Thursday, July 30, 2009

B.O. Today


It's B.O. day today...

I have B.O. today
no, not that kind of B.O.
well then again
maybe I have
you see it's been
a rather momentous day
in the simple, slow life
of this little blogger...

Thursday 30th of July,
exactly five weeks and two days
since that little innocuous tree root
conspired to put me in a Moonboot,
is the day the boot comes off

so promptly at 9am I arrive
at the surgeon's rooms
in the local Community hospital
set in the gum trees

and am directed
to follow the blue line
take two lefts
and get an X ray
follow the blue line back
to the Surgery and be told
that my ankle was looking
very good indeed...
Oh Happy Days

But the surgeon did tell me
to wear the boot
when I was out walking
or shopping
but I have other plans
with his approval of course

So I kept the boot on
for one last wander
back to my car
in the gum tree
encircled parking lot

and was enticed
by the floral perfume
of this tree,
the golden wattle
Australia's floral emblem,
to come
and pay it close attention...

Boot and I
together take one last
nature waddle

and while I was engrossed

in the weeping bracts
of tiny yellow


and orange

of this beautiful
wattle tree

I became aware of
a gentle humming

of bees
coming to sip
on sweet nectar

I was hoping
that they were indeed bees
and not wasps
as I have an allergy
to wasps

back home
it is time to celebrate
with some earl grey tea
glace ginger
and a few walnuts

one of the most painful side effects
of my slow and sedentary life
of the past five weeks
has been chronic heartburn,
for which my much loved daily coffee
does little to alleviate
and does unfortunately exacerbate...

Now it is time
for my visit to the physio
to get the ankle back into action

I can thank the now somewhat
disheveled looking boot
for its faithful assistance
and willingly retire it

and while I may not
be quite ready
to skip with glee

I am so happy to be able
to walk back into nature

Oh Happy Days



  1. I'm so happy that the boot is finally off and you seem to be in great spirits!

    Unfortunately, I know what you mean about coffee and heartburn, but maybe if you put a lot of milk in it and drink it while you nibble on something (a piece of pastry?) it will be better? That seems to work for me.

    Good luck with physio!

  2. Hello Jelica
    we haven't caught up for a while...
    I do have a very milky soy flat white but once the heartburn has set it the coffee adds to it ferociously... My Dr says the caffeine stimulates the stomach into producing more acid...dang...
    It seems to have eased today so am taking it easy - no coffees for a while until it is completely gone...

    My physio gave me some more exercises to strengthen the ankle so I should go ahead in leaps and bounds now - if not literally metaphorically...

    Happy days Jelica

  3. I had to give up coffee for five long years because of the damned heartburn but now I find that with a lot of milk and if I don't drink it every day, it's fine. I also tried decaf but it just doesn't taste right for me, and neither does black tea. But green tea is actually quite nice (from time to time) although, in truth, nothing can ever substitute coffee. So I hope the heartburn goes away soon!

    Wishing you lots of leaps and bounds in the nearest future :)

  4. Hi Jelica..
    thanks for your response,
    I drink very weak earl grey - black and love green tea too.
    This darned heartburn comes and goes - something I eat triggers it off (like rich cake ) and I can usually get rid of it with antacid tablets but this time all the inactivity kept it hanging around and worsening (more trouble than the jolly fracture) so I resorted to a prescription drug and it went immediately until the day I had 2 coffees and it came back with a the moral of the story is...never drink coffee when you have a touch of heartburn...
    the drug is a called somac.

    Happy days

  5. My happiness for you is real Delwyn, your joy of the returned freedom of walking back into nature is understandable...but your post had a bit of suspence going on for a bit...I was thinking oh no...bee sting...boot slows her down...but no...happy ending after all...Earl Grey celebration...and Boot Retires!

  6. Delwyn:

    Freedom! So good to know your ankle has healed well.

    One little trick I use to minimize heartburn symptoms (it does not eliminate the cause) is when it happens, rub the outside of your upper arm from shoulder to elbow (either arm or both if you can do it!) I rub quite hard and for several seconds. Think I discovered that in an acupressure book years ago. Try it and see if it works for you.

    What a beautiful tree - loved the closeups.

    Happy walking!

  7. hurray for you delwyn!!! oh the freedom - the release of your sole from its moonboot confines - socks, shoes, sandals barefeet, feel the ground, feel the grass, the roots, the cool water, oh the joy of it all !!!!

    the wattle tree is so beautiful i wish i could scratch the screen on this laptop and have a sniff - i bet that comes sometime in the future!!! i see that august first is "wattle" day in australia. what's that all about? have a lovely sole full day!!! steven

  8. Good morning Steven

    Well I'm not sure about the feet in the water bit, while it is over 20* (72) for us it is still winter - only the tourists from NZ and Melbourne are crazy enough to swim now...

    Is your wife finding Sydney cold?

    The wattle does have a lovely scent unlike the tea trees which are so pungent they nearly make you gag...

    If you go to you will learn about the day...

    Happy days

  9. Hello Bonnie

    thanks for the tip - I will try it tomorrow..

    when I am out walking...

    taking photos...

    and singing...


    I can walk again...

    Happy days

  10. Hi Wanda

    sorry to hold you in suspense like that - it was unintentional...The bees looked so intent on the splendid pollen they weren't interested in me.

    The nasty critters are the paper wasps who make the mud nest - they are very vicious and now I have had a few bites my immunity had slipped to zero and I am supposed to carry an epipen with me...

    enough of gripes and's back to walking


    Happy days

  11. hi delwyn, you ask if my wife is finding sidney cold. she's "just south" of you in maitland and visiting a school in cessnock. yes she's found it cold. she says she sits with a blanket 'round her at home and a heater in the office she is using at the school she's visiting!!! but she's a very small person who runs a lot and so she doesn't have much, shall we say "insulation" on her body. she absolutely loves australia though so i have no doubt that when she returns there'll be the earliest intimations of a holiday ther in the future. no doubt at all!!! have a sweet day and thanks for the wattle link!! steven

  12. Oh how exciting ....happy dancing my friend. xx

  13. All those beautiful gold blooms and blossoms are surely the best of omens for your return to being bipedal.

    Taking off that boot in early spring is just right somehow. By summer you will be back to your happy walks. Hoping the heartburn recedes once you're on the move again.

    Congratulations!! And Bravo!

  14. Delwyn, Congratulations! I am really happy for your happy days!
    I also had a rather happy day too since I finally heard back from the co. I am hoping to work at...I go to Tokyo next week for my second round of interviews!

    So cheers to us both! I too am sure that once you start moving about and taking your favorite walks again that the heartburn will be go away!

  15. Happy B.O. Day, Delwyn!!! YAY!! That wattle is so wonderfully fluffy and delicate. We don't have those lovlies.

  16. Well, try a little milk for the heart burn. It works for me. Eating greasy stuff, eat a couple dill pickle slices. It works too.

    First time here. I enjoyed the post and read it through.

  17. A liberated woman, foot loose and fancy free! Relatively speaking.

    Those tree blossoms are beautiful--what gorgeous colours and textures.

    Your floors seem to invite a bit of dancing...when your ankle is strong again.

  18. yay delwyn! boot free at last, hope you thoroughly enjoy your new found freedom x x the golden wattle tree is a beauty x

  19. Happy, happy days, Delwyn!

    Just want to add my congratulations among all the other well wishers. And, as much as I am sure you will be to have both feet touching the ground going on your walks, I am sure that the evenings without boot in bed will be lovely, too!

    About the lovely yellow blooms, did they smell as lovely as they looked? Although much fuzzier, they reminded me of honeysuckle, that beautiful yellow handing from the branches and enticing you...

    Again, happy, happy days!

  20. Happy, happy day, indeed! Congratulations! Those weeks flew by for me - how about you? Not for you, I'd imagine.

    I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see what you will be showing us now that you will be more mobile again.


  21. Congrats on getting the boot off, Delwyn. Time flies, no? I took the liberty of using your expertise as a virtual landscaper for my blogland back yard on my latest blog post. You'll have to skip over and admire your work. :-)

    Blessings and Happy Walking!!

  22. Great news. Be careful, though. You still need to be patient with that foot.

  23. Oh, that's good news, Delwyn.

    The countryside here is covered in explosions of yellow.

    Now you take care and look DOWN now and then!

  24. Hi Steven

    I am a long way from Sydney - two and a half hours flying time in fact. I am north of Brisbane 1/2 way up the east coast of Au. That's why it is so much warmer here.
    I'm glad that she is enjoying her stay.

    Happy days

  25. Hello Sarah

    yep I'm nearly ready for the cancan...

    Happy days

  26. Hi Reya

    While it's not quite spring it will be soon. Sept 1 is the official start of spring here. So we have another cool month ahead...but glorious warm days even if nights drop to 6*(44).

    Steven tells me that it is Wattle day on Aug 1st... I read it up and it used to be Sept 1st but the wattles flower early so the day was moved. It's a national pride sort of day...but not as important as Au Day in Feb.

    thanks for your kind support

    Happy days

  27. Tulsa
    hello and good on you. I have my fingers crossed for you.

    I hope so Tulsa...until then the coffee intake is zilch...

    My daughter P and M found a new apartment in Tokyo so are very excited - they move in this weekend and then she is coming home for 10 days, which I am looking forward to...

    Happy days

  28. Hi Willow

    the wattle is from the acacia family
    It was called wattle because its flexible branches were used in wattle and daub mud buildings.

    Happy days

  29. Good morning Mr Abraham Lincoln

    welcome to my pages. It is a pleasure to meet you and have you join in the chat.

    I will try your suggestion. I don't eat much greasy stuff at all, I think it begins with a resistance to either some cake or dried fruits...whatever it is it then becomes increasingly the body pumps out acid... It seems to be more subdued today...I have my fingers crossed...

    I hope to see you again. I will drop by later for a cup of tea...

    Happy days

  30. Hi Lynne

    you are a funny thing...kicking up my heels...

    I had a lovely sunset walk late yesterday on the river bootless...of what pleasure... now off to the gym soon for upper body work...
    It was the coffee reward at the gym's great cafe that acted as the reinforcement for going to the gym in the past...a cup of earl grey just isn't that enticing...
    But it will be nice to sit in the sun...

    Happy days

  31. Good morning sweet Ruthie

    I am going to try, thanks for dropping in

    Happy days

  32. Hello Cyndy

    how are you all going today...enjoying every day of the summer holidays...

    I gave up the boot in bed 2 weeks ago when the physio gave me a tight pressure stocking as an alternative. Rolling that boot around under winter covers got to be very annoying...

    The wattle has a lovely subtle smell - strong enough to notice but not pungent like paperbarks...

    Thanks for your support and kind thoughts

    Happy days

  33. Hello there Angela

    No I have to say it went really quickly and I didn't have one bored moment, in fact as it came to end I was a little saddened to think that I will now have to get off my butt a bit more and get active again. I have so enjoyed the time with poetry and reading more...not to mention blogging...

    But the garden is looking a little shabby and dry, no rain for quite a while ...I need to pump up the bore and do some irrigation and clean up the fallen fronds...plant some more tomatoes...and lettuce...what fun...

    Happy days

  34. Hey Marion

    what's this
    designing a new home...

    sounds like fun...

    It's great to hear your cheery voice again

    Happy days

  35. Hi Rosaria

    yes thanks for the advice. I have two physio sessions per week booked in plus exercises at home and some walking so within a few weeks I should be coming right...then I am going over to NZ for a quick visit so am hoping the ankle will be up to it...

    Happy days

  36. Hello Alaine

    thank you,
    did you know about Wattle day, that Steven mentioned?

    The thing is the day I rolled the ankle I felt kind of odd as I was walking through the national park - and I couldn't pin point it. So I was taking extra care. It was also the morning my dad had a stroke. I found this out on my return. Perhaps I was tuning in to that in some way...

    But I certainly will be taking a LOT of care. I have an ankle brace to wear in rough terrain or out on longer walks. That will give me extra confidence.

    Happy days

  37. Gone! Gone at last! I'm no doctor, but your ankle looked very straight and slim compared to that first awful day when it was pumped up like a balloon. I'm sure you'll take it easy for a few days as you get reacclimated to your normal gait. Loved the wattle tree in all its faces and gifts. Thank you!

  38. I'm so happy that you can walk in nature again. Have fun!

  39. Hi Margaret

    The ankle looks almost new, some swelling at night but improving every day. I am trying to walk normally albeit slowly and am sure after another few weeks of physio I will be skipping...

    thanks for the visit

    Happy days

  40. Hello KB

    and welcome to these pages. I'm glad you found your way down under...

    I will be looking forward to further chats and updates...

    Happy days

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