Saturday, March 7, 2009



Many moons ago when we were travelling through Mexico my husband decided to experience the thrill of para-sailing. After a brief introduction they harnessed him on to the tow rope and off he flew into the sky. See that little fly speck way up there under the parachute - that's him.

It was a gusty day and my husband is a slightly built man weighing less than me. On his return to earth this Icarus of mine had a spot of difficulty. The power boat towing his parachute completed its final circuit and slowed down as it passed over the floating pontoon that you can see out in the ocean with two attendants on board.

Instead of dropping gently from the sky and landing safely on the deck or in the arms of the waiting attendants, my husband stayed up in the sky buoyed by the blustery wind. The boat made another turn around the bay and passed over the pontoon again, but to no avail.
On the third circuit as he passed over home base one of the attendants was able to reach up and grab his ankles... And then they both took off.

The boat switched into reverse and did some fancy maneuvering until the second attendant was able to catch the first attendant who was dangling off my husband's legs and they all three fell into the sea. But Hallelujah he was down!

Here he is coming in to land, well then again maybe not...

I asked my husband if he was anxious during this ordeal. He replied, "No, they had obviously done it all before. "

Later I got to thinking about putting your trust in other people. Sometimes you have to trust someone else when you are in a tricky situation. Others times it may take two people to help you, or even a whole team of people.

We rely on people with experience and expertise. People with skills that are different to our own. People with life experiences that are different to those we have lived through.

These people have strategies and ideas that we may be unaware of. We can learn from them. They can help us and guide us. Sometimes we know we must have professional care or help and we seek it out. Other times we find it hard to ask for help and to put our trust in our friends.

And then there are the times when life just demands that we put our faith in others and trust that they can get us to a safe place.



  1. Now I'd call that a high-flying adventure. I don't think I'll be trying it anytime soon.

  2. Great post, Delwyn. Scary for you to have to watch that.
    Your hub's words made me smile.
    Thanks ,love.x

  3. Meri - hello this morning...not my cup of tea either...

  4. Hi Natalie, Beloved is a very pragmatic calm person who is rarely rattled. He could have flown off into the ether and become a star!

  5. Interesting ... guess a novice at this never thinks that coming down will be a problem! After all, there is gravity. I know you were relieved when he touched down ... and I'm sure he was too.
    That's definitely a time when one has to trust those with experience!
    Happy weekend... Cheryl

  6. Hello Lizzy: Yes trusting in people is vital at times, necessary at others, challenging too. Trust in life unfolding is really the essence of all religion or spirituality.

  7. Clearly, you married well.

    When I think about how little I knew about anything, I cannot believe my amazing good fortune in meeting and courting the (then) very young woman who was to become my wife.

  8. Hi Delwyn, Firstly - thank you so much for visiting my blog and your lovely kind comments. They mean so much to me!
    Your first post here really roused me inside - you see most of my health dramas are caused by a para-sailing accident..... so its quite apt that I comment here! Here's a short version..
    My H and I went to Bali 4 years ago and the parasailing people didn't do up my harness properly on one side. There was some problems as I was dangling sideways and pulling all my arm out of my socket and causing some bodily pain. I was so traumatised because they ended up dropping me into the water from a very great height - my h estimates a couple of hundred feet from the air!!!!! I hit the water (barely missing a boat) and luckily had the life jacket on - I damaged my shoulders, back, feet and have been suffering ever since! I am glad to hear your H survived his para sailing relatively harm free!
    I just thought I would share - xo

  9. Hi Lorri - what a coincidence that I find you this day that I post my para-sailing story. I am so sorry that your adventure ended the way it did, and send you wishes for continued recovery. I look forward to further chats...Happy Days

  10. Hello Dan, how are you? I hope you have got over your virus.
    We thought we knew a lot though didn't we....
    Happy days Dan

  11. what a comic situation it must have been to look at, i did not think of the danger for one second until Lori's post, when I visualized the story I thought of a movie.
    I trust different today to what I trusted in the past,i guess I have trusted a little to much.

  12. Mona: It was a funny incident and Beloved was not at all concerned but Lorri's story has cast a different light on the risk now... I guess we can never be 100% sure of safety otherwise then we wouldn't do anything.

  13. The incident made me laugh...and made me think. Trust. I think that trust is a kind of mini building block of faith. Each time we do it, trusting someone or something, we get closer to faith.

  14. HI there B&B, yes I agree, trust might be more incremental while faith is global and more encompassing.

  15. I am enjoying your Hazy Moon Delwyn ...
    And so pleased to meet another Aussie blogger who lives not far away. Well done Mona for being the connecting rod for the three of us.

    Trust. I believe the measure by which we find we can trust may be a measure of our happiness.

    As Mona says, we can trust too much (or too indiscriminately). Trust has to be a quality basis for a worthwhile relationship - of any type: with a partner, a surgeon, a diving instructor, a para-sailing operator.

    It's sometimes hard to dip in your toe and take the risk.

    June also in Oz

  16. Lovely to see you June...and you even have to have faith in trust itself... which seems odd...or after reading Lorri's story, for example, we may never try anything new.

  17. This is beautifully written! A great post to read about "trust". Trust is hard for me. Perhaps I've been let down to many times in this life. Now I think I probably miss out on many "would be" great realtionships with people, due to my lack of trust. I suppose we have to trust to a point, no matter. I love your thoughts!



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