Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh Happy Days

I'm Back...

Blumenvase - Merello

Oh Happy days...


  1. Hello,hello Delwyn! Are you there?
    Sorry you were feeling lonely this morning, the cavalry are here!xx♥

  2. Just checking in. Everything seems to be working fine now. I just posted a tease. . . am too tired to do more tonight after a 10 hour trip to do photos.

  3. ...Sorry there was a glitch somewhere! So far I've been lucky with the blogging...A very happy painting you've shown us here...:)

  4. Thanks Natalie, but it's still not feeding... darn it

  5. Hi meri,

    yes you can get to me but the feed is stuck again...this time on the test I did...Isn't that what it says on your blog list?

  6. Hi Oliag,
    so nice to talk to someone again.

    The jolly feed is still not working...
    So frustrating wasting all this time too...

  7. ok, the test post fed into my google reader, but this one didn't. just so you know. no idea how one might fix that....i'll bet others are having the issue (my reader is pretty empty), so perhaps blogger has something on their issue blog.

  8. Hi Julie,
    I contacted the blog doctor and he suggested putting the url back into the settings which I think made the test work, not the next posts tho. He also said to install the feedburner thingy which I don't really want to have...

    I just want it back the way it was...I feel like having a tantrum!!!! Such a waste of time...

  9. Hooray, you're back! And congrats on your awards!

    Greetings from London.

  10. Glad to see you! How very kind of you to share all the awards and spread the good will. I am off to visit some of your honorees!

  11. Mr Cuban and Firelight,
    I am so glad to see my friends again...

    everything seems to be aok now

  12. I'm blown away by the Merello vase! The colours! The freedom of the marks! The excitement!
    I didn't know his work Delwyn and I looked him up on the web. He's brilliant.
    Thank you for the introduction.
    June also in Oz

  13. Hi June,
    I found him by chance a year ago and loved so many of his works, especially the flowers but also the girl in profile La Nina de Constantinopla.

    I think I should make a post on him...

  14. Yeahhhhhh I missed you!!!!!!!!!

  15. I can't make my mind up as to whether this is a Blumen vase, a blooming vase or a blimmin vase - but whatever its correct description it is exquisite.

  16. Alden, at the time I was saying a lot of 'b' words - my blog feed had become stuck so it appeared I had gone into hibernation...


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