Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Transformative Moment


A Transformative Moment

Steven's - The Golden Fish Meme...

When Steven proposed this meme
I began to reflect on my life
wondering if there had been
a particular moment
or moments
that fitted into this category

and I decided
that my life
could better be described
as a gentle flowering,
I have been blessed
with the universe's magnanimity

At each of my life stages
and through the various passages,
with the benefit
of added maturity and insight
I have opened to greater
and pleasures

Looking back over my life's trajectory
I cannot identify
transformative moments,
or Paul on the road to Damascus stories

But perhaps
a time that best fits this description
occurred in my mid twenties
when we first came to Australia
and I read Wayne Dyer's book
Your Erroneous Zones

Because it was after reading this book
that I realised that I had a power -
a power to choose
and concomitant with that power
I had a responsibility

I could choose
the life I wanted to live

but I then had the responsibility
to make it happen

It was both a portent
of a great adventure ahead
and a formidable challenge

I came to see
that I was not at the whim -

of my genes
my past
my environment
my heritage
my family
their values and beliefs
their expectations
my socio economic standing
my education
or my culture

although each of the above
had factored in to who I am
and had an impact on my life
and would continue to do so
for as much as I allowed them to...

I could choose

to think outside the given parameters
choose thoughts that fostered growth
assess my values and beliefs
reappraise my goals, hopes, dreams
plan my own future
decide to learn more of my potential
not only as a physical and mental being
but also as a social and spiritual being

I could learn to act
from these new points of reference
to walk with integrity
to follow a path -

the pollen path

the pollen path
of happiness
that sees joy
and wonder,
and the magic
in the universe,
to live a life
that fosters the mystery

to live and act
with empathy
and gratitude

and to know
that all of the above
is a life long process
and that I could and would
slip off the pollen path
at times
but that it was always there-

the road less travelled

the Way...

Oh Happy days...



  1. oh delwyn this is incredible!!! "all of the above
    is a life long process and that I could and would
    slip off the pollen path at times but that it was always there- the road less travelled the way..." this piece of writing and these artworks should be assembled into a book. there are so many people who need to know all that you've gathered together here in one spot - it's an extraordinary gift to the world. thankyou so much for this delwyn!!! peaceful times. steven

  2. Our moments are very different and yet similar as they both set us on our Way.

  3. I agree with Steven, this is incredible! I the visual art fit so well with the words.

    I'm reading "You Can Heal Your Life" at this time. I read a lot of Wayne Dyer also - so inspiring and inspirational. I've always leaned more toward the negative side of life, so I'm working on changing that. It does not come natural for me, so any success, will be "transforming". :)

    Lovely post!


  4. Fabulous, thoughtful, incredible post. Are you still across the sea, being so soulful from the land of your upbringing?

  5. I am going to so enjoy reading everyone's transformative posts! Your's is a visual feast, Delwyn. I especially like the Mother Teresa quote.

  6. Delwyn:
    I so love the quiet, reflective, peaceful way you reveal yourself and your philosophy. You walk your talk - truly living The Way, clearly having integrated the principles you articulate to the extent that they are second nature to you.

    After reading your post and looking at your images and quotations I feel "rocked" into a calm, almost meditative state. This is the gift of your presence - you are peace.

    We'll have to talk more about parallel universes since I've read this post and your comments on mine!

    Hope all is well in New Zealand and that you are having a special time with your daughter.

  7. Your self reflection and the visual art is inspirational. To choose, to know that the choice is ours and to be comfortable with that, even when the choosing might be rocky or scratch and chafe. One moment can be transformative, but it is a lifetime of challenges, epiphanies, discoveries that make us whole. I love how you describe it as "a gentle flowering". Poetic.

  8. Agree with Steven's comments -this is incredible and I hope you arrange the collages into a book.

  9. So well said. We CAN rise above the limitations of our birth and environment and strive to become the person we choose to be.

  10. Delwin, this is a Declaration of Life, beautifully wrought, thought, and constructed. It is inspirational, complex and yet, utterly elegant.

    Impressive, soulfull, full of wisdom.

  11. I love it. The pollen path. What a wonderful image. Inspiring to read your words along with your artwork.

  12. I remember Dyer's book when it came out, but I had a totally different reaction to it.

    It made me angry. So many of the ideas the book championed were derived from the work of Albert Ellis and Arron Beck who weren't given any credit for their work.

    It was only years later, in rereading Your Erroneous Zones that I realized how different Dyers work was and how many new ideas the book contained. My anger had deprived me of a lot of useful help I could have used (as you did).

    Loved your post.

  13. I love the freeflowing journey this blog takes. The beautiful art work and the comments flow through a life that is obviously challenging but free of the weight of "problems" slowing or stopping the flow. Even the colours suggest happiness, like a fresh summer breeze. Thank you for sharing this lovely blog, Delwyn!

  14. Hello Steven

    I have to thank you for organising this meme and for the masterful way you are monitoring its unfolding.

    I returned yesterday tired and a little saddened at the frailty of my parents in NZ and read a few posts and wondered if I had missed my blogging...if I was wasting a lot of my time writing and assembling posts...

    and then today, this wonderful community unleashing these moving stories of life and all its common denominators...and to feel such a part of this community of caring friendly souls is just lovely...

    thank you my friend Steven for initiating this lively and honest discussion

    Happy days

  15. Good morning, Delwyn, how strange that we should both have that good old road 'less travelled' in mind. Thank you for taking a virtual trip over to my coastal corner of South Wales, UK.

    The pollen path will provide much food for thought, and your Mother Teresa collage has also imprinted itself on my consiousness today.

  16. Hello Ellen

    you are right, and I guess that is a good indication of the validity of a transformative moment...

    Happy days

  17. Hello 6p

    thank you for that endorsing comment...

    Is that a Louise Hay book?

    It is good when you read and have one of those ah ha moments, when it feels as if the author has tapped into your needs and come up with a resourceful idea...

    Any small noticeable change is good change...

    Happy days

  18. Hi Meri

    I am back in the land of Oz, of warmth and familiarity...ahhh so good to be home...
    but good to see my parents too...

    Thank you for the kind remarks Meri my friend...

    Happy days

  19. Hello Willow

    the quote comes from a book called "What Colour is my Parachute" by someone Boyles I think. It is about finding a career that suits your talents.

    I thought it was aptly elucidated and exemplified by Mother Theresa.

    Happy days

  20. Dear Bonnie

    I hope that what you say is is my goal...

    and if my post makes you feel peaceful I am very glad of that...

    Good luck tomorrow...

    I am back in Noosa, warm, resting and happy to be home...We did have a good trip and brightened the parents/grandparents with our company...

    Happy days

  21. Hello Sherry

    I love the way that you said that...

    and yes a transformative moment needs to be acted upon...over and over again...

    thank you for your valued additions...

    Happy days

  22. Hi gleaner

    I print out all of my posts and send some to my parents. Maybe his one I can print on good quality paper and keep as a little reminder...

    thank you gleaner for your encouragement,

    it is so good to be back in the warmth of a qld winter...

    Happy days

  23. Hi Janie

    yes none of those things are permanent parameters of our happiness or success in life...

    Happy days

  24. Hello Rosaria

    why what accolades, thank you...I am flattered...

    and funnily I almost tossed this post...after I had written it I thought it too patronising or parochial.

    I was always aware as a counsellor not to preach or offers platitudes that could sound hollow and empty... but I guess that this post has struck a chord with many readers who are grappling with the same daily challenges...of attitude and orientation to the sun...

    Happy days

  25. Hello Joanna and welcome to my little corner of Qld Aus...

    The pollen path is a Navajo Indian expression for the way of abundance, beauty and bliss...

    thank you for your kind words

    Happy days

  26. Hello Barry

    welcome to my pages...

    I understand your reservations about Dyer. Many self help books draw from the academic writings of psychologists and scholars. There is a saying that every generation rewrites itself...and with self help I believe that with each generation there is a new breed of writers making the truths of the ages palatable and appealing for that generation of readers...and as such these writers are deserving of thanks...

    While they may not offer any new theories or ground breaking revelations they do draw together threads and make psychology approachable and readable for those who would not read otherwise.

    Thank you for your comments today

    Happy days

  27. Hello Linda

    It is nice to meet you and your blog...

    thank you for your sweet comments and I hope that we can continue to enjoy sharing together...

    Happy days

  28. Your art and words blend so seamlessly together.
    I am glad you included Langston Hughes, a favourite poet of mine. I have those words printed up as an inspiration - or more of a reminder!

  29. Hi Caroline

    thank you for popping down here today to share in the spirit of transformation...

    The pollen path is from Navajo tradition...but feels rich and golden and warm and abundant to me...

    the quote on that card is from Richard N Bolles, in "What Colour Is my Parachute" a career change book...

    Happy days

  30. That was a beautiful post that I would like to share with my an example how they can live their lives and be open to what life has to offer and choose for themselves what to take!

    Life is good...
    Thank you for being in mine,

  31. Hello there Violet

    I made these cards over time, as I think you know, and used some of my favourite sayings that I have collected for yonks...

    So I just chose those cards that seemed to fit the narrative for today...

    Hold fast to dreams Violet...

    Happy days

  32. Wanda

    you have the knack of making me feel so good, and appreciated...and I know that yours are not just idle words...thank you so much...

    It would thrill me if you chose to share the post with anyone now or in the would be an honour and a privilege to be able to give back this a token of all the good that the universe has showered on me...

    I want to write you a note later...

    Happy days

  33. Absolutely beautiful.

    I also followed some of your other blog friends and their pivotal moments, so interesting.

    I've had some HUGE moments that have transformed me forever.

    Thank you again for your lovely contribution to my evening, I so enjoyed reading it.

  34. Hi Sarah

    I hope that you enjoyed this meme of Steven's and I am sure it's not too late if you want to join in...
    I would love to hear one of your transformative moments....

    Thank you for dropping by with your comments...

    Happy days

  35. Absolutely fabulous! The pollen path. (Wish I weren't so allergic!! - just joking, of course.)

    Love the Langston Hughes poem and all your incredible collages. You are SO talented.

    Interesting to me is that I feel as if my whole life has been a series of transformational moments. So many times of revelation, of OH YEAH, so many times I've been turned around. Interesting to read and think about a life of flow.

    I thought about my life's trajectory, too. Such a cool meme!

  36. Wow, Delwyn! This is AWESOME! Funny, but I also have that Langston Huges poem, Dreams, in one of my collage journals. I see much of myself in these pages!! You did a super fabulous job, lady!! Thank you SO much for sharing this with us. Love & Blessings!!

  37. Hi Delwyn, What an enriching, thought-provoking, self-revelatory, and beautifully illustrated post. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, feelings and art in such an engaging way. It's good to be reminded to live consciously & positively, and that is just the little nudge your writing gave me this morning. Namaste

  38. I am awestruck. What a powerful, eloquent, inspiring and richly uplifting post. Thank you, Delwyn, from the very heart of me for sharing this most memorable and meaningful of posts with us. Thank you.

  39. Delwyn, you bring tears to my eyes with this tale of the pollen path of happiness. I only wish I had that insight which I think comes from an "old soul". I think my soul is yet young and somewhat discombobulated. Thank you for sharing your path. Lizzy

  40. Ooh, I'll need to let all this sink in a little and come back for a reread, too beautiful not to spend a bit of time with it.

  41. Delwyn these collages are wonderful! The pollen path sounds like a grand place to follow to!

  42. Delwyn, that post was an experience! I loved the way your images slowed me as I moved through your words. And as previously mentioned, the pollen path is such a memorable phrase, I think it will stick with me for a very long time. I love your sense of wholeness and responsibility. Thank you, a beautiful place to visit.

  43. Your collage art and writings are very inspiring and thought-provoking, Delwyn. The Langston Hugh's quote is one I had hung in my kitchen when my children were growing - I had forgotten about it. Now I'm thinking about that time in my life and feeling very grateful Thank You!

  44. This took my breath away! You have taken the meme and elevated it to a completely different level.

    Oh Happy days, indeed. . .

  45. breathtaking...

    what a beautiful compelling blog this is....

  46. You have a way with words. I really enjoyed reading this.

  47. Hi Reya

    Thanks for the lovely comments...
    I agree with you that life is an ongoing opening up to insight, wonder, new learnings and sometimes a kick in the butt.

    And I love that 'ah ha' moment when I am reading and the author has expressed my subliminal feelings and sensed my unformed ideas before I have...that it the time of a real gift...

    What a lovely sharing this meme has been

    Happy days

  48. Hi Marion

    that Langston Hughs quote has been with me for 40 odd years and has never paled or lost its power over me...

    I am glad that you feel you can relate to this story as that is proof of the interconnectedness of us all....

    Happy days

  49. Hi there Lynne

    I do appreciate your warm comments Lynne - thank you...

    We all need constant reminders 'not to sweat the small stuff...'

    My Beloved used to say that when I met him 42 years ago...

    Thanks for being here...a good bloggy friend

    Happy days

  50. Tessa - hello way up there...

    If my heart connects with your heart I have been rewarded for my efforts today...

    Thank you for coming by and for your ever postive feedback...

    Happy days

  51. Lizzy
    How are you...

    Lizzy some of us spend a life time learning and practicing the way...talking about it and sharing it...

    Others are blessed and need little learning because the way is already set in their hearts - and you I feel are one of those people...

    Thanks for coming over today and sharing in Steven's wonderful meme

    Happy days

  52. Hi Eryl

    Welcome to my pages is nice to meet you, and thanks for coming down under for a chat...

    I look forward to getting to know you...

    Happy days

  53. Hello Sid

    It is nice to have you here. Meeting these new friends through Steven's blog has been a great bonus...

    My funky collages were a bit of an obsession before blogging took over but now they can be a good form of illustration for some of my posts...

    the pollen path is one of beauty abundance and bliss...the only way to go...

    Happy days

  54. Hello Titus

    It is good to have you here visiting for the first time. I hope that we connect up again in the future...

    Yes we have a lifetime - or more- to feel whole but it comes with a price that some people are not prepared to pay...

    in a time of instant gratification and super fast pace, of continual acquisitions and clamouring needs we tend to forget that life doesn't owe us the pollen path...

    we owe it to life to find and to walk the path...

    and in doing so we let others see the way...

    thank you for your comments today...

    Happy days

  55. Hi there Barb of the mountains...

    Isn't it lovely that our shared posts stimulate thoughts, trigger memories that resurface and we can mull on the past and enjoy experiences over again...

    Oh Barb...
    I was a great kitchen quote poster too. When my son #1 went off to uni he met a new friend and they both decided that they should arrange for their mothers to meet because they knew they were kindred spirits - how did they know - because when they visited each other's homes they saw the quotes posted in their respective kitchens on the fridge and noticeboard...

    and do you know that the other mother is now my best friend, my walking buddy, my soul sister...

    thanks for your additions today Barb

    Happy days

  56. Hi my ancient friend...


    to you too

    Happy days

  57. Hi Angela

    thanks for calling in to share this meme which has been so rewarding in many ways...just when I was feeling a bit jaded about has been a perfect reviver...

    Happy days

  58. Hello Kathryn

    and welcome to Qld in AU

    Thanks for calling by...I will come and repay the visit later. I look forward to getting to know you and your corner of the world...

    Happy days

  59. Hello sweet Jennifer...

    thank you my dear. I am glad you called in...take care

    Happy days

  60. Hello Delwyn,
    Wow! You are so talented, these compilation of creative artworks, all with different sytles reflected your current and past feeling and emotion.
    Love your passion for creation.
    Kisses and hugs from Yoon See

    There shall be an eternal friendship
    In a grateful heart!

    Bye and hope you continue to stay active!

  61. Thank you Yoon see

    now that really means something coming from you...
    yes I used a number of different styles of collage and paint, photos and transparencies as well as fabrics and even a page of Matisse...can you find it...

    thank you for your consistently cheerful friendship Yoon See

    Happy days

  62. i so love this idea...meditating on life's transformative moments...i have like 3 art journal pages with no words on them, so maybe words on that subject are exactly what they need. beautiful idea.

  63. Sweet Delwyn, what a beautiful post! i have taken it right into my heart, to remember word for word & bring out to ponder over when i need a prod. x thank you for your inspiring way of looking at life

  64. Hi Julie

    it was a great idea of Steven's which created diverse contributions all around the globe...

    Happy days

  65. Hi there Ruthie

    Thank you for that vote of confidence...

    good to see you...

    Happy days

  66. This is one of the most profound and moving posts I've ever read. I agree with Steven: You could publish this in book form so we could place it in our living rooms or on our alters to remember the wisdom you've assembled here. I know you print out copies of your posts and put them in binders. Maybe you could publish a limited edition and sell them to your admirer and fans in blogdom?


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