Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today's Treasures


When I step outside the door I meet the gang of cardinals
busily eating the debris that the bats have discarded,
from the fig trees.

Then I am accosted by the neighbour's giant
golden hibiscus flowers.

What colours...

Five petals, five stamen
nature likes odd numbers

And then the magnolias unfold...

Across the road a banksia flower with leaves
furry and wet from the overnight rain.

Little red fluffy caterpillars
creep along a low brick wall

The rainbow lorikeets, never sitting still,
are tricky to capture.
They chatter and jump and flutter their wings.
This fellow has lost his colour in my image
but makes a nice near silhouette.

One busy blackbird

A tumbling bouganvillea

One watchful puddy tat

A majestic Bird of Paradise

and one lonesome ant...

These are the treasures from today's walk



  1. wow...i'm in a complete awe. it seems to me that your doorstep opens right into heaven.

    so beautiful!

    i love the magnolia in your photo by the way. one of the things that i like about your pictures is that they always look so naturally beautiful. like a professional make up artist, you have enhanced their beauty even more. nice work, Delwyn.

  2. I love visiting your blog for a dose of seeing the beauty that IS around us, all of us. You live in a particularly beautiful corner of the world.

    But how would any of us know that unless you opened your eyes and heart wide to see the beauty in your world, coupled with the will to share your appreciation with your readers?

    Thank you for your efforts to sweeten the world!

  3. Hello little Moonshin, how are you today?

    The beauty of these photos belongs solely to the subjects. The photographs are straight out of my little point and shoot digital - no enhancements, just nature...just treasures.

  4. Dan, hello there,
    There's no doubt this is a beautiful spot but my subjects are not extraordinary - in the sense that they are found everywhere, and I just enjoy looking... and I enjoy sharing them too, thanks Dan.

  5. We live in treasure land.


  6. Mona - that we do 'treasureland' - good one Mona

    Happy days

  7. What lovely colors; what charming pictures. Delwin, I can leave my grey skies and pop into this post and have a summer bounty of flora.

  8. Oh gee, what a great way for me to be greeted back into the world! (I was sick for a few days lol...) The variety of flowers and birds are amazing! Thank you for taking us on this beautiful walk.

  9. That was so incredibly lovely. I'm rather awestruck and at a loss for appropriate words. Thank you for the beautiful stroll through your neighborhood.

  10. Nice photos from your walk. I took some nice bird photos last Saturday. A mockingbird (Texas' state bird) posed for me for quite a while as did the magnificent scissor-tail flycatcher (photos to come). Thanks for sharing your beautiful world!

  11. It is fun catching up on your walks and musings!...Your flora and fauna are so different from my part of the world...I love the magnolia photos especially!

  12. Rosaria,
    hello to you today,
    aren't we lucky to be able to share the beauty of the whole world...

  13. Tulsa,
    I have missed you and hope that you are better now.
    I hope you were up to a gentle stroll.
    take care

  14. Lizzy,
    good to see you, I'll look forward to your birds. Mine are a bit pesky and won't sit still...

  15. Oliag,
    how's things?
    Funny that the magnolia seems to flower in the US spring but is doing the same in my early autumn.

  16. Welcome Pyzahn
    to the land of lovely walks and beautiful flowers...
    I hope you can come again, I am always eager for a companion. I will walk over your way later for a look at your garden.
    Happy Days

  17. I love the close up of "Five petals, five stamen
    nature likes odd numbers" the most. So abstractly painted:)

  18. Sorry, what I mean, the image is like a beautiful paster painting!
    I can feel the very curly and orderly contour brush stroke!!!
    Thanks for these upclose exotic flowers and the cat photo is a laugh. What a humble cool cat!

  19. BTway, I have never seen this type of amazingly cool golden hibiscus with fine grain and contrast.
    Yes, I saw the same colour before but it's just a normal one.

  20. Wow, how beautiful. This treasures really make my day. Paula

  21. Hi Yoon see,
    yes that magnolia, even though it is white on a pale sky, still shows its lovely shape.
    The hibiscus lines appear like fine arteries transporting nutrients.

  22. Paula and Skip, welcome
    I am pleased you called by and enjoyed the walk.
    I will visit you soon
    Happy Days

  23. If you you could transport the scent of that magnolia! Does it bloom twice a year for you? Ours only bloom in the spring - which, at the moment seems so far away, again.

    And what a magnificent hibiscus. That would cause me to slow down immediately.

  24. Hello Violet,

    The hibiscus here have a tendency to be outrageous in their size and colours...

    I will have to watch that magnolia tree now to see when it next flowers...and I'll report back.

  25. I love the way you find wonders in your every day. That's a gift!

  26. Hello Tom,
    I'm glad that you can see them too,
    and what's more you write about then so well.
    Happy days

  27. A lovely walk you had. It takes me back to my recent walks with my Aussie grandsons in Bondi.
    Everything is interesting through kids' eyes (or through our kid-like eyes).

  28. Hi Dina,
    so you were in Au recently?
    I am learning to have 'kid's eyes' again...

  29. I really enjoy being able to go along on your walks and getting to see the the different beauty of your landscape. Here, there is nothing like that hibiscus or magnolia, and our cardinals are vivid red. Thanks for bringing me along!

  30. Jennifer, its a pleasure -you are such sweet company...


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