Sunday, August 23, 2009

Farmers' Market Walk


Farmers' Market Walk...

we are going
to the Farmers' Market

Are you ready-
I've got the green bags
Have you got your jacket
It's a little chilly
as it's only 6.15am
and 12*

We'll park here
under the gum trees
beside the football grounds
Being early
we have secured a good park
and it won't be too far
for you to walk
when you carry back
the full bags for me...

It's still quiet,
very few people
just the way I love it...

down there you can see
the Bean and Gone coffee stand
and after our purchases
I will reward you with a treat-
one of Grant's superb coffees...

now turn right
and head up this lane,
we are walking anticlockwise
around the elliptical arrangement
of vendor's stalls

we pass the orchid lady

and head for our first
port of call
the apple stand

we will buy twelve
of these crunchy gala apples
Here I'll put them
in your bag...

next I will choose three pawpaws
which you might know as papayas
we have gold - those closest to us,
or red ones to choose from
My favourite is the red

adjacent to the pawpaw man
is the organic vege stall

where I'll pick up
some leeks,

and silver beet
to have in a pasta dish
this week

over here you can see
one of the flower vendors

but we will purchase our flowers

we always stop
at the friendly pie lady
today I'll get some little
creamy chicken and fetta pies
do you think you might like that...

don't go off on me like that
come back here to the reds

I'm making tomato porridge
again tonight
so we'll need some more
big reds

I don't think
that is a good idea
at least not before breakfast...

some of these glowing beauties
we can buy...

I feel like making a mushroom
chicken stroganof
on these cooler nights
I'll take some button mushrooms

Frank the banana man
has cavendish
and the small sweet lady fingers
which we love

too tempting,
the Pink Cake Lady
has turned your head...

I'll take this citrusy
lemon slice cake
for afternoon and morning tea treats
during the week

I can vouch for these
flourless almond orange hearts too

oh don't look any more...

let's think instead
of hearty nourishing
pumpkin soup
slow baked pumpkin wedges
or maple syrup drizzled chunks
roasted over time

the pumpkin man
shows me his amazing
enormous cauliflower plant
that stands over one metre high

but we'll buy beans for now....

the baby Romas
hang like chandeliers
catching the early sunlight

I love tomatoes on the vine
to throw into oven baked dishes
for the last five minutes

yes we need celery
how heavy are your bags getting
do you think it is time
to take a walk
back to the car
and stow them...

I am just looking now

while I wait
for your return

look at these wonderful herbs
and greens

red beetroot
and radishes

Oh good
you are back
thank you for that...

we need two loaves
of sour dough bread
to get us through the week,
wrapped in a paper bag
inside a plastic bag
they will keep fresh
for up to two weeks
in the fridge

and any left overs
we can use
in Tomato Porridge

our first circuit
of the market stalls is complete
you have been a great help
Let's find a seat
and I'll order the coffees
how do you like yours...

Mine is a soy flat white

Oh and look
Beloved has bought us
some toasted egg and bacon sandwiches
good one dear...

We can now sit for a while
and watch the passing parade
as we sip our coffee
and enjoy our toastie

The second lap
around the vendors' stalls
is much more leisurely,
we'll look at the various flower stands
and select today's flowers


or maybe
these soft muted roses...

we'll call by the Spanner Crab
and see what fish is fresh today
or maybe we'll get some more
of that delicious bug meat,
Yes bugs
the Moreton Bay Bug
is a cross between
a crayfish and a crab

It's now going on for 8am
and the crowds are building

we leave this way
via the Cane Juice man

who looks a little scary
with his machete

he pokes the piece of sugar cane
into the juicer

folds the flattened squeezed stem
and resends it down the chute

adds a little fresh lime juice
and ginger to my bottle
and there I have a deliciously
refreshing and sweet tonic ...

time to stack all the produce
away into the fridge,
and you can see why
I always seem to have
an over abundance
of produce -

the Markets
are just

and thanks
for your help today
I greatly appreciated it
and your fine company...



  1. OMG gorgeous photos ...those roma tomatoes ...everything!!!!!

    I'm starving now.

  2. Hi Sarah, on a wonderful Sunday at dusk

    Do you have a good local market?

    I have just walked around the National Park coastal walk and came back ravishingly out came the crackers and brie (plus a cold corona and lime ) and now I'm feeling a little better...and will think about making a Japanese vegetable pancake for dinner...
    after reading a few blogs...that is...

    Happy days

  3. I can see why you love your market. Just luscious! I loved the first picture of tomatoes. And you have to tell me - what is tomato porridge???

    I saw the beets with their leave attached (beet tops) - you have to give them a try sometime. Delicious.

    Are you now using your new camera? If so, how are you liking it?

    Thanks for letting me tag along on your trip to the market Delwyn.

  4. Delwyn, your farmer's market has everything...we have something is called "Jungle Jim's"

    I enjoyed our slow paced walk and choosing fresh produce was the perfect way to spend an early morning...not a hint of it being a chore...but a relaxing outing...well, except for my carrying the bounty to the car for you...I expect an invitation to dinner, when you serve the chicken stroganof...with the sour dough bread of course!

  5. Hi Bonnie

    yes I look forward to Sunday all week.
    I will have to try the beet tops too. July 14 was the Tomato Porridge post - a very scrumptious soup...

    I am learning with the new camera but haven't used any photos in posts coming up soon though...

    I am very impressed with it and especially the zoom distance.

    Thanks for your company today...

    Happy days

  6. hi delwyn,

    there's a smell swirls around farmer's markets of flowers, fruit, vegetables, baking, coffee. there's a warm murmur of voices chatting, setting up, comparing, exchanging news. there's a warmth and a goodness about farmer's markets. all of this washed over me as i followed the walk 'round with you today. at the end i so badly wanted to try the cane juice, ginger and lime. mmmmmmm!!!!!! thankyou for this lovely start to the day. steven

  7. Hi Wanda
    This is a great market - one of the biggest in Au. The vendors must be producers so it guarantees fresh produce straight from the farm.
    I hope the bags weren't too was fortunate we got a park so close.

    We had fresh market raspberries for desert tonight...yum
    and I had sour dough bread at lunch with left over tomato porridge...delicious...

    It was a beautifully warm winter day of 25* and we took a walk around the bays this afternoon...the foot, while a little sore and puffy, is improving all the time...
    Did your ankle keep puffing up for a while and remain stiff?

    Happy days

  8. Steven- hi there,

    you are right there is an atmosphere and the smells, fresh coffee and hot pastries, fresh breads and flowers...
    and a lovely camaraderie amongst stall holders and their patrons...

    and then sitting down over coffee with friends, some of whom you only see market mornings...a great way to start the day...

    then home to read new posts...ahhhh what could be better...

    Happy days

  9. What a gorgeous haul!

    I'm very impressed by your ability to rise so early -- and also with the variety and abundance of items from your local Farmer's Market. I can't decide if I'd rather have the coffee or the cane juice.

  10. Delwyn, I loved going to market with you! Now tell me, do you have such lovely vegetables & fruits year around? I'm surprised at what is available in your winter months. If you have such wonderful things (or perhaps different things) in summer then this must be a paradise!
    Happy Sunday...

  11. Wait- green tomatoes?
    Oh dear!


  12. Hi Delwyn...referring to your question...
    I would say it took a full year before I was able to go through my day without the ankle crossing my mind...and it's still not as slender as the other...but it works without pain or bother...just once in awhile it feels tight, but loosens with fact after reading your post my husband and I walked for an hour in the hills and creek bed this morning.

  13. Thank you for taking us on this grand tour of your market. :D It is full of wonders and delicious things. I'm inspired to go fix an early lunch now. :D

  14. I love to empty my bags out onto the counter and admire the mounds of fresh vegetables and fruits on my counter.
    So many possibilities. Yum. I will have to drive out to a big farm and stock up now. You have whet my appetite.

  15. That was fun and instructional. Lovely produce, flowers and baked goodies. The coffee lookied great. Thanks, Delwin.

  16. Beautiful trip through all of the bounty in the marketplace. I'm afraid I'd be seduced by all the sweets before I bought anything else!

  17. Great walk and dialog. As usual you have managed to make me hungry when you "talk food"! I love the local Farmer's Market too but as you do I particularly love admiring (and eating) my purchases after. It looks and sounds like a great day Delwyn! We are seeing much more use of the re-usable "green" bags here now. Most stores will charge you if want plastic bags. Soon, I am glad to say, plastic will not be available.

  18. ooooooooohhhh.....that was so much fun!!! and very good for my diet too!!!

  19. Hi Bee

    I look forward to this morning all week , but need to set the alarm in the winter as it is not light when I rise, but the summer sun rises about 4.30 am here so we are always awake then...

    the cane juice was sweet so I added water at home, but refreshing with the lime and ginger...

    Happy days

  20. Hi Lizzy

    yes most things are available year round and also some seasonal items come and go such as mangos, asparagus, grapefruit...

    We are very lucky to live mid way between the tropics and more temperate latitudes...

    Happy days

  21. Hi Lola

    ahhhhh I did order the green tomatoes from the Red week he will bring them...never fear...

    Happy days

  22. Hello Amy

    I'm glad you enjoyed the early morning foody stroll...

    Happy days

  23. Hi there Lori

    That is the hardest part...fitting the produce into the fridge once it is all unpacked...but it does look great...rather like a harvest thanksgiving display...

    Happy days

  24. Hi Rosaria

    yes I have to drag Beloved away from the Pink Cake Lady. I suggest we frequent her stand every second week...

    Do you have a farmers' market in your small town?

    Happy days

  25. Hi Janie

    so it was you that disappeared over to the strawberries and marshmallows... naughty...

    There is a chocolate stand that I have never looked too closely at for fear of needing to buy some sweets...that I don't really need at all...

    Happy days

  26. Ho Lorac

    our stores too are reducing the use of plastic, but I have read that the Chinese factories that produce the green bags are doing terrible damage through their pollution...creating another problem that seems worse than the original... I was in Hong Kong recently and the visibility across the harbour was zero due to the cloud of pollution that had drifted down from mainland China.

    But back to lovely produce...fresh and bouncing with nutrients...

    Happy days

  27. Hi there Jaz

    I am glad that you didn't get waylaid at the Pink Cake Lady's stand... she can be very tempting...

    I prefer the sweet strawberries and raspberries..

    Happy days

  28. Wow, I'm exhausted! That must have taken you hours to put together!

    You're lucky to have such a great market close by! A wonderful display of vegies and flowers.

    We're off to Melbourne this week and our favourite thing to do on Saturday morning is a stroll up to The Vic Market.

  29. Hi there!
    My version of heaven resembles this market...and now my stomach is growling!

  30. Hi Alaine

    when I came to compile the post I realised I had a lot of pics and considered breaking it in two but thought better of it.

    I always reduce the pixels on the photos and that way they load up in a fraction of the time. If you click on any pic of mine you will see it only fills 1/4 of the screen and not full screen and I consider that is enough for these pics I am posting...

    This market is excellent, a highlight of my week, and I hope that you enjoy the Vic Mkt too.

    It is a crazy 35* here today...
    I am leaving my walk until 3.30...

    Happy days Alaine

  31. Me too Tulsa -

    I just love Sun mornings...the colours, aromas, friendly people, and freshness of it all...

    Happy eating days Tulsa

  32. Yum! Farmer's Markets are so wonderful one wonders how supermarkets ever got going. It's so much more fun to talk to the person who grew the food.

    Technical note: a lot of the photos in this post did not appear on my computer...don't know why. I tried hours later, still, empty boxes where photos should have been.

  33. Hi Dan

    thanks for calling by

    You can learn so much from the growers and the flower man has helped me too...

    Maybe your computer balked at the number of images it had to load. I haven't experienced any issues this end...

    Happy days

  34. Delwyn, you write an awesome blog post, have I ever mentioned this to you before?!? My feet are sore from all the walking we did, but I did enjoy every minute of it!! Everything you added to my bag I love and stopping for coffee after the first circuit?!? Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!! :)

  35. Hi Sherry

    Thank you my dear - I appreciate your generous comments...
    You were a very obliging helper today
    so I am very happy that the coffee did the trick...Now that Au coffee is incredible...such a full rich flavour...aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

    Happy days


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