Sunday, May 17, 2009

Walking Christchurch Streets


Out walking in Christchurch, New Zealand

Rugged up in four layers
and a parka, scarf, hat and gloves
I walked the streets close by to
where I was staying
in Christchurch

Although it was Autumn
and Winter was galloping home

the streets were full of colour
and charm

the footpaths festooned
with vibrant shrubs

the gardens still proudly displaying
visual treats for the walker
to indulge in.

Spying this rose
I climbed up onto a low wall
and peered over the fence

and it was well worth it
Just look what I found-
a golden glowing orb

Within the Ilam
University of Canterbury campus
the toi toi waves

to students rushing
to and from lectures.

Toi Toi is a native New Zealand grass
with soft feathery plumes,
similar to pampas grass.

Flowers spilling onto my path
making me exclaim with joy

at this simple little pleasure

colour contrasts

and perfect shapes

such beauty there
was waiting

for me to come along



  1. Yep! You are right, beautiful indeed. Lovely shots Delwyn.xx♥

  2. Oh Goodness, these pics are so,SO beautiful Delwyn. I just can't stop looking at them...
    I love seeing Red in nature.

  3. Winter galloping home. Wha a delicious phrase! I'll take that sentence and the photos to keep me shelter on this rainy day in GB. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  4. Mr C,
    I'm very lucky that winter here is so mild - probably more like your summer!!!

    Happy Days

  5. Priya,
    I love the red too. Those red flowers were sprawling over the pavement in wild drifts of red brightening up the road.

    Happy Days

  6. Natalie,

    Happy flower days to you my friend

  7. Beautiful colours Delwyn. Thank you for such a delightful walk.

  8. Hi Pam,
    thanks for coming and I hope you are keeping warm...

    Happy Days

  9. Autumn red Beautiful!..

    xxx Mona

  10. Beautiful late autumn walk! Thank you for this.

    Lots of toi toi in DC - I didn't know it was a New Zealand grass. It's beautiful, feathery, and it curls up at the tips when it gets really cold here.

    Happy fall! Glad you were bundled up. Thank you!

  11. You have outdone yourself! It's funny. Spring is just happening here and my garden and plants are just waking up. How cold does it get there in the fall and winter?

  12. Beauty all around if only we pause. . . gaze. . . find.

  13. You can tell that it's autumn by that last picture.

    I love autumn but it tends to be gray and barren here, except for October and then we face and even longer and grayer winter... prefer not to think about that on this gorgeous spring day in Budapest ;)

  14. The flowers are exquisite! I love all the nuances delicately traced on some of the borders of the petals. Oh, and the shades of reds and pinks of the climbing ivy on a teal-colored wall: so beautiful!

  15. Mona,
    It is a different beauty to here, colours contrast more with the city...

    Happy Days

  16. Reya,
    hello there,
    Interesting you have toi toi in DC.
    My Autumn in Au is plenty cold enough for me...

    Happy Days

  17. Lorac,
    hello to you,
    In Christchurch New Zealand where I was visiting my parents the temps fall a few below 0* C and in the day may only get to 8* or 9* on cold days.
    In F that is below 32* and rising to about 40*.

    BUT in Qld Au where I live the coldest winter day here will be 9* (50) rising to 15* C(62) and that is plenty cold enough for us...used to as we are, hot weather.

    I'm glad you enjoyed these cooler country flower scenes.

    Happy Days

  18. Jelica,

    No, you enjoy your lovely spring.
    I couldn't live in the cold again after being in the subtropics for over 30 years. I just can't feel warm over there.

    Happy spring Days

  19. Meri,

    Everywhere you look you can find something exquisite....
    Happy looking

  20. Margaret,
    weren't the markings on that first rose divine, it is like a painting...

    and the ivy such great contrasts...
    I'm happy to bring the flowers to you...

    Happy Days

  21. Your posts are so lovely very much like Thich Nhat Hanh's gathas.

    I often think of you as I walk around town here and see something beautiful. By your example, you have encouraged/inspired me to pause longer and breathe in the wondrous beauty that surrounds us always if we just take a moment to notice.

  22. what beautiful colours in all these flowers..truly wonderful..thanks for stopping by my blog.. and yes I have taught in a few cities...London, Winnipeg, Adelaide, Buenos Aires and here in Mexico City...have also travelled extensively to over 5o countries...but still so many more on the list!! Have a good wkns..

  23. Dan,
    thanks for those lovely comments and if I have encouraged you to stop and wonder in awe, I am very pleased.

    Happy Days

  24. Catherine,

    What an interesting life you have lead so far....
    a wandering spirit???

    You would have seen some very different educational practices and curriculum.

    Where to next?

    Happy Days

  25. Simply beautiful. No 2 words about it.

  26. Welcome Rajesh,
    It is nice to meet you and have you visit.
    I have glimpsed at your blog and will come your way to visit shortly...

    Happy Days

  27. Lazy click - there seems to be two ways about it though....


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