Saturday, April 11, 2009

Walk with a View

An Easter Walk with a View

This is where we are going today.
Don't be alarmed.
Just forget that it is straight up.
It's not too far
and we will be rewarded
with wonderful views.

Follow that man in the white cap.
It's been raining a lot here.
You can smell the fresh vegetation
and the earthy ground.

Look we can already see the ocean
stretching to the North Shore.

See those apartments set in the bush,
they are part of a resort set in the gum trees.

Ah look, now we can see more -
down to the Hastings Street
the holiday apartments
and Laguna Bay.

You've done it.
We're at the top of the stairs now
and as the path ahead has a gentle climb
you can relax...

And look, we can see the Noosa River
and Mt Pomona in the distance.

Well done.
You have climbed 800m.
That wasn't too bad.
Was it?

Let's turn left now
and head for the lookout.

There are some yachts and pleasure boats
on the river enjoying Easter Friday.

Not far now.
Did you see the bush Turkey?
Too slow,
he's gone.

We are at the top
on the water tanks
~The Look Out~
We made it!

The swell is still rolling in to the points.
The surfers will have a happy Easter.

Now we can see the waterways
where we stand-up paddle.
And the Noosa River running
out to the mouth through
the sand bars on the right.

We can take our time
coming down the leafy streets
back to the ocean
and notice the hanging flowers
on this tree

Let's slip down here,
a little Bromeliad glade

And stop for a moment
to look
at this wonder

with the flying ants

And if you look up,
that brown lump
in the gum tree
is a sleeping koala



  1. Oh that is so pretty. You certainly live in a beautiful part of our land. Excellent walking track, loved Bromilead Lane. Excellent.


  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous!
    Wow, I am pooped now though.... Better turn back for some choccies, yes?

    Happy Easter to you and yours Delwyn.x

  3. Hi Jen,
    I'm glad you came along. Its good to be out in the autumn air. I wrote to you at your place. Email me if you want.

  4. Hey Natalie, how's your break if you ever really get one! But it's a break from the other routine I suppose.
    Good thing I had those eggs in my pocket!
    And that coffee on Hastings St was wonderful....

  5. I'm surprised and happy to say I'm not out of breath and my knee is fine too after all those stairs. I love the view ....SOoooooooooo worth it!

  6. Oof! That was spectacular, beautiful and much needed! Thank you. That was such a lovely post.

  7. ps: I studied in Art in Brisbane over 12 years ago. Queensland is such a beautiful place :-)

  8. Very pretty. Did you tiptoe past the sleeping koala so as not to wake him? The vegetation is lovely. Happy Easter weekend.

  9. I've with Sarah Lulu. But I also want to add my thanks that your walk didn't leave me gasping for breath even after that horrible, nasty flu virus I'm only beginning to recover from after three weeks. So thanks for that and for showing us the beauty of your environs.

  10. This looks like a paradise! Your photos are so perfect! Thank you for sharing!

  11. What a beautiful walk. Such lushness! Thank you Delwyn.

  12. Oh thank you for that treat - of the koala!!
    Okay, ALL of it was a treat.
    I have a stairs photo post coming up, but it won't be as lush as your climb. (If it were, I might do it more often!!)

  13. I just took a walk around my yard with my camera to post the sights from various points. I came inside, logged on, and visited you to find that you brought me along your walk today, too! I like the way your commentary makes we readers feel like a member of the walk.

  14. Sarah,
    hi there from Sunday after early markets.
    You can come walking anytime then - no knee problems this way!

  15. Priya,
    good morning,
    fancy you in Brisbane...It's a lovely city
    We immigrated over 30 years ago and love every day here...

  16. Hi Lizzy,
    The koala was up high and being nocturnal nothing much wakes them in the day. I am hoping for a close up one day. In days past I have seen them at shoulder height, walking on the path and handrail and even a mother with baby on her back crossed the path in front of us one morning. There are fewer around now and they suffer from a disease too so you don't see as many. But Beloved has one on his building site.

  17. Meri,
    I'm sorry you are still a bit poorly - good thing the walk was not too hard on your lungs then...I was the only one left gasping...Actually I am getting used to this walk. In early days my daughter would leave me for dead but now I power up the stairs, racing Beloved...(I'm quicker!)

  18. Firelight.
    Hi there, I have to say Noosa is really heaven on earth, and many tourists and travellers and fellow Australians think so too. When we came over 30 years ago the population of the whole region - out to that mountain and surrounds, was about 8000 now we have a pop cap at 65,000.

  19. Reya,
    I'm glad that you can share my world as I do your city life.
    happy days

  20. Violet,
    Thanks for coming and being such a good sport. Sorry that koala wasn't lower down. One day I'll find one...

  21. Jennifer,
    I look forward to your walk too.
    I'm happy to have your company on mine. Shall we stop for a coffee after next walk and catch up?

  22. Morning Delwyn!

    I love that walk!..I have send you an email.

    xxx Mona

  23. you can tell how much I come around your blog!..because I love it so much..

  24. Relaxing walk!
    Happy Easter!

  25. Mona
    PSS and it makes me happy to see you, thank you...

  26. Welcome reyjr,
    how exciting to have a visitor from the Philippines. I look forward to visiting your blog. Happy Easter to you too.

  27. Welcome Zen,
    another interesting visitor, how wonderful for you to visit.
    I have been to see you and will return
    Happy Days

  28. Another wonderful walk...I feel as though I have taken a quick trip to Australia when you do this...Thanks!

  29. Hi Oliag,
    doing some time travelling huh?

  30. Wow! There was a sleeping kapla! I wonder how do they (animal) including birds do that!
    I love the image with a little yellow accent on against the green and easy glimpse of cozy shadow cast of the white wall:)

  31. Yoon see, yes we often see them and I am waiting for a close up one day for you all...
    I hadn't noticed that shadow - that's your artist's eye ...


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