Saturday, April 4, 2009

Early Autumn


You can tell at night in bed, when you wake up wanting another cover that autumn is sneaking in. You can also tell when you can no longer paddle at sunset between 6 and 7 pm.
The day closes in very quickly here with no daylight savings. Fortunately our early autumn days are still in the 20-28*C range (72-88*F).

Walking this morning I noticed the abundant and varied bird life.

The multicoloured rainbow lorikeets were feasting
on the flowering gum trees.

My rainbow lorikeet is out of focus so
I have borrowed one from Colin Buckmaster at

All night long
listening to autumn winds
wandering in the mountains

Kawai Sora

And in particular I saw that one little woody patch
of casurinas, gums, ti trees and the odd cottonwood tree
adjacent to the river bank appeared to be a
favourite haunt of blackbirds and miners.

Without the dog I could get quite close and watch their antics.

The pair of very fat crows at the caravan park, where my walk detoured this morning, would not oblige and pose for me. They jumped about and argued over a remnant of garbage from the rubbish bin. Instead I have a group of crows courtesy of Korin Ogata, 1658-1716

Autumn has come
to the lonely cottage
buried in dense hop vines,
which no one visits

The Monk Eikei



  1. How rude of the birds not to co-operate! I adore Rainbow Lorikeets, one of God's little treasures for sure.
    What were the Blossom thingos? They reminded me of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.
    Very nice walk thanks, Delwyn.x

  2. Hello Natalie, they are a very small piece of fluffy flower on what looks like a native, I need to ask someone their name.
    Happy saturday my dear...

  3. The Rainbow Lorikeets are beautiful. We don't have those is the US. The poems are lovely. Have a great weekend. I need to take camera in hand & go for a nice walk along the river. :-) Lizzy

  4. Glorious springy, I mean autumn, colors on your walk, Delwyn. Lovely.

  5. The Lorikeets are always very happy ,little chatterboxes,the miners chase Dingo and he has a few scares on his had from them picking at him! favorite the butcher bird the black and white one in the picture,the song they sing vary from the area they live in very clever bird!
    Is it a nice day on your site of the coast Delwyn?,today autumn really presented itself I did go for a swim in a pool full of rain water!cold but so rewarding.
    Have a nice day !

  6. Hello Lizzy,
    Its a day for walking. I plan to take a late afternoon stroll up the river with my Beloved.
    Enjoy the weekend...

  7. Hi there Willow,
    We do get autumn leaves later.

    I will have to post some to prove we get some seasonal variation...
    happy days

  8. Hi to the famous Mona...
    The miners have a very harsh call too. I think my black and white bird is a magpie, who has a sweet warble. The butcher birds don't know how to sing - they screech and squeal - a raucous horrible sound.

    Good for you still swimming...The sun has been out, then it rained again, now it is warm, humid, very still but lovely. I'll walk later...

  9. We share our love for autumn - truly the best time of the year (in theory) in our part of the world. Bad luck about the floods right now!

    You love the Australian bush in much the same way as I do - look for the details, and the ugly/beauty.

  10. Hi June,

    I do agree that this is the best time of year.
    There are floods around here but being right on the coast we are OK, altho the river is very high and brown.
    happy days

  11. oeps did not want to give any misleading information!

    xxx Mona

  12. Happy fall! Love the feathers and yes yes I always love noticing the birds. The robins here are so LOUD, and begin singing well before dawn.

    Stay warm, enjoy the waning light. I love knowing it's not only spring (as it is here) but fall also. Thank you!

  13. With Reya, I am grateful to read your autumnal reflections in the midst of my spring. It help me hold the season's giddiness in balance and perspective.

    I've never lived in non-seasonal tropical climes as my son, Ted, is now living in Africa. I wonder what it would be like.

    I'm curious: how far south of the equator do you live? We're about 38 degrees north, enough for some seasonal variation.

  14. Hi Dan,

    Rockhampton, which is 5hrs drive north of here is on the tropic of Capricorn at 23* sth. We are about 26* sth, Brisbane 27.5*sth.

    Comparatively Hawaii is 23*Nth, that's why our climates are similar tho' our sun is hotter here and we don't get the cooling trade winds.

    I see that you are at 38* which would compare to Christchurch,NZ where I came from.
    Timaru is 45*Sth, supposedly the safest place in the world to live!

  15. Morning to you Reya,

    It is enjoyable sharing these differences. We call this season Autumn, Fall is not a phrase we use, tho I like it.

  16. If I lived where you are, I'd have an amazing collection of feathers.

    And photos.
    love the Lorikeets.

  17. Violet, this little collection was just lying there on the path under a popular bird resting tree - see all the droppings on the ground...


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