Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Power of Words


The Power of Words

Words have a magic
a special power
that can conjure up imagery
and captivate you
They can evoke feelings
and affect our moods
or tickle our imagination,
stimulate ideas, provoke thoughts
and fire up the synapses
prompting us to take action.

Words can name, describe,
clarify, enumerate
educate and pontificate.
They can broaden the mind
and narrow the mind
they can elucidate and obfuscate.
Words can spread love
and hate
They can teach
and preach
They can chant, sing, recite
read, think, remember, ruminate
Words are for learning
connecting and communicating,
developing technology
for governing a town
a country
connecting a world.
Words spread information
and sell propaganda
They share thoughts, feelings,
ideas and hope
They are for doing business,
for selling and for joining
for entertaining and
for healing

Words are the tools and
companions of our daily lives
for learning skills, crafts and occupations.
Words convey our emotions and feelings
they pacify, comfort and assuage,
arouse, condemn and berate.
Accuse and defend
Support and tear down
Words can enlighten and destroy.

But there are some times
when words are superfluous,
when words are inept
or unable to convey
meaning or feeling
when words detract and
subtract from the occasion
when the mighty pen
can only offer
a shadow of the truth

Some experiences are simply beyond words:
experiences that are hallowed
and passed comprehension:

the arrival of a new baby
the way music can move you
an epiphany
a taste of inner joy
a piece of art
the colours of the sky
deep love
the fragment of a dream
a glimpse of contentment
the beauty of a flower
the movement of the spirit
and the peace that passeth all understanding

These are moments that
have their own intrinsic power
and are best
when left
bereft of words.


  1. Oh, so beautiful. Delwyn you express yourself so well & are beautiful in your descriptions. This is a lovely photo accompanying your words.
    xoxoxoxo Lizzy :-)

  2. Hi Lizzy,
    you are quick off the mark. I scheduled this post for 10.00 oclock as usual but it insisted on posting itself now - isn't that annoying when blogger has a mind of it's own.
    Thanks Lizzy for your kind comments.

    One day when walking the dog I was putting her poop bag in a council bin and noticed a splodge of misty paint on the bin lid so I photographed it knowing that it may work as a texture. And this is what I have put over the lisianthius.

    You just have to look in the oddest places...

  3. Another thought-provoking post!

    By some estimates I've read, words account for only about 20% of our communication. The other 80% or so being conveyed through tone, body language, and other non-verbal communication.

    It's also interesting to think about words relate to thoughts. How are thoughts different from words? In what ways do words condition our thoughts? Words seem to solidify thoughts and feelings by making them seem more solid and real. When we can capture our thoughts and seem to pin them down with words, we feel we can get a grip on them.

    Words can act as a link between thought and action.

  4. Well said. No other words necessary.

  5. Dan,
    when I taught counsellors I used to tell them that over 90% of communication was non verbal and therefore it was really important that in order to understand your client you learned to become proficient with this non verbal language.

    Your 'thoughts' query is good thinking.

    Are thoughts only thoughts when they are put into words?

    when do they become thoughts?

    what are they before that?

    hunches, feelings gut reactions

    can they only become known to us when we articulate them?

    does this mean that a person with a low level of education and skills in language thinks differently???? experiences life differently???
    Does our ability to express our feelings influence our life?

    Do deaf people who have never learned braille think in words?

    good questions...

    there was a good book in the 70's called 'Why an I afraid to tell you who I am', by M Powell (His character is now now discredited by scandal) but the book was seminal to me.

    It suggests that until we can articulate who we are, and share that with others - then we don't know who it is that we are...

  6. Lakeviewer,

    Hello to you today,
    thanks for the visit.

  7. Always wondered if thoughts make sounds?..how else can we pick up on someone else's thought?...do we feel the vibration of the thought?..very interesting subject again Delwyn..food for thought today.


  8. Mona,
    it's good to keep the brain active...
    I think we sense the subtle feelings beneath...

  9. Hi Pamela, yes we can paint, draw, sketch, outline, dye, detail...collage, cut n paste...all with words...

  10. Delwyn I love list of words as you know.

    I too like quagmire. xoxoxo

    Love Renee

  11. A primo post, sure to tickle the fancies of word lovers all over the globe.

  12. Renee,
    hello from Wednesday, no quagmires here today!

  13. Meri,
    from one Wordie to another Wordie - thanks

  14. Willow,
    yes wonderful, weird, woozy, and weighty...


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