Thursday, April 2, 2009



One of the good things about being dogless is that I have more freedom in my choice of walking routes.
This week I walked through the Noosa National Park, at my doorstep, around the coastline via Ti Tree Bay, Granite Bay, The Fairy Pools, Dolphin Point, planning to walk all the way to Sunshine Beach. Don't the beaches and bays have colourful names? All except our main tourist beach which is called - well, Main Beach.

This walk would take my Japan-walk buddy and I across Alexander Beach, Noosa's unofficial nudist beach. It is quite possible to walk this long, wide swathe of sandy beach without having to view (if you would prefer not to) the varied anatomy of beach goers there, but it always amazes me that there are inevitably one or two men who just have the burning need to tear down helter skelter from the sand dunes across the hot sand, to right where you are walking, and then saunter past you whilst the crown jewels sparkle in the sunshine.

But by the time we reached Hell's Gates, a rocky headland with dangerous swirling cauldrons in rough seas, we were hot, and decided to forgo the remainder of the walk in lieu of a good cup of coffee back at Main Beach.

It was a wise choice because I managed to snap these glimpses of the park shoreline through the trees as I walked along the coastal track.

Leaving, the sky was dull and drizzly...

Pandanus trees at Little Cove Beach

Surfers enjoying the waves at Ti Tree Bay

Holiday makers taking a break

Pandanus Trees

The aerial roots of the Pandanus Tree

A Banksia Tree framing the beach

A stand up paddler going for a wave.

Glimpse of the North Shore across the river mouth
with Mount Pomona in the background..

One last rise to climb before we smell the coffee.



  1. Ooooh, Delwyn! Thanks for posting these photos. You live in such a beautiful area, what must that be like to experience such beauty every day? How wonderful for you. I know, I know, one can see beauty in all sorts of places...but yours is really extraordinary!

  2. Hi there Jennifer,
    We are very lucky to live here. It is a very beautiful part of the world.
    Originally we came from NZ on holiday and whilst here we both thought 'why go back'... While on the holiday we were contacted by an agent friend who said, 'I can sell your home', so it all fell into place.

    Noosa has a great range of natural beauty - I should hunt out some good web sites and list them one post. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Just a few weeks ago, I came across a job posting for Tonga. I got so excited about the idea of selling everything here, to go experience living in such a place. My husband was just as excited. After starting the application process, I thought about my grandchild, and the one that is due to be born September 26th, and decided I did not want to miss its birth. Perhaps I should have looked into how often I would be given the opportunity to fly back before I decided against it....

  4. Jennifer, wow, Tonga would be an experience, I know it has a king or did have - Is it a NZ protectorate? A large number of Tongans migrate to NZ.
    I can understand not wanting to miss the wonderful experience of a grandchild...maybe later the opportunity may present itself again...

  5. I have so many good memories of Noosa,it is truly a magical place,I have not been there for years I think it is time for a visit again.
    I used to spot Koala's there and have taken that walk plenty of times with my mother.
    The walk along sunshine beach up the hill into the national park ( forgot the name of the park) i will never forget because I got lost there for hours in the pouring rain! ...we did get home safely it raining your way today? it is wild weather here in Brisbane.
    xxx Mona

  6. Hello Mona, yes I got in a walk in the drizzle then it came down cats 'n dogs!
    A good reason to stay in front of the computer.

    We'll get together if you come up this way???

    That walk up from the doggy beach at the north end of Sunshine beach and through the park is a good one. That's where we had thought of going in this walk.
    In our training for Japan-walk we would walk from the National Park right around to Sunshine Beach, recover at the deli and make our way back... It worked, we were fit...

  7. Fabulous pictures of a beautiful place. We are originally from New Zealand,lived in Tonga for 18 months before settling in South Australia almost 20 years ago!

  8. Lucky lady you are Delwyn! :D

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics.

  9. Welcome aliadelaide,
    It's so nice to have you here. What a monumental task you have set yourself! You must be blessed with the patience and the perseverance of a saint.

    How do get get a chance to have your computer time?

    I am from Christchurch, and strangely, above, Jennifer talks today about going to Tonga to live - possibly.
    I will come and visit you shortly.
    Happy Days

  10. Hey Natalie,
    I hope you are all back on board now,
    Happy Days

  11. Delwyn I am completly jealous. What a lucky duck.

    Wednesday's Women are totally made up. There was no April Fools joke I made that up, but I thought you guys would have fun with it because of all the birthday stuff and the ego inflation.

    har har

    See you knew I wouldn't fall for it.

    Love Renee

  12. Renee, I am relieved to here that...but I do I hope that your 'ego inflation' gives you an enormous lift!

  13. Hi Delwyn,

    I love this post as I have a real affection for Noosa!

    I give thanks every day for living in such a beautiful country. I originally come from Scotland and now I live by the beach in a gorgeous suburb of Melbourne.

    I have fond memories of Noosa as we often go there with dear friends of ours.

    Thanks for reminding me!

  14. Welcome Yvonne,

    Its nice to welcome two Australians in one day...
    I'm glad that you have enjoyed Noosa. My great grandfather emigrated from Scotland to NZ many moons ago.
    I hope to see you again.

  15. thank you for sparing us any shots of the crown jewels! :-) the other pix are fantastic and almost bearable for me because the sun is actually shining today where i am! :-)

    i do love coming along on your walks.


  16. Julie, well I'm so glad to have the company, and also happy for you that it is warming up.

  17. Wow. What a beautiful area. Such natural beauty and living so close by.... lucky you.

    thank you so much for your support and kind words on my blog today. I am kinda upright again now. Very wary though.. damn kids, know what buttons to push.

    Thank you again, and I may just take up your offer of emailing you!!

    Luv Jen

  18. Jen -Glad to hear things are better...Anytime...

  19. Absolutely heavenly! I just got back from a long day at the office, and these pictures really helped me relax!

  20. The second photo is to die for. There's a funny combination in it that renders its opaque and yet uplifting (at least to me!) quality.

    Many thanks. Men dangling their wares whilst acting nonchalantly? It goes with the territory, dear, I'm afraid to say. Skinny-dipping is one of my favourite activities, although I have a sad tale to tell (too long for it now).

    Greetings from London.

  21. Hi Tulsa,
    I'm glad that my glimpses of paradise helped then...

  22. Good morning MR C.
    The 2nd photo was quite drizzly at the time so maybe that has given it that quality.

    Yes nonchalant is a word I should have used, I love that word too - it belongs on my list.
    Happy Days

  23. What a beautiful walk! Is there really a place called The Fairy Pools? All I can say is WOW!!

    Truth is, I've often thought about how liberated I'll feel when Jake finally passes. There's no rush, but it will be freeing in a sense.

    Love the exposed roots on that tree, and based on the way the sky changed, it seems like you timed your walk perfectly.

  24. Hi Reya,
    aren't the names so pretty and colourful.

    There is a great temptation to get a new puppy, especially with pressure coming from youngest daughter but I tell her we have to do our grieving now and also I don't want a puppy to be used to assuage those feelings of loss.

    We have some travelling to do this year so a new puppy will not be coming this way for a while.
    Happy days Reya

  25. I found the bookshelf! What fun! And Rohinton Mistry is one of my favourite authors - I particularly enjoyed 'A Fine Balance' read while I travelled on trains and boats and planes in India (heaven on earth). I am currently reading my way through a selection of novels by Richard Yates - the amazing realist author of 'Revolutionary Road'. Amanda

  26. Hi Amanda and welcome back to blogville,

    I will look up Richard Yates and let you know...

  27. Oh, oh, oh how utterly beautiful! Thanks you for sharing those lovely photographs with us and for taking us along with you on your walk, Delwyn. That absolutely made my day! Perfectly perfect!

  28. Hello there Tessa,
    I'm glad you can see a part of my world. I have so enjoyed the world of your travels and imagination.
    Happy days

  29. Kayla coo - Welcome to my corner of the cyber universe, Its nice to have you visit.


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