Friday, April 3, 2009

Mona's Art


I have been sitting on a couple of awards for some time. Today I want to pass on one of those to a very fine and special woman.

The sisterhood award came to me from the ever ebullient and friendly Natalie at Musings from the deep, and honours a shared commitment to blogging but more importantly that shared camaraderie, support and encouragement, and generosity of spirit that arises from blogging.

Mona Van Dijk has been by my side since I began blogging in January of this year. Although she only lives 2.25 hours away we have not met but I hope that we will before too long.

Every day Mona contributes sincere, thoughtful comments to my posts and genuine words of encouragement and appreciation. The addition of her thoughts and feelings regarding the content of the post engenders a conversation between us and builds a deepening rapport.

In addition to being a warm and generous person, Mona is an accomplished artist. Her wonderful work continually surprises me with its creativity, intricacy and beauty.

I am going to show you a small selection of Mona's art and I suggest that you look further on her blog, Mona's-inbox to enjoy more of her work.

The first of Mona's pieces is titled Palm Trees:

Palm Trees

This is one of my favourite pieces of Mona's work that I have seen to date. The painting is an A 4 size using Japanese water colours as paint and the details have been relined with black permanent ink pen.

Reflection Trees

Acrylic paint on canvas A 5 size.

The Knitted Trees

In this felted piece, Mona used used Australian merino wool, tussah and mulberry silk, (tussah silk is not as shiny as Mulberry silk) and the trees were knitted with silk yarn.


The beautiful Treeflowers painting is an A 4 size, using Japanese water colours and the details have been done with a permanent black ink pen.

I am very fortunate to have found a blogging sister such as the warmhearted, kind and very talented Mona.




  1. What a lovely introduction to Mona, on the occasion of the sisterly award. Congratulations. It is always fun for me to drop in and visit with you.

  2. Absolutely love Mona's work, it is exquisite. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.Go Mona! You rock!

  3. Mona's work is lovely. Delwyn, as I've said before you contribute so much art to the world via your blog. You introduce us to work we never would have seen without your input! Thanks.

  4. Rosaria,
    Hello there,
    I like to have you visit and add your comments. And I am honoured to introduce mt friend Mona. Thanks.

  5. Natalie, Hi

    thanks for being so supportive of a fellow Australian!!!

  6. Ohhhhhhhhh isn't it beautiful!?!??!

  7. Good morning Lizzy,
    I am glad to be able to contribute this way. I am not an artist and I just write posts about things that captivate and interest me so this art exposition is something that has just happened.
    I'm happy that others enjoy some of the same things that I do.
    Happy days

  8. Hi Sarah Lulu
    Mona is a wonderful artist isn't she. I love the vibrant colours, the detail and the aboriginal dot style that some have.
    I hope your week has wound down ok and you have a relaxing time in the rain. Are you flooded in?
    Happy days

  9. Hello Delwyn

    Thank you for the award and making a post about me and my art!..what do i do now with the award as I don't know this ( hi hi )like i always say nice post again!! ha ha.
    Al you dear lady's as well you have all made this day into a even more brighter one with all your comments..Delwyn is bringing some pretty and amazing people together!
    Have a nice evening, i don't drink but will have a toast with my cuppa for you all!

    Mona xxx

  10. Hi there Mona,

    well happy days to you too...

  11. Message to Mona:

    Mona, your painting 'Reflection Trees' is enchanting. I have no idea how you did it, but I was hypnotised by it. It's absolutely beautiful. Many thanks to you and to delwyn for including in her post today. I will be making my way to your very own blog in no time.

    Greetings from London.

  12. Mr C,
    thank you so much for those kind words for Mona, I will pass them on.
    Happy days

  13. Having never been artistic myself, I look at other people's art and think " where do they start"? Where do the ideas come from , and then the dedication that follows? What happens if they make a mistake , especially on intricate designs such as these, do they start all over again?

  14. Thank you, Delwyn, for introducing us to Natalie and Mona. I'll be off over to their blogs right now. Mona's art is an inspiration - I particularly like her brilliant piece 'The Knitted Trees'. It has a very African feel to it, I think.

  15. Delphine, how are you and the patient?

    It's like a foreign language isn't it to those of us without the genes.

  16. Hello Tessa.

    I'll pass the message on to Mona,
    thank you for commenting.

  17. Ha ha ha this has been so much fun Delwyn!

    Thanks for passing on the messages ...I will have a look at Tessa's blog wright now..have a nice evening Delwyn!

    XXx mona

  18. Ciao! There are many reasons for me to be grateful. One, you have introduced me to yet another blogland artist, Mona. Her talent is brilliant, and I am in love with her Treeflowers. Secondly, I'm glad to have finally "met" you, I have read your comments on other blogs of our Salon community and they are an inspiration. I'm eager to read your posts now. Thirdly, I would like to thank you for stopping by my little kitchen and becoming a regular there. Ciao

  19. Lola,
    thank you for that welcoming chat. I look forward to sitting in your kitchen.
    Happy Days

  20. Sorry to be tardy with my comment, I wasn't online for a few days, but I wanted to give a heartfelt echo to the many comments above: your steady introduction to talented artists and I feel happy looking at Mona's work.

  21. Good morning to you today Jennifer, I will pass on your warn remark to Mona.
    And thank you also for the encouragement to keep on posting stories that display wonderful work.

  22. Jennifer - of course it was a WARM remark... My fingers are quicker than my proofing ...


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