Wednesday, March 18, 2009



Catch by Rebecca Cool

I was lucky enough to have an older sister to pave the way for me
and be a mentor.
Lately I have been teaching myself photoshop and in particular the application of textures. Whilst working on these old childhood photographs I noticed in a number of them my older sister's protective posture.

Sisters at home

Sisters at the carnival at Caroline Bay, Timaru

Sisters making Mud Pies

Sisters enjoying icecream

I am most fortunate to have such a caring, gentle sister.

Sisters by Rebecca Cool



  1. Those photographs are treasures. Your sister looks like she took the big sister message to heart. I always wanted a sister, but I got two brothers. So I've had to look for people to adopt as sisters.

  2. Hello Meri, Can I be your surrogate sister?
    I'm sure we will get along!

    I have two sisters - I am in the middle which comes with it's own set of personality issues!!!

  3. Yes, hear,hear, Meri! Can I play too? Three brothers for me, even though I prayed for a sister!
    Delwyn, such a lovely tribute to your sister. The photos were terrific.Thanks.xx

  4. Hi Natalie - the anniversary girl!

    We are becoming a 'sisterhood' of sorts in blogging and in empathy for each other's life story.

    It's been a pleasure to show you my older sister.
    Have a really happy day my dear...

  5. My wife is the young sister in her family. She loves her O.S. (older sister) in a way words can't describe. Your photos remind me very much of the photos of my wife when she was a young child and protected by her O.S.

  6. Hi there Dan, It's good that we are of very similar vintage and can relate to each other's posts and particularly memories so well.

  7. Two gorgeous girls dressed up in beautiful smocked dresses what a lovely sight,did your mum make all of the dresses you both are wearing?
    I feel lucky with two older sisters in my life we share womanhood,I feel lucky with my two older brothers as well we share different but as nice!

    pss: site back to normal!

  8. Gidday Mona,

    Yes my mum sewed (and smocked) all our clothes and taught us too. I began sewing my clothes when I was about 12yrs old but when I moved to Au as an adult clothing was so much more affordable and interesting - and besides I was a hippy and they don't need many glad rags!

    I did get the sewing machine out for my last child when I had time and made her a set of baby dresses and a new patchwork bed cover which I snuggle with in the winter.

    I still have a patchwork quilt I made for the baby crib for my oldest son - who is now 31.
    These are lovely memories - thanks for asking me to dredge them up.

  9. How nice to have an older sister to be a mentor. I have four sisters all younger than me and as adults we enjoy each others company immensely. Isn't it interesting that as we look look back we see aspects of relationships that we didn't know were there before (your sisters protectiveness - what a lovely big sister she was to you ) - does she live close to you ?

  10. Hi Alden- so nice to see you here after,
    Older sister lives In Palmerston Nth. But I will be catching up with her soon when I go to visit the parents. Hope school is not too busy.
    Happy Days

  11. Great pictures of your youth ; )

    PS is fun, isn't it? !


  12. I had a brother bestowed upon me when I was five. I had so wanted him to be a sister! I still wish I'd had one - as well.

  13. Good Morning CM

    thanks for dropping by. I have had a lot of fun with PS.

  14. Hello Dave, its nice to see you again.
    Getting younger brother at 5 yrs is quite a shake up to your world. You must have had fun showing him the ropes. My youngest daughter came along 8 years after the next youngest and made a big impact on her equanimity.


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