Tuesday, March 24, 2009



This sign over a fashion store in Tokyo appealed to me. When you think about it a wordrobe is quite an apt description for that repository of vocabulary that we have acquired over a lifetime and that we now choose from to express ourselves on a daily basis.

There are words in the wordrobe that I can pull out and slip on for any life occasion:

casual words - to use at the store or to slip into a crowd
dressed up words - to articulate an issue well and impress
elegant words - to charm and seduce
hooker chic words - to talk tarty and smutty
togs and thongs words - to walk the beach and dive the waves
daggy gardeners' clobber - to have a yarn
professional jargon - to sound erudite and obfuscate
evening words - to whisper sweet nothings
bohemian hippy with wafts of patchouli - cool man
special occasion words - for pomp and ceremony
matey outfits - to joke around the barbie in the back yard
those outfits that fit well but are stiff and starchy - stuck up, arrogant, ego blown words
everyday words - well worn trusted, honest, reliable words to communicate clearly and succinctly
crusty shorts and t shirt words - to sing salty sea shanties
odd job should be in the op shop bag words - for hackneyed phrases and preaching aphorisms
moth holed, mold spotted phrases - empty cliches that need tossing
sleek and sexy numbers - for smooth talking snake oil selling
overdressed combinations - verbose, gushy garrulousness, saying a lot - meaning a little
harajuku shockers - to disturb and discomfort
goth-emo outfits - with maudlin, pessimistic tones
dress up, fancy dress, party pieces - full of humour and laughs but short lived and shallow
Sunday best words - - pious, virtuous, holier than thou words
well loved know it suits me outfits - that become your catch cry
hand me downs - tried and true, full of memories, family sayings

As our garments serve to clothe our bodies in varying degrees of modesty, style and flair whilst reflecting our personalities, our choice of words similarly functions to either clothe or bare the soul.

As in my choice of apparel I tend to prefer everyday comfortable words that are able to convey my messages with simple efficacy, warmth and sincerity. Words to tell a story, share with a friend, have a chat with - trustworthy, genuine and gentle words.



  1. Isn't it just spectacular to be able to vary the vernacular? Wordrobe indeed!

  2. Aren't you something! A wordrobe, what a great idea! You've got plenty of style with your words! Guess it's morning time in the down-under, your clock says 11:05 and I'm guessing it's AM. Happy day to you. Lizzy

  3. Meri - WORDROBE its a beauty isn't it?

  4. Hi Lizzy - you just missed me - I was at your place ...I called by and left you some notes, sorry I didn't get to see you!!

    Yes it's late morning, had the walk, had the coffee, done the blog rounds so I suppose this means I had better hot foot it down to Beloved's office to do the obligatory book keeping lark once again - my usual Tuesday effort. It was 3 or 4 mornings a week before blogging...I wonder how I manage to squeeze it into one session now?
    Happy days

  5. Delwyn,
    You're inventive and funny and rip-roaring fun. Lovely.

  6. Hello Lakeviewer, well I've been called a lot of things, but I'll accept those compliments...thanks Rosaria.

  7. That was fabulous really. creative and fun to read. Bravo on the wordrobe opened!

  8. Hi there TTWC,

    I really came out of the closet with that one!

  9. Great sense of humor you have!

  10. Mona thanks, How has you day been in Bris?

  11. Oh wow! Me wish speak you like someday! LOL
    You are articulate beyond my comprehension, that is a wonderful post!

  12. What a wonderfully thoughtful list of the kinds of words we use! While we all use the different wardrobes of conversation, I doubt many of us think about them ar articulately as you have here. I'm saving this post on my bookmarks to look back to again and again.


  13. Hello Tulsa, methinks you flatter me too much!
    But thank you for the kind thought.
    Happy days

  14. Awe shucks Tom, now you are really flattering me... I just wrote them off quickly in bed one night without much thought at all...
    I'm sure you could come up with some masculine versions...
    Thank you for your nice comments.

  15. For some reason I like the "daggy gardeners' clobber"!
    Very entertaining list you've rustled up.

  16. Violet:
    Hello there again my old friend...(all of two months isn't it?)

    You can talk real dirty in daggy gardeners' clobber!

    -things like manure, chicken poop and stinky fertlilizer...

    Which reminds me that Kealia was partial to chicken pellets - she'd eat them out of the pot plants! Crazy dog...

  17. Only 2 months?!!
    I see your circle of bloggy friends keeps growing - every time I stop by there are new names!

  18. Violet - all that leg work I do meeting new people...

  19. Thoroughly enjoyed this post! Everyday words are what I try to use...but perhaps not so clearly or succinctly as I would like...

    ...I have just found you through synch-ro-ni-zing
    and have spent a fun hour reading through the beginnings of your blog...will return to read more...

  20. I adore the notion that our words are like our wardrobe. Lovely post.

  21. Welcome Oliag, Nice to see you. Please do return, I love having new energy and input.
    happy Days

  22. Willow, Good morning,
    What will I adorn myself in today...hmmm...for a start its a it of ommmmmmmmmm for body balance class...


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