Friday, April 17, 2009

A Hoarder ...


I have been hoarding these awards but now it is time to be generous and share them around.

The Pay it forward award was given to me by the dear Lizzy of frizzfrock.

This award I am giving to the caring and thoughtful Dan at mindfulheart because his work with littlies at kindergarten level and his concern about the environment coupled with his daily gratitude practice epitomize the spirit of that award.

The Renee award (in honour of that very special and loving Renee that we all have encountered) recognises loving, kind words of encouragement and this I am giving to Lizzy frizzfrock (knowing that she already has one but this is where I feel it belongs:

and to Mona at monas-inbox, both of whom are never guilty of hoarding their loving comments.
The renee award came to me from artist Yoon see at Greener Pastures.

The very fresh and sweet Lola of aglio, olio & peperoncino gave me the Palabras Como Rosas award. The spanish words translate to "Words Like Roses" and I now have pleasure in passing on this special award to Meri of merismusing because Meri has a way with words that makes their meaning and allusions linger like the sweet perfume of rose petals...

From aus lorri at artivity I received this fab award and I want the very friendly Tulsa at the art of living in Japan to know that I think she has a fab blog full of interesting Japanese daily adventures.

The sweet and loving Sarahlulu at serendipitylulu gave me the refreshing thirst quenching Lemonade stand, the award of which represents unstinting good attitude and gratitude. Mr Cuban of cubaninlondon fits that category perfectly.

Yes I have two of these, the latest one has just arrived from the super creative and inspiring Julie/Julochka at and I am happy to pass it on in the spirit of its makers to
the sweet and generous moonshin at

Thank you to all of the above for enhancing my blogging experience and my life, and thank you to all bloggers who spend time at my pages and allow me the privilege of getting to know you and enjoying your company.



  1. Ooh dear Delwyn what would i do without you!..I am so used to have you as part of my life every day!..i speak to you more then to my family back in Holland..sorry you have been a bit lonely today but it is all good again you are back on the blog!
    I can have the Renee award! thank you, I will gladly take it with me to Brisbane and give it a place in my world.
    Like you always say:happy days!..( you should design a award that says these words)
    xxx Mona

  2. Back again forgot to take the award!

    xxx Mona

  3. oh man, this reminds me of several others i have to pass on....i'm so bad at doing this, but happy to see i wasn't the only one who thought of you for the renee award. :-)

    happy weekend, hope your blog feed gets fixed! :-)

  4. Hello Delwyn, I was concerned about your posting when I read your comment on my blog-- but glad that everything seems to be OK now! I resume posting tomorrow, and boy have I missed you all! Regarding your today's post, I don't understand at all about these awards? who gives them in the first place and are you supposed to foward them on? You can tell I am fairly new to all this!!!

  5. I just got home and thought I'd check out posts before starting to cook dinner and I find that I can see your blog again! What happened???
    Now I'm happy double time because of your kind words! I will happily hang the award on my blog's wall! Thank you so much;-)

  6. wow...i can't believe i just got an award. really? really?!
    i am so happy! especially because you are the one who gave it to me, Delwyn. that makes the award EXTRA SPECIAL and me EXTRA HAPPY.

    thank you, Delwyn. You've made my day =)

  7. I can't imagine anything more RIGHT and PROPER than showering you with awards, Delwyn. Bravo!!

    (standing ovation, cheering, enthusiastic whistling, confetti, roses thrown at your feet)

  8. Many, many, many thanks for this award. i enjoy coming to your blog and soaking up your exposes on Japanese culture. Your illustrations and photos are fantastic and your articles always interesting. I look forward to more of the same, preferably with a side salad of radish, olives and raw onions, please ;-)! Ta muchly, I really appreciate it.

    Greetings from London.

  9. Gracias. The "Words Like Roses" award is lovely and your kind words touched my heart. As you can see, I'm browsing blogs rather than getting down to the decision of what to write and what images to post. I saved 144 photos from my little field trip yesterday.

  10. Very feel happy and proud of you. Yeah, you have got so many awards and you really deserve them!
    Continue your great effort on sharing your life "Wow experience" with us Delwyn!
    We are very glad to have you as friend:)
    Have a good n passionate weekend ahead.
    I understand your situation. Just stay cool and be patient, the bad cloud is just about to go away!

  11. Mona,
    that's a good idea...
    I am honoured to be part of your blogging sisters I believe!

  12. Delphine,
    I left a message at your place...
    all is working now, hallelujah!

  13. Tulsa,
    I am glad I added to your day.
    Re the blog mishap, my feed got stuck on your blog lists but I was still posting tho no-one thought so- it was very lonely...

  14. Moonshin, keep up the lovely posts...I appreciate your interested and thoughtful comments too...

  15. Reya,
    thank you my dear...I heard all that noise in my sleep...

  16. Mr Cuban

    perhaps crackers and brie...with a nice NZ white

  17. Meri-rose lady..
    I love that part whittling down the 100 to 10...I find picassa easy to work in to get the best idea of the quality. What do you use?

  18. Yoon see,
    you were right the black cloud has gone, I'm sitting in sunshine....oh happy days

  19. Congratulations on all your awards! xx

  20. Sarahlulu,
    thank you Sarah...tis fun to receive and to give...

  21. Holy crap have you ever won the jackpot with so many deserving awards.

    I was happy to see the beautiful award made by Bella and Ces given to you.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  22. Renee, thanks for the resounding compliments, I have a way to go to catch you tho...

    Your award will have a special meaning for lots of people who have come in contact with you and your generous spirit.
    Happy days


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