Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just Leaves


Come on...

Come down these steps with me.
We are going to visit a leafy garden
under the shade of the rain forest
It's cool and damp
it has just rained
watch your step
Don't slip...

Today we are going to look at leaves

They are just leaves
but aren't they just beautiful.



  1. When you take the time to "really" look there is Beauty to be seen in everything.
    I will use the pattern of the green leave with the purple rim in my drawing i have been setting up today.
    I have been waiting for a post from you today!
    Bye for now xxx Mona

  2. Hello my friend...

    I wanted to leave the award one on til all the recipients have seen them...still 2 to go but it's time for a new post...a very leafy one...

    The cordylines are grossly under valued for their beauty I think. There is such a range of colours...

    I am looking at my lovely Mona-flowers right now...
    happy days (I think I will make that award!)

  3. Love the lush tropical leaves Delwyn, they would mostly ALL be turned to mush at our first frost, which will happen any day now.

  4. Dear Delwyn,those plants you posted in here,beside orchides,I try to grow in grey,cold Holland,in my room,can you imagine what kind of optimist I am? :O) Beautifull,may I send you a hug?Ciao Sandra

  5. Those of us in cool climates wish a bit of lushness and colorful beauty you explore. It's a virtual acquaintance, but still appreciated.

  6. Sarahlulu,
    where are you, Armidale?
    what frosts already! It has been cooler here overnight but still 28 today.

  7. Aleksandra,
    Do you grow the bromeliads indoors? The ones with the spotty leaf?
    I have some indoors too. I bring them in from my 'bromeliad hospital' in the shade outside, where I pull the babies off the sides of the plants and replant them. The parent doesn't flower again.

  8. P.S. Aleksandra - thanks for the warm hug...
    Happy Days

  9. Hi Rosaria,
    Its nice to be able to pass this colour on to others.

    Aren't you up late? Insomnia???

    sleep tight my friend...

  10. many different types of leaves...just as gorgeous as flowers!

  11. Fascinating! We currently have a zebra plant in our kitchen.

  12. I saw lots of those plants Thursday. . . in a greenhouse conservatory. It's not even warm enough here in the summer for most of those plants to thrive outdoors. Our typical summer temps run 23 C or so. It sometimes gets up to 35 C but everyone whines because they're not used to it. Typical summer evenings are 15 C or so. You often have to wear a light sweater on summer evenings.

  13. YOur close ups along with the drops of rain and wet on the leaves just brings us right into the tropical rainforest feel - I can almost smell it. Thank you.

  14. Tulsa,
    and as colourful too...thanks for your feedback re the postings...

  15. rhymeswithplague
    hello again to you,
    It's good that these plants thrive indoors. I bring some in over winter too.

  16. Jennifer,
    yes it was a great time to be taking photos, so clear and sparkly...breathe deeply and you will smell the damp earth and wet leaves on the forest floor...and listen there's the whippet bird....

  17. Meri,
    Now its autumn the nights have cooled here -down to 20* and they will fall to 10 at the coldest time of the year, but the days are up to 28* still. It's the best time of year. For years Beloved and I got up at 5.30 two mornings a week, all year round, and went out on the river or the beach with a PT. It would be dark leaving home and cold in winter and we always said that if the temp dropped below 10 we wouldn't go, but we did on the few really cool days. Now we wonder how we kept it up for so long. This morning being Sun was market morning and I set the alarm for 5.30 but it was still very dark... We got there by 6am but by 7am it was bustling. It's now 8.30 and the caffeine from the market has me fired up, eating my muesli and pawpaw, then it's time for all the chores...later a walk up the steps !!!! and apaddle at the end of the day...Oh happy days...

  18. Willow, hello my blogging friend- happy sunday to you...

  19. I can almost feel the moisture while looking at those leaves...beautiful photos!

  20. Ah, I have such a lot of this "Greenis Vegetatis" at my place - - reminded me of my old Dad who used to say - "Stop sulking and eat up your spinnach"

  21. Oliag, happy Sunday to you...

  22. Alden, now don't get confused and eat this greenery...or smoke it...

  23. Hi DELWYN
    Leaves aren't JUST leaves. We wouldn't have plants without them. We wouldn't have many of the wonderful natural designs they spawn, and which inspire us - without them.
    They help exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen, helping us (and the earth itself)breathe. Plants placed indoors and looked after carefully can refresh the air in our homes. On and on ...
    June also in Oz

  24. These leaves are the flowers of leaves. They are the stars of leaves. They are the sun of leaves.

    The hot pink one doesn't even look real Delwyn.

    Love Renee xoxo

  25. June,
    absolutely, they aren't just leaves, they are marvels of nature...

  26. Renee, they are the whole cosmos!!!!!

  27. Hi Delwyn,isn't green a fresh, clean colour! I have no idea where it got the reputation of being an unlucky colour? Great pictures. regarding the comment you left on my blog about " Plum Village ", I have found it! It is just below St Foy le Grande, in the region Dordogne of France. Chris and I have marked it as a future visit, so thankyou again! Its good to be back!

  28. Delphine, So glad that you found it and maybe can visit Plum Village. What a beautiful name.

  29. Oh Delwyn,
    thank you. I really needed that walk with you. The quiet rustling of leaves. The remnants of rain. The light on that path.


  30. fertile forest scent
    warm humid land calls me back
    drop on zebra leaf

  31. Lola - glad to have you walking with me...

  32. Katherine,
    Hi there
    you are a clever pixie,
    a lovely leafy haiku...

    You captured my friend's garden essence
    happy days


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