Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dancing Baby


This beautiful work by Australian artist Rebecca Cool
brought memories flooding back to me of the times
I clutched my newly gifted baby to my chest,
her head nestled into the hollow of my neck,
feeling the texture of her hair against my cheek,
breathing in her delicious baby scent,
and waltzed around and around the room,
to The Waltz of the Flowers
by Tchaikovsky
while she gurgled and gasped with pleasure
and I fell in love with her


Dancing Baby by Rebecca Cool


  1. Delwyn this is so beautiful (the Dance of the Flowers) and the (I assume) painting of the Australian artist. The work looks as thought it could be a collage. Quite lovely. I'll bet you were a wonderful mother! I always have wondered and worried (a bit) about the kind of mum I would have made had I the chance. No children for me, but I don't know what I missed out on.

  2. Lovely poem, Delwyn, of a mother's love of a new baby.

  3. Lizzy - they are very sweet comments. I found Rebecca's mixed media work this morning and am besotted by it.
    I am sure you would have been a very loving Mum.

  4. Dan, thank you, I didn't write it as a poem, just as a rush of memories, but when I centred the text on the page it seemed to fall into being a poem by accident.

  5. I'll have to admit that Cool's artwork is so cool!! Thank you for the introduction. I adore mother and child artwork.

  6. Willow: rooly cool!

    The best site to view her work that I found was the Manyung Gallery at


  7. Oh, that is so up my alley! What a beautiful work of inspiration. Thanks Delwyn.xx

  8. Natalie: we all seem to resonate with a mother and baby image and story...

  9. What a lovely image. The picture, and you and your daughter dancing around the living room.

  10. Morning Violet, It always makes me feel good to muse on that memory

  11. What an interesting painting! So many associations -- from Russian stacking dolls to Klimt to homemade dresses to my own little daughters. I like the way that the little girl seems be either hitting or caressing her mother with the flowers . . . depending on how you look at it.

    Lovely memory, too.

  12. Hello Bee,
    There's something very appealing about her paintings, I love all the elements ...and the little singing bird...

  13. What a beautiful painting and what a beautiful sentiment.


  14. Thanks Renee, hope you are well today..


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