Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Hidey Hole


As part of my rehabilitation
I have taken to walking
along the Noosa River foreshore
in the late afternoon
just before sunset

Sometimes I walk alone
other times with my walk buddy

There are many birds
to be seen
along the way
especially the vast flocks
of rainbow lorikeets
that come into the gum trees
to roost for the night

as we walked past this
old gum tree
I spied a pair of rainbow lorikeets
sitting on a ledge
made from a sawn off tree
in front of the gum
and only
a metre from the ground

as I approached they turned
and scooted
inside the tree
a secret hidey hole

so I peered inside
and could only see
the green tail feather
of one lorikeet,
can you see it
right at the back...

at that time my friend
unbeknown to me
knocked on the tree trunk
and whoosh
they flew past me
at the speed of light
and all I saw
was green feathers...

they alighted
in an adjacent gumtree
and complained bitterly
of their plight

and watched us
as we watched them

until we left them
to move back home

and saw the sentry guards
at T boat hire

looking very officious

the jet skis
have been put to bed for the night
under their blue blankets
as the sun
is now falling fast

and we join the others
on the foreshore
to watch
the day
slip into dusk


Post script

On the Road Again...

late yesterday
I met up with the plover family
when a neighbour and her dog
split the family unintentionally

and this little fellow
appeared frightened

but was rescued
and cuddled
by Dad

I have only seen
one parent
and hope
the others are resting
somewhere safe...



  1. ahh.. the pictures make me feel like im somewhere else, somewhere relaxing.. nice pictures of the scenery! =)

    p/s: i've migrated to wordpress, feel free to refollow my blog! thank you! =)

  2. Glad to see you out and about on your walks; Lovely pictures and stories.Take care.

  3. Hi Ken

    It's nice to have you visit again.

    Well it certainly is relaxing here in Noosa...

    I'll come and visit shortly

    Happy days

  4. Hello friko

    and it's nice to see you again too. I'm glad you came for this walk.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts...

    Happy days

  5. I enjoy your pictures and narrative, I feel like I am right there.
    Have a great day.
    Sunny :)

  6. Good morning to you Sunny - from my 8pm...Is it 6am there?

    Thank you for telling me that - I try to make the stories feel inclusive... Please come walking any time... Now my foot is improving we have lots of walking to catch up on...and I enjoy your company

    Happy days

  7. Delwyn:
    For those of us on other continents it is such a treat to see some of Australia's glorious creatures in such a natural and intimate way. Everything there (flora and fauna) seems so exotic to my eye. The colors of the birds!!! I like seeing the father plover's eye beading right at you as you were perhaps too near his chick in his estimation.

    I do look forward to my daily walks with you.

  8. Hi there Bonnnie.

    I hope you had a great sleep and have a wonderful Saturday...

    I'm pleased that you are enjoying the small slices of Australia through my eyes...

    I can't believe how far you have travelled around the blogosphere since you began blogging. How do you do it. I just called into Katherine in the Bay of Islands and you were there!

    How do you know where to go...
    I have many dead ends in blog perusal...

    Happy days

  9. Hi Delwyn,

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment about the Monarch Butterfly. I really enjoyed taking those pictures.

    I enjoyed my trip through your post this morning. It rained a little just a few minutes ago. That made the walk with you seem more urgent. I expected a downpour.

    Have a nice weekend.

  10. Hi Abe

    It must have been a sunshower...

    It is a really dry time here - no rain for about two months so the lawns are getting that dried off look...I have been pumping water out of the ground to irrigate with - town water has restrictions...

    It was good to have your company on the river walk...

    Happy days

  11. You must be feeling so much better to be going on walks. Loved the pictures.

  12. All those beautiful feathers!!! I am very happy to finally join you on a nice walk outside...I have been away from blogs (not just my own!) and as usual, I am able to find beauty here! Thank you!

  13. hi delwyn, thanks for the lovely walk!! the blur of green was magic!! as you were nearing the tree to look into the hidey hole i was trying to imagine what it would be like inside the tree? i went inside a hollow tree once and it was unexpectedly cool, quiet, and really cozy and good feeling. i wonder if the birds feel that way as well. it's great to have so much lovely company on these walks isn't it!!! have a sweet day by the river. see you. steven
    p.s. i got some tim tams and a jar of vegemite last night. i'll skip the vegemite . . .been there don't wanna go back thanks!!!!

  14. Hello Rosaria

    well the truth be told it did not ever hurt that was cumbersome to walk in the boot and tiring for the rest of the body. Now, I have to get the ankle back working well and the tendons in my foot are feeling it. So I take slow steps but feel it improve daily...
    thanks for your concern

    Happy days

  15. Yes Tulsa

    I have noticed your absence, and missed your bubbly presence...

    I hope you have some good news???

    Thanks for coming to the river...

    Happy days

  16. Aw Steven..Tim Tams

    I don't even get those...lucky boy...
    I haven't had vegemite myself for along while - I love it but have fruit and muesli for my breaky...never toast...

    If your wife does talk you into a trip make sure you plan on coming up this way too...

    I am loving the walk company - such an interesting diverse bunch you all are...

    Happy days

  17. Hello Delwyn,
    It's morning here and you made my heart melt with the photo of Father Plover and son, so touching. I see the same parental care expressed with the fawns here. I find the on going tale of the Plover family riveting!
    Speaking of tails...yes-after enlarging the photo, I could see the green tail feather! Good catch of the fleeing bird Delwyn!

    Appreciative friend,

  18. One thing I love about visiting Queensland other than the much warmer weather you have the me in Melbourne is the Rainbow Lorikeets, I know they can be noisy in a pack but I like them just the same.

    I really enjoy walking it my exercise of choice. All the more fun to walk with friends and enjoy great views.

  19. Wanda

    I was just this minute enlarging that photo myself and wondering how I had the sense to push the shutter when those two birds flew out in my face...It must have been an automatic reflex..or shock... because I was leaping backwards too, to give them space...It was very lucky that I snapped the bit of wing...

    The plover stance is adorable I agree... He changes his body so much to accommodate that chick...puffs right up, then he lowered himself a little and the chick disappeared except for the spindly little toothpick sized legs...

    We are getting a lot of mileage and enjoyment out of this family aren't we?

    Happy days Wanda

  20. Hi there Liss

    I am glad that you have come back and enjoyed our walk...

    The noise of the lorikeets on the river by that tree can be deafening around 5.30pm these evenings...

    I stopped there the other night and sat on a bench hoping that the pair would come to the tree and I could get the photo of them on the ledge at the hollow tree opening I missed the other day... and plop... a poop landed on my track pants...but I didn't mind...

    It doesn't pay to sit near a lorikeet roosting tree...

    Happy days

  21. I love the triple sun in the first pic,how beautiful.

    So glad the plovers haven't completely disappeared!

    The birds are really talking to you these days, Delwyn. How wonderful that you share them with us, too!

  22. Oh I LOVE your blog, so serene so beautiful. I came over to thank you for joining me and for your comment, but to find these pictures makes me want to try harder. Definately think a new camera is the answer-though, as my mother always said...a good workman never blames his tools.

    Quoting Arnie: I will be back.

  23. Lovely evening walk. I enjoyed the photo showing the feathers casting shadows. Beautiful shots showing the dimming of the day.

  24. What a good daddy that plover dad is!

  25. hi..i just found you and what a wonderful post! i will be back!

  26. You have a beautiful place to walk along the water.
    The rainbow lorikeets are beautiful. I see that lone green feather.
    How sweet that the daddy plover takes such good care of the baby.

  27. Good morning Reya

    That was a good capture of the three balls of light...just luck on my part...

    No Plovers today Sunday - but the day is still young - only will continue with my reconnoitres through the day...

    I am enjoying that we all are enjoying the birds Reya...thanks for popping in...

    Happy days

  28. Hello Moannie

    I am glad that you have come to visit. I get the feeling that we are going to enjoy each other's posts...

    While I am awaiting the arrival of a new Canon these picture are taken with my little happy snapper - my trusty little fuji point and shoot....

    I look forward to further chats

    Happy days

  29. Renee

    Blessings to you this new day

    and my thoughts and prayers for your family...

    Happy days

  30. Hi there Barb

    Under the great gums the ground is littered with the remnants of the flowering above and the feathers of the lorikeets... and of course plenty of poop....

    Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the mellow early evening walk.

    Happy days

  31. Hi Meri

    He (or it could be she - I just feel which one it is...) is very protective... and will swoop your head with those nasty spurs if you disregard his warnings...

    Happy days Meri

  32. Hello Jaz

    and welcome to my place on the river. I am pleased to meet you and will call by later to get to know you further...

    Happy days

  33. Hi Janie

    It is very different here to Utah...that's for sure, but both beautiful places in their own rights...

    The Plovers have provided me, and my readers, with a very nerve wracking but interesting week of developments...

    thanks for getting down off your horse and calling in...

    Happy days

  34. Your post 'Hidey Hole' goes to show that these places are not the exclusive preserve of Hobbits, - I was reminded of the very first sentence in "The Hobbit" which says "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit"


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