis...

One day I named this glade-
which really is just a pretty section
of footpath,
Bromeliad Lane

and the name has stuck,
you can rest assured
that when the Bromeliads flower again
I will be showing them to you
in all their glory...

Meanwhile I have found another
Powder Puff for you,
another Calliandra

but this time
looking semi circular in shape

The basket fern
Drynaria Rigidula
is often found under eucalyptus
in the rainforest margins

see how the older dried leaves
form a basket at the base of the fern

Many of you will be familiar
with the poinsettia
as a colourful
Christmas pot plant

Here we have the poinsettia shrub

I learned from watching
this busy bush turkey
that turkeys are quite partial
to the fruit
of the pandanus tree

Turkey has a segment
of the fallen pineapple shaped
and sized fruit
and is tearing at with his beak

Turkey has been here...
Setting cement atop a wall
on our building site
bears the marks of the resident turkey
who resumes his occupancy
once the builders have left the site
for the day

I love the way
that flowering grass

can do this...
when huddled together

we are coming down
to the ocean now
past the purple weedy vine

with spiral whorled centre

and vibrant orange creeper,
the orange trumpet vine
a South American Native
Pyrostegia Venusta or flame vine

to the silver trunked gum tree
standing majestically
on the edge
of the great Pacific Ocean...



  1. thanks to these posts i get to learn the names of most of these flowers and plants which grow here too!

  2. Hello Priya,

    How have you been?

    I thought you probably know these plants too...I don't know all the names but try to find out if I am not sure...

    Happy days

  3. Gorgeous pictures Delwyn.

    For some reason I have been unable to get onto your blog, wasn't loading like normal. Missed a few posts I think so off to have a look.

    Thanks you for your email BTW. I enjoyed hearing more of your story! :)

  4. hi delwyn, i loved the flowering grasses, they remind me of the grasses down by our poolside. but i really love the little purple weedy vine. such a delicate plant and a beautiful shade of purple.
    i'll try and get some decent pictures of my grasses and post them soon so you can see. have a peaceful day. steven

  5. Hello Moonbootitis :)
    that has a ring to the way I took your advice about the "mantra"'s on my sidebar now...thanks
    My first time to see a Basket Fern...I do have wild trumpet vine on the property though, but no beautiful view of a silver trunked gum tree by the ocean nearby for me to enjoy...
    Do you absolutely hate that boot yet?
    Take care....Wanda

  6. Hi Wanda

    Oh glad you took the mantra was so delightful...

    It's 9.30pm and about now I am getting sick of the boot. The ankle and foot swell over the course of the day..and then to sleep in it...uhggggg ...I am getting backache from sleeping in strange positions ...but I imagine it has to be better than a cast would you say?

    How far to the ocean is it for you?

    Happy days

  7. Hello Steven

    that would be nice to see...
    The purple weed is like a sculpture the way it curls and whorls ...

    Happy days

  8. Hi there Yvonne

    Do you use Internet explorer - that can be the problem...

    I'll come over and talk about gadgets...

    Happy days

  9. Beautiful! I especially enjoy glimpses of the bush turkey.
    By the way, I've been having problems visiting your blog. Our virus filter warns me each time that there is something attached to your blog that could compromise private information stored on the computer. Has anyone else mentioned this to you?


  10. Love the pink puff and also the flowering grasses. They look so soft.

    Sorry you're not able to go for your walks right now. Hope your foot is healing and that you'll soon be up and around again.

  11. The pink puff is amazing. But I'm sorry to hear that you foot and ankle puff up as the day goes along. When will this mischief end?

  12. Such a beautiful walk. I love Bromeliad Lane! It's just perfect!
    Greetings from Texas!

  13. Magnificent coup de grace, the silver trunked gum tree! Love the way the whorled purple weedy vine, the orange trumpet vine, and the calliandra are so illuminated in the sun! That turkey was lucky he isn't still there... The poinsettia grows like that in Hawaii, too. Pretty nature walk today--soon you'll be back there!

  14. Greetings, Delwyn! I have saved your blog for last today because I wanted to finish relaxed and refreshed. Mission accomplished! This visit I especially enjoyed the ways the flora seems to reach for and capture the sunlight. Sometimes just at the very tips, other times curled within the deep, soft petals. Even the fern,s which surely must be hiding on the floor of Bromeliad Lane, seem to stretch and glisten. Lovely...

  15. Hi Delwyn, wow these are fantatic the swirly one and the semi circle they are amazing:-)

  16. Another wonderful virtual walk with Delwyn. I love the Calliandra and the purple weedy vine which I think ought to be named for its whorled blossom.

    I hope your healing is progressing apace. I send you many wishes for recovery and bring you along (in spirit) on my walks about Sebastopol.

  17. Wonderful, ferns, grasses and trees, are the plants I cultivate in the favourite areas of my garden. My ferns have suffered for a couple of years. You wouldn't happen to know if ferns have a finite life span, would you? I'm talking about the cultivated varieties.

    That gum tree photo is magnificent.

  18. Hi Angela
    Yvonne above said she could not gain access. Do you have internet explorer? I took off the counter last time I had this trouble and it helped. If your virus protector says there is something on the blog wouldn't that be at Blogger's home where the blogs all live?

    I hope it doesn't continue to be a nuisance...

    Happy Days

  19. Hello Reya

    Thanks for dropping by. I enjoy all the company I can get at present.

    Another 3 weeks to go...
    meanwhile I am walking with Mary Oliver...

    Happy days

  20. Hi Meri

    Dang that foot...How is your friend coping?

    three weeks~ then I will be dancing the can can...

    Happy days

  21. Lizzy

    I can't wait until Bromeliad Lane breaks out in colour again...then you will be inundated with the beautiful creatures...

    Happy days

  22. Hi Margaret

    The gum tree always looks so magnificent and regal...

    It is fun to look for flowers that the sun is it transits across the sky....

    I wonder when turkey will leave - certainly not now when daily there are workers' lunch remnants in the large skip (Construction rubbish bin).

    Where does your sister live in Hawaii?

    Happy days

  23. Cyndy
    that's a nice comment thank you...

    I think my eye has a natural inclination for those sunlit plants and flowers...I am always looking at the way the sun shines through the trees in the forest or the bush (we call stands of trees and shrubs 'bush' in AU)

    thanks for dropping in

    Happy days

  24. Good morning Anne

    It is nice to have you visit...

    I am a little besotted by the powder puffs - there is another post devoted to them a little way back...

    thanks for calling in...

    Happy days

  25. Hello Dan

    I photographed the calliandra from both sides - same plant - first it was the sun shining through the flower that caught my eye, with the dark backdrop, then a walked around to the other side and caught it in full glare of the sun... both interesting looks...

    What do you think we could name the purple weed...perhaps purple swirl - or purple whorl is better...?

    Thank you for your very kind thoughts...and empathy...

    I am not at all bored...I go to bed each night thinking dang...I wish there was more time in the day...I am enjoying Mary Oliver, and am also now catching up with the business accounts which have been neglected for two weeks...and being end of the financial year here there is lots to do - I can drive to the office, fortunately it is the left ankle...

    I am very fortunate to have caring friends like you,

    Happy days

  26. Friko Hi there

    -it may be a good idea to google your ferns for some tips. I am not sure about cultivated types - I only know the native ones that grow like wild fire...

    The gum tree has a soft grey bark which is irresistible - you just have to stroke it - they are so upright and proud ....

    thanks for calling by

    Happy days

  27. I have heard that those bush turkeys are quite nice to eat and that there is a chain of franchise food outlets called 'Dels TurkeyBurgers' being established - do you think it's worth investing in these stores financially or is the whole thing a bit of a bird brained idea?

  28. Hi there Alden...

    well you have me scratching my head there... I do have a nest of late and I can be a bit of a turkey at times...but I think these birds may be just a little no, hold on to your superannuation at this stage...I'll come up with a more hare brained idea...

    Happy days

  29. 'Hare' brained, hmmm 'Bunny Burgers' a chain of shops with attractive staff, where's Hugh Hefners phone number.

  30. Each exquisite photo with it's own story.

  31. I most admire these two Calliandra shots.Oh, they are like fans!
    The mute piece od flowering grass is too charming, I love its simple tone and lightness, so calm and gentle gestures!
    Darling sliver trunked gum tree standing tall coupled with the beautiful gradient textured blue sea and cloud.....Just so cool!

  32. Hello little friend Yoon see

    They are like iridescent fans,
    I'm glad you can appreciate the same things as me...

    Happy days


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