Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Morning


This morning
after an early market shop
I was returning home
before 8 am
and decided
it was too beautiful,
too fresh a morning
to go inside
just yet

So I drove to the National Park
and had a little waddle about
listening to the rainbow lorikeets
warming up
in the trees overhead
and this came into my head...

...this morning my prayer
by the side of the sea

took odds to turn back
to the moon in the trees

where a green cloud of birds
in a flock of a thou'

Yelled from one to another
It's morning out loud

It's morning, it's morning
it's morning they cried

from the edge of the treetops
to the edge of the skies

It's morning, it's morning
it's morning they cried

so open your heart
when you open your eyes

And the sound of their voices
together did blend

forming chords of awakening
if I'm not here again

for they shouted
never again would they fly

in such numbers across
such a primitive sky

and they noticed my heart
as it sank to the sand

do not hurry they called
it's all part of a plan...

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band



  1. I so have to find this CD...I'm sure my husband has the Nitty Gritty here somewhere! LOL

    The lyrics are fascinating with your pictures...and considering my mental being's current predicament...I think I would enjoy listening to the song at a very high volume!

    Thank you always for your pearls of wisdom!

    now I must go CD searching....

  2. Tulsa
    The NGDB has a number of good rollicking uplifting songs , another is "It's a new Day..."

    Listen and unwind from those bossy rude book lenders....

    Happy days

  3. Thanks Delwyn...perfect lyrics for me to read as I sit here with my morning coffee...feeling my wrens are shouting..."It's morning, it's morning, it's morning."

    Have all good days this week!

  4. Good morning/Evening Wanda

    That was good timing...They are catchy lyrics, since they slipped into my head yesterday (Sun am after the Farmer's Markets) they have taken up camp and are on a perpetual continuous loop...

    I will, especially as in 3 more sleeps it's 'BOD'- Boot Off Day...

    I will fess up and tell you I have not been wearing it inside much the last 10 days and the ankle is feeling the benefit from more movement. But I am going to be slow for a while.

    Was your rehabilitation lengthy?

    I have more Physio tomorrow - that is making a difference, and whilst I write to you I am rocking it backwards and forwards on a special foot rocker...

    Happy days

  5. What a lovely way to help us greet the new day! We actually have shy Mr. Sun with us this morning. He has been hiding of late. His infrequent visits this summer are so anticipated and so welcome.

    Delwyn, you are so blessed to live near the sea.

  6. Good Morning Bonnie

    Is it 6am?

    I hope you get a nice sunny day today, I have been hearing this story all over the ether - what has happened to your summer?

    Aren't I so lucky I could drive right there and hobble in my boot to the edge...and celebrate the new day...

    Happy days

  7. What a gorgeous place to wake up! I'm not really a "morning person" but I believe an early visit to that park would put a smile on my long as I'd had a cup of coffee first.

  8. hello delwyn, a beautiful post and the nitty gritty dirt band to boot!! i haven't listened to them in donkey's years (how long is a donkey's year by the way?) and so today i will dredge up a cassette from the golden fish vault to share with my long-suffering kids!!
    a quick question, in the background of a couple of the photographs is a traingular shaped hill/mountain. is that an ex-volcano or just a perfect copy of mount fuji in your own backyard!!! have a lovely evening. (i've figured out the time difference now that my wife's "over their" and i see it's fourteen hours ahead.) steven

  9. There's a group I don't think about very often anymore!! How delightful to start my day with these gorgeous photographs and these words of wonderful wisdom!! Thanks for stopping in to visit with me at my place..and I love how you described the petals of the coneflower...a beautiful description!

  10. I have to find a good map and find your place; so that when you show us these wonders I can position them. Lovely.

  11. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, for the comment, and for following. I adore your blog!!! Very inspiration and thought provoking post...which I'll be back to read more later.


  12. I had fallen about 6 ft. straight down and broke my ankle in 3 places...knee and hip were slightly injured too...a cast to above my knee which was in a bent position kept me from walking for 8weeks, used a wheel chair, then it was the boot for another month...during all this time, I developed back pain from the tense muscles...I retired that boot was bigger than my 5'2" and 110 lbs...with exercises, the stiffness and brain recognition was back to almost normal in 6 8 everything was fine...I hike as well as ever!

  13. Hello Steven

    Yes I had already worked out that when I do my final blog close down about 10pm at night you are up at 8am. How is Maitland so far?

    I hope you found your old tapes of the NGDB - they are so cheerful...

    In previous photos from the top of the steps walk you can see the ranges in the distant hinterland with the row of peaks.

    However in the first photo today, the large Mountain is Mt Tinbeerwah (a 10 min drive from here) an old volcanic plug that stands 265m and is great for walking, views over Noosa to the ocean and abseiling.

    To the left of Mt Tinbeerwah you can just see two little peaks further away - about 30 drive inland. One of those is Mt Cooroora at Pomona where last Sunday the annual 'King of the Mountain' race was held - the winner made it up the 438m and back in 22 mins...

    has some info.

    Did you know that Noosa also has a world circuit triathlon later in the year...attracting huge numbers of international athletes. We have designated bike lanes on all our major roads.

    Happy days

  14. Hello Lynne

    we need to get up early in summer here as the sun rises about 4.30am (no daylight saving in my state) and it gets very warm by 7am. However in the winter it is easy to lie in later, but on Sundays we go to the Farmers' markets just after 6am in winter, 5.30 in summer and avoid the crowds...
    Once up I always wonder why I don't do it is the best time of the day.

    ok, You can bring your coffee along next time...

    Happy days

  15. Hi there Sherry Lee

    I hope you enjoyed a trip down memory lane...

    I enjoyed meeting you and your lovely blog

    Happy days

  16. Rosaria

    I think I have told you that that is exactly what I do with an atlas of the US. It is more meaningful when you can place the person you are chatting with.

    Hold on a minute...


    gives you some idea of the coastline of Qld.

    Happy days

  17. Hello 6p and Blue Moon

    how are you today...
    It is very nice to have you visit and I look forward to future chats and sharing...

    P.S. where does your blog name come from?

    Happy days

  18. wow...i must try and find the song... it's new to me...

  19. Hi Moonshin

    I couldn't find this particular track on youtube but there are others. Its a catchy little upbeat number...

    Happy days


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