Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Intruders


The Intruders

Today the new tenants
(remember they have
been renamed)

their new yoga pose

they have progressed
from the tree pose
to a more balletic stance -
I think I'll simply call
the Duck pose

they also showed me
that underneath their
tawny brown overcoats

they have flashes
of iridescent blue
and green

and purple

Now let me think
what have we
scheduled for today...

some serious preening
to start with

engineered with
marvellous balance

Now what do you say Maude -
a drink
or a swim?

a drink it shall be...

But wait what's this...


Go back!
Go back
from where you came
No squatters allowed

This deck is taken

Let's freshen up
and head on out...

Are you ready Maude?

But look
who have we here

waiting on the beach

Perhaps we might be best
to tuck ourselves up
and have a snooze,
and safeguard our tenancy
a little while longer...



  1. Your ducks are very entertaining ...I love their exercise routine...
    In your last comment to me...about your father's garden and his life thoughts are with you...I had a very similar situation with my mother before she passed...the nursing home was only 3 minutes away...I was able to visit everyday and sometimes bring her favorite biscuits and coffee...It's nice your Mom can do so too!

  2. hi delwyn, hilarious and really eye-opening. how do they balance like that - i mean seriously, their bodies look like they should fall over but they never do. i'm always curious about what they are saying to each other. your imagined conversation was clever! have a peaceful day -perhaps follow the duck's example, preen, have a drink, perhaps a bit of a snooze! steven

  3. Hello, dear Delwyn,

    No ducks were blocked on our end today! (Hahaha!)

    And speaking of ends, I love the little glimpses of blue and purple your little tenants flashed at you. They are adorable creatures, and how nice of them to keep you company while you are indisposed.

  4. I laughed out loud at the precarious new Yoga pose. Love the peek of blue wing, too! Blessings!

  5. Delwyn, do you realize how absolutely wonderful your illustrated story is? Yhis would make a delightful children's book--you'd just have to change some of the words, like iridescent . . . but maybe not because I don't think people talk down to children anymore. The personification is hilarious (what shall we do now? practice our duck pose?). And people certainly hold their ground when newcomers threaten to push their way in! I enjoyed this so much!

  6. Yes, this would make an excellent story.

  7. It IS a wonderful story, just as it is. If I had a grandchild to read this story to, I would.

    Perhaps posts like this will supplement the book-on-the-shelf format that we grew up with. Fewer trees need fall, and the stories can be as fresh as today.

    Thanks! I enjoyed it.

  8. And, oh! The reader could chat with the author via comments. How great is that?

  9. I have to admit i have a soft spot for ducks! Do you feed them? At the lake cottagers will feed the ducks throughout the summer and then they go home for the fall and winter not realizing the ducks have become dependent on the handouts and wait too long to fly south.
    How is the foot? And the reading?

  10. Hi Wanda

    Thank you for your kind thoughts. I hope to get over there as soon as I can walk.

    How long did it take for your ankle to regain it's strength. My surgeon said not to move it but I get tempted at shower time to flex the foot a little and have found it is very stiff. My physio wants to use some ultra sound but I had better check in with the surgeon first.

    Happy days

  11. Hi Steven

    I am glad that yoga has given me good balance so that at shower time I can stand on one leg and hop in and out of the shower...I do sit down once in there though.

    As it's Sunday it is farmers' market morning so I have been there at 6.30, like the three little get good produce before the rush ...

    and then had a wonderful flat white and toasted egg and bacon now having done the household chores I will relax...

    Later I am going out with camera and a plan...

    Happy days

  12. Great Angela
    the ducks are virus free...when summer comes I will have to scare them out of the pool- can't be very hygienic can it...

    They are good sorts...
    I told Beloved I want a bird feeder/stand for my birthday so that I can position it on the palm tree in front of my nest and watch in comfort...I wonder who might will be interesting...

    Happy days

  13. Hi Marion
    could you do that - it's like a star pose in yoga...such little marvels they are...

    Happy days

  14. I went through a period of writing kids books but they all came back...(from the publishers) so was content writing for my kids then, especially life story books and albums. Also when the were 21 I made them each a life album, which I enjoyed - hope they did too...

    I'm glad you and I see eye to eye,

    Happy days

  15. Hello Dan

    Now that is a good idea Dan. I will start to assemble them for future grandchildren - they can't be too far away...

    I couldn't be bothered with the publishing lark - I have been there with self discovery books - two published and the major one I was recently informed is used as a text in a counselling masters degree. So that was gratifying.

    I imagine that kindergarten children are pretty savvy with the computer...I remember we had prehistoric learning games for the kids 25 years ago. Your ideas are great. I notice now that on certain TV programs here they often say that if you want to chat to the featured person they are available on blog now...

    thanks Dan

    Happy days

  16. Hi Lorac

    we only rarely feed them. I am sure bread is not a good diet.

    The foot is not too sore but pretty stiff so am now wondering how long after the boot comes off will I be disabled...

    Happy days

  17. Lovely Ducks...they don't fall over because they have those wonderful balancing platforms at the end of their feet!
    In my part of the world we have wood ducks that nest in the ancient hollows of trees.The ducklings have to be encouraged out when it's time by the Mother and they drop, little wings flailing for many metres until they touch the ground.Most survive.Another of Nature's miracles!

  18. Hi
    I enjoyed the story very much!
    I love the way you tell it!!
    And I think the motif, Yoga-pause, makes this story as well as your other ducks' stories very attractive!! I like this key word!

    I enjoyed your previous posts too.
    I haven't read Mary Oliver's books before so I'd like to read them!
    I'll place an order at Amazon.
    "Evidence" sounds so interesting!
    Thank you for sharing.

  19. Hello there Eag,

    welcome to Noosa and my little part of it.

    Thanks for your additions to the comments...I was watching David Attenborough last week with the gannets on the coast of Africa...did you see that program?

    Only half of the many thousands of chicks make it into the sky and a life ...Nature can be extreme...and costly...

    I will come over for coffee!!!

    Happy Days

  20. Hello there Sapphire

    I am loving the M Oliver books, each poem a treat...and they have encouraged me to write some more poetry too...

    My yoga posing ducks are always entertaining...I think I'm still a kid at heart - amused by little things...

    Happy Days

  21. Yoga! Haha so cute. They're lovely, aren't they?

  22. Aren't they lovely; we have families of them here. The only time I'm cross with them is when we plant seedlings and find them decimated next morning. I know, our fault, we'll do it differently this year!

  23. Hi Willow -

    cute and entertaining...til summer time...

    Happy days

  24. Hello Alaine

    these ones haven't ventured past that far deck yet...and I'm happy if it stays that way...They must be a nuisance in the vege plot...

    It's good to see you again

    Happy days

  25. How cute! Are they teals (either blue or green)? Looks like some we have here. Such a balancing act! Greetings from Texas.

  26. Hi Lizzy

    These are Pacific Black Ducks, similar to a mallards but with very little gender difference. The females have the louder voice!
    They filter food from the river, plus eating a few insects and maybe snails...

    Happy days

  27. Your postings surely show us how there is great beauty in the ordinary - you have good eye (and camera!) for capturing all that.

  28. Hi Alden

    Just my little snapper still. I do have a new Canon on order that I am very eager to get my hands on.
    I am getting very patient these days...also I ain't going any place in a hurry and that helps put the brakes on...physically and to my whole pace of life...

    Happy days

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