Saturday, April 25, 2009

Frilly Camouflage

* Frilly Camouflage *

Take a look at this photo
look carefully...
Do you see anything?
Look closely at that stick in the centre.
What do you see?

Let's come closer
See the legs and tail
of a baby frill neck lizard

He's keeping an eye on us
pretending he's not there
keeping very still

His little eye is following me
as I get closer
and bend down beside him

Look at his beautiful markings
such good camouflage
amongst the rocks
leaf litter and sticks

Can you see that from behind
he appears to have large owl eyes
and that flap of skin at
either side of his neck

can do this
when he is alarmed
and warning his foes off

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  1. Aww, what a beautiful little fella, good photo op. Delwyn! xx

  2. I love this little guy. He is very cute.

  3. The last pic was splendid.... the story behind was apt

  4. Hi there Yvonne,
    I thought so too -full of spunk
    Happy days

  5. Welcome Siva Ram,
    The last picture I borrowed, and it is incredible...
    Nice to chat with you...

  6. Priya - you are having a busy blogging day!

  7. I could only see it when I enlarged the photo.

    Great work Delwyn!!!!

  8. Doesn't the cleverness of Mother Nature astound you?

  9. What a smart animal indeed. That's so clever of you to show us step by step transformation. Thank you.

  10. A cool little miniature dinosaur! Thanks for sharing the nature of your country. LL

  11. Very neat. Obviously he wasn't afraid of you since he didn't puff up his frill. Nice photos.

  12. Delwyn, I have chosen you for meme of the moment if you are so inclined to participate. The info is at my blog.

  13. Lizzy,
    No he was very apprehensive, and the last photo is a borrowed one - not my little fella...
    Happy days

  14. Lorenzo, Thanks for your company and appreciation...

  15. Lakeviewer, good morning
    they are actually very intelligent creatures. I read that his cousin the monitor lizard can count to six!
    Happy days

  16. Meri,
    It does and it's wonderful to have it on my doorstep.
    Happy days

  17. Saraslulu,
    Isn't our country full of amazing creatures and flora...
    Happy days

  18. Hi Delwyn..I would love to have them In my garden!..I have seen larger ones by the river but maybe they are water dragons? ..,what a beautiful hot day today..just came back from the market with all the goodies!life is good in Australia!

    xxx Mona

  19. Mona,
    Happy Sunday to you,
    Yes it must be 30*. We are having a little rest after markets at 6am and then chores, and hope to muster up some energy for a paddle around 4pm.
    Fresh sour dough bread from the French stall made a good lunch for us...

  20. Wow! At first I thought it's just some great greens' images.
    When i studied a little bit longer, it's cool Camouflages of some great lizards...
    Ha..Ha..How clever!

  21. Yoon see,
    I'm glad that you are thrilled by the same things that I am...

  22. Cheeky chappy, I did spot him lurking--he would have done well in Elizabethian times with his ruff!

  23. Hi Delphine,
    and this is a lovely coloured one too
    happy Days

  24. Knowing this might sound odd...but a little 'trivia' about me..I LOVE LIZARDS!

  25. Tulsa,
    well that's great and you had better come and see me tomorrow...
    Til then
    Happy Days

  26. have some very interesting reptiles down you can probably tell I am Not a great lover of all things reptilian...

  27. Oliag
    well you can watch at a distance this way...


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