Thursday, September 29, 2011

Walking Noosa Hill

I have been walking over Noosa Hill

through the rainforest

the eucalyptus forest

the bush

and the wallum

to Sunshine Beach

a journey of up to three hours depending on the time
one takes to enjoy a mango smoothie
or a salmon bagel on The Deck
overlooking the beach in the little township

Now it is spring

I have been on the lookout for 

and these

and these

I have seen and heard these

and heard the Splendid Blue Wrens
and the whipbirds

but the others are remaining elusive
however I did see this

and this
but now that I am walking with Canon again
I hope to spy them soon

I take Noosa Hill route 3, the orange path
until it joins the red Tanglewood track 2

follow the Tanglewood East 
until the second right turn
onto the faint purple dotted track
to the heavy purple track 5
which comes out at Parkedge Road
then I walk the streets 
down to the village...
On my return I stay on the Tanglewood 

instead of retracing my steps 
up and over the hill
Once is enough!


  1. delwyn! happy spring day!!! it's autumn here and your return and your words and your pictures woke me from my sleep!!! (it's two in the morning as i write!!) welcome back. it's lovely to see you. steven

  2. Great to have back, Delwyn. You have been missed.

  3. Thanks for Taking us on an armchair walk.♥

  4. What a surprise this morning, Delwyn!

  5. welcome back Delwyn - thanks for taking us with you on your walk! beautiful!

  6. It's great to see you back, Delwyn! What a beautiful walk you took us on. Happy Spring to you. We're tumbling into Autumn here on the other side of the earth and it's as magical as your Spring. xo

    "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." ~Albert Camus

  7. Hi, Delwyn, welcome back! The rich flora and fauna of Australia attracts me. Wallum is intersting, and Whipbird is lovely! Thanks for this tour along with you.

  8. Amazingly, I actually was thinking about you this morning, wondering when and if you would ever post here again. Imagine my surprise when I saw this post!

    What lush loveliness you have returned to share! I can almost smell it.

  9. Hi Delwyn, I wish I were there to walk with you (and to have a smoothie and bagel). I love those elephant-like tree roots and all the creatures (except maybe the snake) that may cross your path. Enjoy your green spring as here in CO I enjoy my russet fall.

  10. Lovely walk Delwyn. I think the wallum is my favorite plant, the splendid blue wren, and of course the koala are also favorite birds & mammals. It is great to have you back at this place.

    Whatever is steven doing up at 2 in the morning??? That is a school night/morning!

  11. I think I have confused you Cheryl with the way I have written more generally in this post. The wallum is a habitat where the banksia trees and the grass trees predominate. I think you love the grass trees. Commonly known, before PC days, as Black Boys for the way they look - aboriginal boy holding a spear (the long stemmed flower).

    I also confused you with the little yellow breasted wren - I couldn't see the splendid blues.

  12. I am so glad I kept you in my reader! What a lovely surprise to see you back! I have always enjoyed going along on your walks with you.


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