Tuesday, April 14, 2009

National Park Treasures


Last weekend we took a late afternoon walk in the National Park around the bays to Dolphin Point. I am happy to report that the walk was festooned with treasures.

common coastal wildflower

A crevice of tiny moss plant

My favourite lichen dotted rocky outcrop

the beauty of a dessicated bracken

The carbuncular trunk of the Pandanus Tree

Spider egg sac

A young Pandanus plant

The homeward rise

The last surfers of the day

The sun is dropping low

and the Chinese lanterns have closed up for the night.



  1. i think .. u like nature... nice pics... visit nine... u will like it...

  2. A bit tired from the refreshing walk now,I better get some sleep.


  3. Such beautiful scenery, with an appreciative photographer to notice and record it. Thanks, Delwyn.

  4. Mmm. So lovely. Thank you for sharing the teasures you discovered on your walk!

  5. love the picture of the trees silhouetted against the sun. beautiful....because of your blog, Delwyn...i appreciate nature even more.

    the pandanus must have smelled sweet...

    upon reading the post, i have this image of you with a camera strapped around your neck and a flower in your hair...peacefully walking and taking pictures... =)

  6. Welcome Siddharth Misrty,
    I do like nature so I will pay you a visit.

  7. Mona, hope you woke feeling bright and sprightly for the SUNNY warm day ahead...

  8. Meri,
    I'm happy to share it with you
    Happy Days

  9. Moonshin,
    I am happy that you are enjoying nature more...does the pandanus smell? the fallen fruit can be sweet smelling...

    The camera is a tiny point and shoot so it gets stuffed into my pocket...

  10. Dan,
    These treasures are for sharing...
    thanks for visiting...

  11. it doesn't? well...i guess the one in my backyard is of different family. we call it pandan too...so, i thought it was the same since it looks kind of similar.

    =)oh...you stuffed your camera in your pocket... cool...

  12. The homeward rise photo is simply gorgeous! My favorite...

  13. Oliag, hi there,

    Some scenes are just crying out to be photographed and that was one...

  14. Lizzy sent me over, and what a treat on getting here. Lovely photographs, especially the sea ones.

  15. Welcome Fire Byrd,
    Lizzy must have known we'd have something in common!
    I am going to enjoy your part of the world...

  16. A Frog
    An ancient pond
    a frog jumps in
    the splash of water


    My Favorite Haiku, I like your blog , some of the pictures were beautiful.

  17. Welcome Printemps,
    Thank you for your nice comments...

    I see you have a thing about frangipani - such a beautiful flower with exquisite perfume...

  18. Hi Delwyn, just wanted to say you have some great photos on your blog.


  19. These pictures are so serence and inviting.
    I love all of them, very hate to decide which is my favoutite:)
    But the textured ones are precious!

  20. Yoon see, I took them for you...

  21. Jelica,
    welcome to Qld, I am glad to meet you and will come and visit you in Hungary very soon...
    happy days


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