Sunday, April 26, 2009



We're going on a rain forest walk,
through the Tanglewood Track.
Grab your camera and water bottle...

We're here on the track
it's so peaceful
and quiet
just the occasional whip bird.
Now keep straight ahead
don't veer left...

See the fresh green bracken

and look up at the tangled sky

up the steps and
around the corner

we pass the vibrant ferns
on the path edges

look at the sun tickling
the old brown tree trunk

and over here
can you see the tangled trees
in a lover's embrace

dancing a slow waltz
in the breeze

Look at this bank of fern
greener than green

and tangled vines
twisting to the sky

tangled, twisted spiral knots

a tiny little tangle vine
setting off on a lifetime's journey

tangles dropping from the trees

and launching upward
from the roots

creating beautiful patterns
like sculpture

and now you can see
why this path is called
the Tanglewood Track



  1. Beautiful trees and pics. Thanks Delwyn.x

  2. Oh my! This brings back so many happy memories of rainforest walks I took in Queensland years ago.
    One day, if you would please indulge me and post some photographs of everyday Brisbane, I would be thrilled to bits.

  3. Wow... looks to have been a splendid peaceful walk...

    Once the summer started here, we keep making similar walks into the forest here in stuttgart... and the best part is we never get lost, the GPS tracks every path inside the forest too.. :-))

    Check out our pics last week

  4. Natalie, We meet again at this time - the 'after children put to bed' bewitching hour!!!

  5. Priya

    I live a couple of hours from Brisbane but Mona at 'Love for Art' lives in Brisbane and I think she visits you. Let me check it out. I rarely go down to the big smoke...
    I will see what I can do...

  6. Hi Siva Ram,
    so you are moving into spring ?
    I will come and look...
    Happy Days

  7. @ oh yah... we live in different hemispheres.. yeah its SPRING time here...

  8. Siva Ram,
    well we are subtropical here so our temperatures don't vary greatly. Today was still hot for Aurumn and 30* but the night will drop down to 17* or so. Is your part of India hot all year round?

  9. 'The Big Smoke???'Gee! I wonder what you will say about Bangalore then!

  10. Oh Delwyn, lovely lovely lovely.

    Thank you.

  11. Wow the lushness is almost overwhelming! All those twisting branches and vines are incredible, like something I think only exists in movies.

    Thanks for taking us along on your walk!

  12. Beautiful Delwyn! I am wondering if the vines end up killing the trees to which they attach themselves. Here we have wild grapes that climb the pine trees & eventually kill them. We also have a vine that was introduced to prevent erosion called kudzu (Japanese, I think) which takes over forests & is almost non-stoppable. It was a terrible mistake to introduce it here in the southern part of the U.S. At least our grapes are indigenous to the area.

    I love the photo of "the waltz". The vine looks very feminine with a leg wrapped around its partner. Lovely.

  13. just what I need for inspiration..beautiful peaceful..

    goodnight for now....

  14. That is just so cool and something I have never seen. I wish I could have really joined you. It is so cold and miserable here today and through the rest of the week.

    thanks for the green and the sunshine.

  15. Hello Delwyn, nice to meet you, thanks for popping over to my blog.

    Great photos, I love the ones of the tangled trees. I've just spend the whole weekend walking around the city and your pics made me miss the countryside. Maybe next weekend...

  16. Hi Delwyn,

    You showed us some very interesting formations of vines. With their flowing curves and graceful loops, they are sensual, aren't they?

    Is Tanglewood Track close to where you live?

  17. Wow I'm so glad I visited to see these amazing trees.
    Thank you so much for sharing Delwyn.x

  18. Kayla coo,
    good to see you on the tanglewood,
    Happy Days

  19. Dan
    the vine is very feminine you're right. The track is in the National Park, 2 mins from home. I have a map ready on the next walk posting so you can see better the lay of the land.
    Happy school Days

  20. Polly, well perhaps my rainforest walk balanced you out!
    Happy Days

  21. Hi Jules, snowing again at your place !

    Well its still warm here at 30* (celcius)yesterday even tho its supposed to be Autumn. I'll come by your way later for coffee!

    Happy Days

  22. Mona,

    YES you could do something wonderful with all those tangles- remember them?

    Happy creating days

  23. Lizzy,
    I thought the same way when I looked at 'the waltz'.

    The vines aren't strangling the trees so they seem to co-exist comfortably. They are more looping lolliping tangles. They have cleared some because you used to have to walk through a few.
    The introduced species have become terrible pests here too. Same with some of the the fauna like the cane toad. It was supposed to clear the sugar cane of vermin, but its highly toxic and the goannas die from eating them...they have spread like wild fire.

  24. Reya,
    Yes a rainforest makes a good movie set, that's why so many movies have been set on Kauai - think Jurassic Park...for example...

    Things are very green here after the huge rainfalls we had, but quite as easily it could not rain for 3 consecutive months now...our winter can be very dry...
    Down where the bush fires were in Victoria it is snowing - very early in the season...

  25. Sarah,
    we'll never tire of it will we?

  26. Priya,

    I'm just a small town gal!
    Brisbane actually is nothing like a big smoke is it? It's so spread out and rather parochial still.
    But it is a pretty city on the river.

  27. I think I would enjoy a walk in this peaceful forest of yours. And I very much like the word "tanglewood" :)

  28. Beautiful 'waltzing trees' and lush forests. Thank you for the field trip in your tropical forest.

  29. Jelica,
    How are thing's going there?

    The name is very apt and very lovely.

  30. Hello Rosaria,

    Glad you could come...How's the garden going?

  31. The sculptures of nature are the best...
    The pictures are so nice, I feel like I can actually smell all the trees!

  32. Hi Tulsa,

    The rainforest tracks are always a pleasant place to be, especially when you find a sculpture...

  33. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  34. BBM
    I found your comment odd so removed it. Can you explain what you meant?

  35. Oh, how wonderful to meander along with you on that magical trail! There is something so mystical and poetic about rain forests. Thank you, Delwyn.

  36. Thanks for the beautiful hike through Tanglewood...nice post

  37. Tessa,
    I never tire of these walks and just about to go out the door (it's 8.20am tues) and walk it all over again...

  38. bbmcclain,
    good morning, want to walk it again...I'm just leaving...grab your hat...I'll meet you at the park gates...

  39. Wow! I can't believe my eye.
    What a beauty and magical treat for its pattern and sculpture form:)
    yeah, let it continue to launch higher and higher!

  40. I love all things botanical!...It is a lot of fun going on these walks with you!

  41. Yoon see
    aren't they so gorgeous, all different...

  42. Oliag,
    please have fun walking ,
    I'm always out and about...
    Happy walking days


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